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Our setup manual is the most in-depth mod setup manual in the industry. It includes 40 pages of valuable information and helpful tips and covers both IMCA style Modifieds and IMCA Northern Sport Mods. Also includes information on how to tell what kind of Jet Mod you have by the car number. This setup manual is intended for use by Jet Mod owners. setup works good on one tire may not work as well on a different tire. For this reason Stiffen RR Spring * * * * 2 Problem: Car is tight on corner entry, when off throttle: (650) UMP or Wissota) (RF 600 for IMCA or USMTS Rules) (Crate Engine cars we use LF‐550‐ RF‐550). Re: imca chassis hobby stock setup. 4off on l/f ,3off on r/f ,3 off on both rears .The rear axle needs to be offset so the r/r is atleast 1'' closer to the centerline of the car than the r/f,l/r needs to be 1'' farther from the c/l than the l/f.Bilstein DP1 shock package is a good place to start.Replace the lower balljionts with the chrysler. I want to try a reverse spring set up on a hobby stock car that am helping a friends with its a 3400 lbs metric car all stock. The car is loose mid to exit with not foward drive. I was thinking this setup might help because their are not alot of different way to adjust these cars other then stagger, offset, and maybe shocks. The car front.

TUNING THE CAR WITH SPRINGS REMEMBER: STIFF SPRING GETS THE WEIGHT Rear to front weight transfer (deceleration) POINTS TO REMEMBER: (1.) Stiffening the LF and/or softening the RF spring decreases dynamic wedge during deceleration. (2.) Softening the LF and/or stiffening the RF spring increases dynamic wedge during deceleration For 2021 IMCA is now allowing adjustable rear shock mounts in the stock car division. This kit is designed to retrofit stock car chassis with an adjustable rear shock mount configuration. This will allow you to adjust rear suspension heights and still have legal shock length without the need to buy expensive shaft extensions. $75.95. Add to cart This is my Online Animated Educational video for PIDP 3240. I hope you enjoy it, i had a lot of fun making it!This work is licensed under a Creative Commons. Excessive front toe in will make a car turn into a corner quicker, & may create a loose condition. Less fuel equals faster speeds. The less fuel in the tank the tighter the chassis will become. Splash = 2-3 gallons, 1/2 can = 5-6 gallons, 1 can = 11-12 gallons, 1 1/2 cans = 17-18 gallons, 2 cans = full tank I ran a street stock/sportsman from 1995 to 2000 with a metric frame. We had LF 1000, RF1300, LR 200, RR200. I used 13 springs with buckets welded in the frame on the rear.Car will be to high without buckets trying to use 13 springs.We used straight 6 valve shocks on the front and straight 5 valve shocks on the rear.Don't mess with split valve shocks if you are a beginner.this spring setup.

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  1. Understanding race car chassis dynamics helps us set up our stock cars. As we understand how all of the forces work in our suspension systems, we can better adjust the components on the car to.
  2. Dirt stock car right front spring. The last two articles in this series focused on the balance of left side weight and wedge and how they work together to get the car to turn smoothly through the corner. Now we're going to look at how the right front spring rate works to help maintain a balance while the car turns through the corner
  3. imum legal weight I move the lead until I have reached the allowable left side and my desired rear weight. For late models I set the lead and all weights with the driver in the car
  4. g it Up. If you are loose when the car is winged left, change left side springs and/or left side offsets and/or add right rear-left front weight. A stiffer left front spring or softer left rear spring will tighten the car in this phase. Move left rear out to tighten or move left front in to tighten
  5. IMCA Hobby Car. Bare Chassis $3,200.00. Powder Coating starting at $650.00. Dash and Rear Firewall starting at $600.00. Complete Roller w/body starting at $15,000.00. All orders require a 50% down payment. Down payments are nonrefundable, but may be eligible for refund when the car is built and sold

