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My daughter has this Fiat 500, it has 80,000 miles or so on it. She has put the last 70k on it. She drives up mountain roads in different weather and works at ski resorts. Additionally, she put a cargo box on the top of it 1 year and about 1 month with 14,000 miles and change all smiles. Replace coolant and fitting also some oil and a couple drops of gasoline. I noticed a clunk in the steering and will have it looked at soon

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Current inventory of the 2019 Fiat 500 and 500e will last into 2020. In the US, Fiat's lineup will be limited to the 500X compact crossover and 500L tall hatchback ive got a fiat 500 1.2 lounge how many miles on a full tank should i get. Ive used about half a tank and done about 155 miles is this good or bad. If you reset one of the trip computers each time you fill up, you can get a quick estimate of how many miles you'll get out of the tank of fuel you're using right now Hello, I was wondering if any Fiat 500 drivers know how many miles are left when: 1. The lovely yellow petrol tank appear 2. When the petrol gauge measure has only 2 small bars lef When using the 6-speed automatic transmission, the Fiat 500 does not get more than 24 miles per gallon in city roads and 32 miles per gallon on the highways. On the other hand, if you're using the 5-speed manual transmission, the vehicle will not get more than 28 miles per gallon in city roads and 34 miles per gallons in the highways Deyeme Racing said: Until the 124, with the exception of the 500 Abarth, the 1.4 turbo has been used in vehicles that are best described as obese - the Dart, Renegade, and 500X. I owned a Dart from late '12 through last year, and while the engine was reliable for its 100,000+ miles, it was anemic in such a heavy vehicle

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You want your Fiat 500L to last as long as possible. With proactive maintenance, you could hit 200,000 miles (or beyond!) in your 500L. But how do you know what service to get and when? Instead of waiting for an issue to arise with your 500L, you can stay ahead of problems before they even begin The guidelines for your Fiat vehicle center around an automatic oil change indicator system that alerts you via dashboard light when it's time to change your oil. It may be as soon as 3,500 miles.. from other Fiat 500 vehicles . blurbyu fueled-up their 2013 Fiat 500. Last Tank: 30.2 MPG 6 minutes ago; kwwhite1988 fueled-up their 2012 Fiat 500. Last Tank: 35.2 MPG 1 day ago; wilterbass added 1 notes for their 2015 Fiat 500. 2 days ago; GrizzWI fueled-up their 2018 Fiat 500. Last Tank: 32.5 MPG 2 days ago; thompspa87 added 1 notes for their. Volvo came out on top as the best brand for overall mileage performance averaging 58.83-miles from the fuel light turning on to the engine cutting out. The worst rated cars on the list were the BMW..

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Fiat's electrified 500e hatchback is officially rated with an EPA-estimated range of 87 miles per charge. Fiat says the subcompact 500e's range is better than other electric vehicles in its class. Deals like this one could last for a while. Fiat won't say how many electric 500s it's sold, but the number could be as high as 13,000 by the end of this year. CHECK OUT: Durable 2012 Chevrolet.

People alway ask; How many miles will the new FIAT 500 last? Is it a well built car? How can it be such an reliable car at an inexpensive price. Well ask Nicoleta from Fallbrook California she is a FIAT Club America Member and has a 2012 FIAT 500 Pop with 183,000 miles and going strong Car fuel with mixed drive: 6.3 litres/100 km (37,15 miles per gallon). Car fuel with city drive. Car fuel tank capacity: 35.0 litres (9,20 gallons). How much fuel consumed Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 Turbo, liters / 100 km or miles per gallon. Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 Turbo it is a Family car. Car engine capacity: 1368 ccm (83,06 cubic inches) The other nice bit about the FIAT 500e range is that it's actually quite practical. While this is not a car that will be good for long weekend road trips, as a daily or commuter it is fantastic. If your commute is less than 40 miles one-way, you don't even need to charge at your destination I would be very careful buying a Fiat 500 if you want your car to last more than 39,000 miles. Whilst the car has lasted me 4 years I am now without a car and at this present time unable to. Vehicle Models: Fiat 500, Fiat Abarth, Fiat 500L, Fiat 500e, Fiat 500 Cabrio. For your convenience, print this schedule and use it as a checklist to help keep up on your Fiat maintenance and care. Vehicle Interval Service Schedule by Mileage. Once a Month. Check tire pressure and look for unusual wear and damage