IMCA 1800 West D Street P.O. Box 921 Vinton, Iowa, U.S. 52349 Phone: 319.472.2201 Fax: 319.472.221 Softening the right front spring helps the racecar to turn when on the gas because the softer spring causes extra chassis roll that increases the load and traction of the right front tire. a.) True b.) False c.) Not Sure. A softer right front spring will actually cause less weight to transfer to the right front tire. The increase in right front. Front AND rear suspension install with TONS of laughs What really makes the setup work is precise shackle angles, the angle that you mount the shocks, and keeping that right rear free-moving. Crump says the key that allows leaf spring drivers like Gary Cook, Jr. (Top 5 in 2007 UMP points) to annoy drivers of 4-bar cars is attention to detail

Choosing the right springs for your race car is key to achieving the best performance and smooth handling. Wether your wanting to soft that Right Front to get you car up on it or stiffen the left rear to drive a little harder out of the corner, Pit Stop USA has a great selection of coil-over springs, leaf springs and race cars Chassis Setup is the most important factor in having a fast Dirt Oval car. However, there is no magic setup that will work on every car and every track condition for every driver. One driver may a like a car that steers very aggressively, while another may like to drive a smooth, slower reacting car. The mos Assembly, Rear End Housing - 60″ GN (L3) w/ Sport Mod Jigged. 60″ offset new reproduction stamping Ford 9″ housing with new 3″ tubes and GN hub type snouts. Housings have fill and drain plug installed. Kit includes standard 5×5 GN hubs, hub bearings, seals, brake rotor, drive flange, 31 spline solid axles and all hardware necessary. Racelogic IMCA Stock Car Chassis Seminar Guide. 0-0 Introduction. 0-1 Overview and Outline. 2 How to Win. 1-1 How to Win. 3 Springs. 13-1 How Springs are Made. 13-2 About Swift Springs. Ben from AFCO Racing is an expert in multiple aspects of race cars including cooling and set up. Crate Insider.com Kate Dillon. STOCK CAR - 2018 Revised November 2017. Revisions/clarifications underlined, recommendations italicized. Refer to www.imca.com for General Rules. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events

SB Chevy 355 IMCA Stock Car Circle Track Race Engine Stage 1. $7,209.95. IMCA Stock Car Circle Track Race Engine, 10.5:1 Blueprinted Compression Ratio, Mahle Pistons, EQ Heads, Solid Cam, 2701 Intake, 8 Quart Oil pan, 100% Machined, Blue-printed and Dyno Tested, Proven Winner. Add to Cart. View Product GRT Race Cars, Inc. is excited to offer a newly designed right front and left front upper control arm assembly that will save weight on the front end and add shock clearance on the right front of your race car! * The right front assembly gains 3/8 more clearance for upward travel, protecting the expensive RF shock. IMCA-ECO $90.00.

Adjustable rear shock and spring mounts (A-Mod Only) Tall cage height for increased drive comfort, safety and aerodynamics; Strong 1 piece upper a-arms, low friction ball joints, CAD designed front geometry; Chevelle based chassis. The chassis was designed to be strong, safer, and easier to drive and setup than traditional chassis The car is a 1985 Monte Carlo and has the metric four-link rear suspension, a stock frame throughout and must use stock type springs in their original positions Basic Line Setup 4-2S 8-3COB LF RF LR RR 1.5-7M 4-2S1 Heavy Tacky Track 2.5-2.5S 12-2COB LF RF LR RR 3-6M 3-3S Dry Slick Track 3-3S1 7-2.5K LF RF LR RR 1.5-8M1 3.5-1S Stock Mount Stock Car | IMCA Hobby Stock. Basic Dirt Setup AK1043 AK1043 LF RF LR RR AK1044 AK1044 Rough Dirt Setup AK5555F AK6565F LF RF LR RR AK5030R AK5030R Slick Dirt Momentum.