Unfortunately, the good times didn't last, because by the time I got up to the observatory a mere seven miles later, I was shocked to see that my range had plummeted from 101 miles to less than 70. The Fiat's regenerative braking system came into play as I coasted down the hills, trying to recoup some lost range Having driven a 2010 Fiat 500 occasionally over the last year or so, I've experienced the good, the bad (and the downright badly designed) that it has to offer. (199 miles), although its. Now, the company just revealed a third body style, the Fiat 500 3+1. Like the other models, the 3+1 produces a peppy 118 horsepower and can travel up to 199 miles on a charge. Hardly Tesla. While the Sequoia was ranked most likely SUV to last beyond 200,000 miles, the Avalon takes that same spot for passenger cars. Even then, they've been known to last much longer than that. The Avalon also offers a more comfortable and luxurious experience when compared to Toyota's equally reliable, but rather boring commuters like the Corolla.

The Suburban is, probably, the only General Motors SUV that will make the list of cars capable of lasting longer than 300,000 miles. Many Suburban owners reported having clocked more than 200,000 miles, but owners who take good care of their cars will see the 300,000 mark. Besides the durability, the car looks stunning In general, the average mileage on a car is assumed to be between 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year, according to AARP. That means you can expect a 5-year-old car to have between 60,000 and 70,000. Turn any drive into an Italian getaway with the capable, spacious and stylish FIAT® 500X and 500L. 2020 FIAT® 500X. MSRP* Starting at. $24,590. Build & Price Search New Inventory. 2020 FIAT® 500L. MSRP* Starting at. $22,500

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  1. 2019 Fiat 500L Urbana Edition Debuts With More Goodies. My tester is a 2019 Fiat 500L Trekking with a starting price of $23,325 and only a few options. The first is the must-have Convenience Group.
  2. EPA: 2013 Fiat 500e Goes 87 Miles on a Charge. The 500e's miles per gallon equivalent is a combined 116 city/highway with a 122 MPGe city rating and 108 MPGe highway rating. The EPA also.
  3. A typical passenger car should last 200,000 miles or more, says Rich White, executive director of the nonprofit Car Care Council (which offers a free car care guide ). Another way of looking at it: The average lifespan [of a car] is now almost 12 years, says Eric Lyman, chief analyst at TrueCar. It's been a slow and steady climb over.
  4. Q: How many miles can a Fiat 500 do on a full fuel tank? A: According to fueleconomy.gov, the 2018 Fiat 500 with a 1.4L turbocharged engine and six-speed automatic transmission gets an EPA-estimated 27 mpg combined. 1 It's slightly less than the same engine mated to the five-speed manual gearbox — that powertrain gets an estimated EPA rating.
  5. Power is provided by a 116 HP electric motor and a 42-kWh lithium-ion battery, giving the new Fiat 500 a driving range of 199 miles (320 km) on the WLTP cycle. The new 500 is also fitted with a.

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  1. Using the FIAT 500 fuel cost calculator. The fuel cost calculator enables you to calculate the expected fuel costs over a specified mileage for your FIAT 500. The calculator defaults to Real MPG, current fuel prices and 10,000 annual miles. All these data elements are editable so that you can ensure the results reflect your driving pattern
  2. Car fuel with mixed drive: 6.3 litres/100 km (37,15 miles per gallon). Car fuel with city drive. Car fuel tank capacity: 35.0 litres (9,20 gallons). How much fuel consumed Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 Turbo, liters / 100 km or miles per gallon. Fiat 500 Abarth 1.4 Turbo it is a Family car. Car engine capacity: 1368 ccm (83,06 cubic inches)
  3. No surprise here, our Fiat 500 is one of the most fuel efficient cars in our fleet right now. As of last month's fuel update, it was fourth on the list behind the Jetta TDI, Fusion Hybrid and Mazda 2
  4. This is called riding the clutch, and it's not a good thing. If you follow these few simple suggestions, you can reasonably expect at least 50,000 miles out of your clutch. Some drivers have even gotten up to 175,000 miles before experiencing a bad car clutch. It just takes a bit of common sense and proper driving techniques
  5. Here is what's covered under a basic limited warranty for 2019 Fiat 500X: 4-year / 50,000-mile Basic Limited Warranty —This warranty covers the repairs needed to correct defects in materials, workmanship, or factory preparation of parts supplied by Fiat. 12-month / 12,000-mile limitations —Brakes, wiper blades, clutch discs, wheel.
  6. The 500 comes with scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Oil changes are scheduled in the book every 8,000 miles, as are tire rotations. Other items such as air filters and brake pads.