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Hyperco 5.5 x 8.5 1500 front spring asphalt nascar ump dirt drag stock car race how to scale your race car imca nascar hobby street stock modified sportmod(US $14.00) Hyperco 5 x 9.5 700 front spring imca usra modified sportmod hobby stock racing; 2005-2009 mustang rear control arms!(US $115.00) 2 used 1-1/8 inch oil-lite race car, stock car. THIS TYPE OF PLATE IS USED FOR IMCA, UMP, WISSOTA MODS, AND STREET STOCKS. Our setup plates make sure your race car is properly aligned. You can use this tool to place all four wheels, check for bump steer, etc. This set will fit 5x5, 5x4.75, or 5x4.5; plates are black in color ANYBODY KNOW OF ANY STREET STOCK RACING CHEATS/TIPS. SUCH AS SPRINGS, SHOCKS, SWAYBARS ETC. FOR 78-88 GM METRIC CARS. THAT ARE CHEAP AND APPEAR STOCK. Reply. BD74SS. View Public Profile. Send a private message to BD74SS. Find More Posts by BD74SS

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Circle Track Car Setup Guide. Published: June 26, 2017. Acknowledgment: this page was mirrored from Trackpedia. Note: this page refers to circle track driving. All corners are left turns. Translated to road course driving, left when referring to the position of a part on a car means inside and right means outside How to evaluate race car handling problems. I think it is as important to develop a process to think about solving dirt race and covered in wrap tape car handling problems as it is to actually come up with the solution. I don't know how many times a problem is diagnosed at the track and a quick solution is thrown at the car, only for it to be the wrong solution That city probably produces more stock car drivers per capita than any middlesex, village or farm in the U.S. Let's see, theirs Derr and his brother-in-law, Don White. The latter used to run neck-and-neck with Ernie in the IMCA, but now he's making money like a mint while racing with USAC (U.S. Auto Club) on Eastern tracks 2: $100 for track championship (limit $200) 3: A free chassis for a IMCA National points title. Note: Any certificate can be used on any in house built parts (bumpers, chassis, lettering, repairs or labor). They will be good from time awarded to the beginning of the next season. Call for additional info 515-490-7446 • Everything must be complete to insure an accurate set up. • Cars brought here for set up that do not meet the above criteria will be charged the hourly shop rate for how ever long it takes to prepare the car for set up: please come prepared!! • Before calling us with scaling questions or problems, please complete the above list

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One spring taking a very small set can alter corner weights enough to turn a perfectly balanced race car into an undriveable pig. The situation in stock cars (and in road racing) is less critical but only slightly so. Chasing this sort of thing wastes time, effort, tires, and engines and can drive sane crews mad. But it doesn't end there Hobby Stock Chassis Setup Manual force chassis imca stock car - chassis - guide upgrading our street stock suspension. part 1: the user join the winning team - jet racing inc vw service manual chassis, suspension, muscle car handling - hot astra repair hobby stock suspension - fine tuning a dir Right now I have (IIRC) 350 lb front and 200 lb rear springs (koni sport, eibach pro line, ST anti sway bars) . Besides the eventual move to an adjustable ride height set up, I feel like I need 100 lbs or so more spring in the left front. So 2.5 springs and experimenting is the way to go- I think I know that much.. Add to wish list. AFCO Crash Replacement 1968-72 Chevelle Frame Horn Kit. SKU: AFC4001X. $351.00. Add to cart. Add to wish list. ALUMINUM AVENGER SHOCK - LEFT REAR FRONT-9. SKU: 310 41190LRF The car gets a little higher because the springs are supporting less weight, but we can lower the chassis to our normal ride heights and race 100 to 200 pounds lighter. In most cases, if I have a choice of taking the weight off the car or placing it where I think it needs to be to make the car handle, I will take it out