How many miles per gallon (MPG) does a 2016 Fiat 500 get? A 2016 Fiat 500 gets up to 24 miles per gallon in the city, up to 32 miles per gallon on the highway. This means a 2016 Fiat 500 can get up to 27 miles per gallon overall. What is the average yearly fuel cost for a 2016 Fiat 500 These are supposed to give drivers a more accurate representation of exactly how far they can go before running out by displaying the approximate number of miles you can travel until empty. Anecdotally, you hear about people driving for over 10 miles to the nearest services after their gauge hits '0' Fiat doesn't offer the electric version of the 500 in the UK or Australia. However, strictly for comparison's sake, its US price converts to slightly less than £21,000 or just over AU$44,000 To deal with the increased weight of the North American Abarth, the SRT team cranked up the front camber to a -1.5 degrees up front. Thankfully for those interested in tire life beyond 5,000 miles Fiat has an alignment spec which allows for a decent amount of personal preference. The Abarth is destined to make Fiat fans very happy

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  1. EPA gas mileage ratings for FIAT cars and trucks. You can sort multiple columns at once by holding the shift key as you click each column. Year. Model. Engine. Transmission. Body. 2016. FIAT 500
  2. gs. The 500 is offered in Pop, Lounge and Abarth, all available in coupe or convertible form
  3. Find the best Fiat 500 for sale near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. We have 488 Fiat 500 vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 194 1-Owner cars, and 513 personal use cars
  4. 24.28. See details. See all data. With the turbocharged 160hp 1.4L I4 engine, 5-speed manual transmission, and front-wheel drive, the 2015 Fiat 500 has been averaging 24.28 MPG (miles per gallon). The 2015 Fiat 500s in this analysis were driven mostly on the highway at an average speed of 80 miles per hour (about 56 percent of the miles driven)
  5. 199 miles Fiat 500 24 kWh115 miles. Real-world Range Fiat 500 42 kWh179 miles Fiat 500 24 kWh104 miles. How to charge a Fiat 500. The Fiat 500 uses the CCS charging standard, which consists of a combined AC and DC inlet port. The top portion of the inlet is for the Type 2 connector, which is used when charging at home or at public slow and fast.
  6. I'm thinking of buying a used (three or four years old) Fiat 500 with a petrol engine. However, each one I have enquired about appears to have been serviced once after three years, or about 18k miles. This seems far too long to go without a service. Am I right in thinking that after four years the car must have a cam belt/water pump replacement
  7. Fiat 500 owners will spot a few major interior differences in the 500E, including a new and far-less-fussy central gauge pod, four buttons in place of a traditional gear lever, an oblong goiter on.

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26,698 to 93,101 miles Fiat 500 Pop Hatchback $6,379 to $9,161 30,345 to 101,452 miles Fiat 500 Abarth Hatchback $8,185 to $13,090 30,387 to 97,476 miles How to save money when buying a used 2014 Fiat 500 ? Fuel Type: A. FIAT 500 II How many miles have you done I was looking on fuelly and noticed that of the 137k tracked miles that 2009 500s have done mine has done 27679 of those which is more than 20% of the tracked miles done by 2009 500s. To be fair 100% of my miles have been tracked on fuelly so Im sure some of the others have done a fair few miles too

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How long do tyres last? How long a tyre lasts depends on how its driven and stored. Under normal driving conditions, you should get a minimum of 20,000 miles out of front tyres on a front-wheel-drive car. For rear tyres, it can be double that - around 40,000 miles. We recommend moving worn rear tyres to the front when the front ones wear out It's the #1 thing you can do for your car, says our maintenance technician, Brianna. Your 2016 500X's oil should be changed according to Fiat's recommended oil change intervals. See mileage and month specifics in the above table. Outside of Fiat-recommended oil change intervals, your 500X may need an oil change if your check engine light. Save $433 on 2016 Fiat 500 for Sale. Search 24 listings to find the best deals. iSeeCars.com analyzes prices of 10 million used cars daily

Find the best used 2018 Fiat 500 near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. We have 77 2018 Fiat 500 vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 57 1-Owner cars, and 71 personal use cars FIAT 500 II 1st 1000 miles - Any advice. Hi All Long time since I bought a new car and obviously no rev limit or running in period is required with the car but anyone got any useful advice for the first 1000 miles or so in order to maximise engine life economy performance (1.2 petrol). Cheers The debut of the electric Fiat 500 was always going to seem more poignant than the arrival of a similar-size new-shape electric rival. 25 miles west of London. The new 500 hatchback comes in. 2012 Fiat 500. EPA MPG Owner MPG Estimates 2012 Fiat 500 4 cyl, 1.4 L, Automatic 6-spd Premium Gasoline: View Estimates How can I share my MPG? Combined MPG: 29. combined. city/highway. MPG. City MPG: 27. city. Highway MPG: 33. highway. 3.4 gals/ 100 miles . 2012 Fiat 500 4 cyl, 1.4 L, Manual 5-spd Premium Gasoline: View Estimates How can I.

The FIAT brand portfolio in North America continues to expand with the arrival of the high-performance Fiat 500 Abarth, Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio and the Fiat 500 Turbo. In 2013 the FIAT brand will also launch the Fiat 500e, a full-electric version of the Fiat 500 and the Fiat 500L an all-new five-passenger vehicle that expands FIAT's brand style. 199 miles. 4hrs 15mins (0-100%, 11kW) 35mins (10-80%, 85kW) The Fiat 500 is up there with the MINI when it comes to retro-styled small cars. Just like its major rival, the Italian car was reinvented for the 21st century, and now both are embracing electrification. In the Fiat's case, electric is your only option if you want to buy one, although. In its defense, the Mini Cooper S requires new braked pads every 30,000 miles whereas the Fiat 500 will go for much longer between changes. Steering is very precise and tight, with the precision being most evident in the Abarth. The power in such a tiny vehicle is quite entertaining--the Fiat 500 can go from 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds Now, the company just revealed a third body style, the Fiat 500 3+1. Like the other models, the 3+1 produces a peppy 118 horsepower and can travel up to 199 miles on a charge. Hardly Tesla.

It hit 100,000 miles by September 2006, 11 months after it was sold. It crested 300,000 miles in early 2008, when it was only 2.5 years old. And 400,000 miles came in October 2009, right before it celebrated its fourth birthday. At the time, it was doing just under 10,000 miles a month, or roughly 275 miles a day how long will a ninja 500 last how long is a piece of string it will depend on many factors. mainly to do with proper maintenance and how it is ridden. I only ever used mine for commuting so only put 3000 miles on it in 18mths Ben gave a practical answer. I'll try and add to it. Any car can last almost indefinitely, as long as its both maintained, as well as repaired promptly when something major fails. There's absolutely nothing in a car that's not serviceable. However.. The Tundra is the brand's full-size hauler, with 2.9 percent of them on the road still running after posting better than 200,000 miles, and 0.2 percent at 300,000 or more miles. 10. Honda. The dealers appointed in this first phase have plans in place and will be ready to take orders for the 2012 Fiat 500 subcompact. The 2012 Fiat 500 is built in Chrysler Group's assembly plant in Toluca, Mexico. Fiat's 1.4-liter MultiAir four-cylinder engine for the Fiat 500 is produced in Chrysler Group's Dundee, Mich., engine plant

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Analysis: Range is a red herring and we don't need a 500-mile EV. Bengt Halvorson June 24, 2020 400 Comments. Range is glamorous. And big batteries have a wow factor that appeals both to luxury. The Fiat Jolly is a quirky little car. Much like the Jeep Gala, which we saw a wild tribute to last week, the Jolly is an open air, no door, fringe-top driving experience only suitable for a narrow range of conditions.They hold an average value of $43,000, which seems high considering it's based on the Fiat 500 and 600, both everyday city cars.. (For the unfamiliar, the air-cooled, rear. 41.5 - 56.5 mpg. Running costs manageable. Discontinued diesel is the economy winner. TwinAir not as frugal as expected. Running a Fiat 500 won't cost you an awful lot, no matter the model you end up buying. While prices are reasonable to start with, it holds its value well and the engines are largely frugal - at least on paper Since the 500 is considered to be the problem child of the Fiat family, contrary to what many buyers seem to believe. The Fiat 500 has a number of issues, but one of the most frustrating is the bad pressure plate. While driving, the clutch has a tendency to lose pressure (which is uncommon for fairly new vehicles), plus, the rear hatch stops.