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Shock and spring tuning Four-Link tech Improving handling Chassis fabrication Chassis setup Tire grooving And more. Many aspects of dirt track technology are covered here, including modified multileaf setups, dirt track car setups, circle track chassis and more. You won't find a more comprehensive dirt track magazine anywhere Due to the lack of adjustment options in a stock 4-cylinder chassis, racers must often be creative to get as much speed out of their car as possible. Again, Check Your Rules For setup, there are many rules that limit or prohibit certain modifications and adjustments

Race car setup book pack cd hobby stock modified sportmod late model imca nascar(US $19.99) How to setup your panhard bar rear suspension imca race car modified sportmod(US $12.99) Setup your race car - driver crew chief communication imca nascar wissota ump(US $12.99) How to spring your race car for the win imca nascar ump sportmod modifed. Tru-Coil® Street Stock Racing Coil Springs, Front, 5-1/2 x 12. X. Part # 252512. Starting from. $ 59.99. each. Quantity: Rate 925 1000 1150 1250 1350 1450. Call to Order Varying spring rates will allow the racer a greater range in their chasiss setup. Rates start at 125 and increase up to 300, and are marked on the spring for easy identification. These springs are also ground flat on both ends. To top it all off, Tru-Coil Racing Springs® rear coil springs are affordably priced and are sure to meet the racer's. Chevelle clip cars have the option of using the 'new' 68-72 front clip. Both cars have capabilities of using a few rear suspension options, including short or long pull bar, 4 bar, Z link, 2 link, or swingarm. Cars are available for IMCA, UMP, or E-Mod type rules. Contact Joel at CRS (814)225-3250 for more information 2018 was Tom's Rookie year in an IMCA Stock Car We had 44 races at 9 tracks in 6 states in two different cars. He had two Main Event Wins and was awarded Stock Car Rookie of the Year at Sweetwater Speedway, Diamond Mountain Speedway and Fairgrounds Speedway

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Of course, if you need individual shocks, or would like your own custom package, just give us a call. AFCO's 74 Series Non-Adjustable Steel Monotube Gas Shocks feature a 1/2 shaft with the IMCA approved non-Schrader valve. 9 Bodies are grooved for coil-over applications. Package Includes: Left Front: 74-7-4-4 Standard 2016 mb custom rolling without seat, tires wheels transmission and pump. Posted Yesterday, 12:45 AM. $21,000. Marshall , TX. PREMIER. 1. LG2 LG21 Jimmy owens. LG2 LG21. I have a LG 21 by Chris Brown for sale car has the best of the best best money can buy it has 15 rice nights on itcar.. ARW52985010BLK. Manufacturer. Aero Race Wheels Inc. Description. AERO 52 Series Black Chrome - STD - 5 X 5 - 1 Off - IMCA. Price. $122.99. In Stock. Not Currently Available Modified stock car racing, also known as modified racing and modified, is a type of auto racing that involves purpose-built cars simultaneously racing against each other on oval tracks.First established in the United States after World War II, this type of racing was early-on characterized by its participants' modification of passenger cars in pursuit of higher speeds, hence the name Consider softening up your front springs ( I know I always say that, but guys I know around here are running around 850/900 for front springs with over 200 pounds of bite. This is for an imca stock car class on Hoosier G60 tires

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The longer lever arm created by the adjustment scenario in the prior paragraph compresses the RF spring more than it would have in our baseline set up. The car speed and banking provide the same amount of force, but the longer lever creates more travel at the RF. Really - it is like running a softer RF spring when the chassis rolls These springs are available with several different rates, the most common being 153 pounds or 176 pounds. They measure 53.5-inches eye-to-eye and have a true arch of 6-3/8-inches (this is very close to the stock arch). The eyes are standard GM sizes—2.0-inches in the front and 1.5-inches in the rear. AFCO Racing claims their leaf spring is.