Fiat 500 C 1.4 . The 1.4 Fiat 500C was the most powerful and mature of the engines in the range and yet didn't drink too much fuel either. It is better suited for high mileage driving when compared to the TwinAir but not nearly as much fun around town or along windy country lanes It has an official range of 115 miles but Fiat says this can increase to 150 miles in city driving, where the electric motor uses less energy and frequent stops help put charge back into the 23.

I had a project last summer, build a greenhouse, more like a garage but with a clear roof and patio doors all the way around it on the far end of the property. I had/have two 570 ACE's already that we use for all kinds of stuff. Anyway, while in the Polaris dealer I saw a 2017 900XP with 6700 miles on it for $9000. In 2018, Fiat sold more than 15,000 cars in the U.S., down from a high in 2014 of over 46,000. When the brand had first returned to the U.S. in 2010 after a 27-year absence, Fiat Chrysler and the. Fiat provided us a glimpse at its future as a company last March when it debuted the all-new 500. Instead of a small gas engine, it featured 85-kW charging capability, a 42-kWh lithium-ion battery. The Fiat 500X has some of that same retro/modern styling as the Fiat 500- Kelly Blue Book. One thing that may draw a lot of people to the 2021 Fiat 500X is its true Italian styling. It's definitely very unique. Upfront, you get a rounded, bulbous front end with halogen headlamps and LED DRLs while LED and headlamps and fog lamps are optional

In fact, the little Fiat's Samsung-cell battery is warrantied to maintain at least 70 per cent of its initial 42kWh energy capacity for eight years or 150,000km (93,225 miles). This is the. If you can live with a real-world range of 80 miles, the 2017 Fiat 500e is probably the best 500 minicar. Find out why the 2017 FIAT 500e is rated 6.2 by The Car Connection experts 2.6 gallons. 67-91. GMC. Terrain. Not available. 50. Driving on empty is sometimes a necessity, and when you find yourself in that situation, it is important for you to know exactly how many miles of range you have left. Figuring this out beforehand is a good way to be prepared when the tank gets really low, and to avoid a breakdown The Fiat 500e's electric powertrain produces 111 horsepower and recharges in less than 4 hours. The 500e has an estimated range of 87 miles, but Fiat also claims that it can travel over 100.

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The Fiat 500's Multiair: Engine of the Month. Fiat's unique system of computer-controlled intake valves allows a small car like the 500 to produce a surprising 101 hp and plenty of low-rpm torque. Most cars need brakes every 60,000 miles or so, but since Teslas use regenerative braking, which charges the battery, your brakes last much longer. Just one of the many hidden benefits of electric. Others can go as long as 105,000 miles before the belt has to be replaced. Audi . Audi. Most Audis have a recommended timing belt replacement at 110,000 miles. But to be on the safe side, many mechanics recommend replacing it earlier, such as around 90,000 miles. Being conservative and opting for an early replacement can protect your car from.

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Over a third of drivers believe cars run out of fuel 20 miles after the warning light comes on, yet new research says most can do twice the distance. The comparison website, Compare the Market, who surveyed 1,000 Britons, compared 96 best-selling cars from 29 manufacturers to discover how far drivers could travel once the warning light came on. It's impossible to say that your ATV will last a certain number of hours or miles as it depends on many factors like where you are riding, how you are riding, and what care you take of your machine. For example, if you tend to do lots of road riding, you could clock up a few hundred miles quite easily and put very little wear on your ATV. Universal Telephone Number. You can call Fiat using the Telephone Number* 00 800 342 800 00 from the major European countries*. Use our rapid dialling system - on your phone key 00800 Fiat 0000. *Remember to check the costs of the call if you call from abroad or from a mobile phone Save $844 on 2013 Fiat 500 for Sale. Search 158 listings to find the best deals. iSeeCars.com analyzes prices of 10 million used cars daily