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His current IMCA Modified that he owns and built himself - now piloted by Bryce Borgen of Perley - is a perfect example. While modified cars are now 4-Bar suspension designs, Sagen built cars (that are raced now) in 2011 and 2013 that utilize a leaf-spring suspension While it is possible to balance just about any weight/spring combination, it is far better to set up around known physics principles. A FWD oval track race car, like most other oval track or road racing cars, should be as near 50%-50% front-to-rear weight distribution as possible

Leaf Spring Technical Information. Leaf springs are the oldest form of suspension in racing. Although they are the oldest, they seem to be the least understood. Leaf springs possess many desirable suspension features, such as dampening, forward bite, roll over steer, high anti-squat percentage, and high lateral stiffness As a general rule, most asphalt stock cars run around 3.5 to 4.0 front roll center height, although many run lower roll centers than they would like simply because the stock location is very low and they're not allowed to change it. And if you can tell me what the rear roll center height is on a stock metric four link I'd appreciate it

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The shocks absorb the energy of the spring, keeping the tires on the ground as much as possible. Stock car racing teams spend much of their time configuring and fine-tuning shock-spring combinations for each track to ensure their driver has the best possible control over his or her car [source: Burt]. Advertisement The exception to this being modified stock cars which the drivers head and body is contained in the car similar to that of a conventional passenger car. In modern open wheel racecars the engine is typically located directly behind the driver such as in Indy Car and Formula One racing however modifieds and sprint cars retain the standard set up. Now paved track cars do not use a lot of this for to do so would quickly burn off the rear tires. The typical set up on a 3 link rear end set up is to have both bottom links ( trailing arms) equal length and running up hill by 5 degrees. This cranks in about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wheel base change PAYOUTS for this weekend were set up today with an estimated delivery date of July 19th. The Spring Creek Association has invited the Summit Raceway to participate in the July 3rd Freedom Festival Parade. The parade is at 10. IMCA Stock Car $500 to win IMCA Sport Compact $350 to win Hobby Stock $300 to win Entry fees (paid at track) per. Dirt track race cars can be very difficult to set up. Depending on the condition of the track and your driving style, there can be two very different approaches to your chassis tuning. As long as the tires have near 1 to 1 traction with the ground, you should set up your race car like an asphalt car (see the Chassis Set-up At The Rear For.

Stock up now! FREE Gift Cards plus FREE Shipping with the purchase of Helmets, Driver Suits, and Race Shoes from K1 Race Gear, Alpinestars, Bell, Roux, and G-Force! Upgrade your Driver Safety Apparel Street Stock Setup Manual. Street Stock Setup Manual. Over 2000 copies sold since 2001! Probably to the guys that are beating you! Regular Cost $49.95. Special Discount Cost- $24.95 ! To download a copy of the E-book, simply click on the link below. 30 day Money Back Guarantee!-. If you don't learn something that helps you go faster, email me.

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Provides information on building a Pro Stock / Sportsman car from a 1970-1981 stock Camaro front stub and fabricated perimeter frame. Blueprints are included in the book, along with component selections and explanations for each selection. Includes chassis setup information and tuning as well as adjusting the car for track conditions Howe ball joints are top of the line in ease of use from adding grease to changing out a bent stud at the track. The bearing upper A-frames allow for more range of motion and the slot and key system makes shifting from left to right a breeze Shorter wheelbase cars can turn much easier. This is why if you look in the street stock pits at your local bullring, most of the cars are shorter wheelbase models, like vintage Camaros. The late '70s model Camaro was (and still is) an extremely popular racing car simply because its wheelbase is the shortest allowed by many local rules IMCA Dirt; IMCA Pavement; Complete chassis setup. Front end geometry, bump steer, roll centers, caster, camber. 3 dimensional front end design program that will allow us to properly set up your front end. Race track management , consulting and setup Stock front clip and stock front suspension with fabricated center frame and rear clip with leaf springs is 55% maximum left side weight. (Note, rear leaf springs only on all fabricated frames). Engines- (A) cars will run a factory stock 602 crate engine, (A) cars must run an MSD rev limiter and will be required to run a track provided 6,000.