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3 Reasons Why Your Betta Fish Is Turning White Or Losing Color. As eluded to earlier, there is a huge variety of different reasons why your betta fish may be losing color. In the majority of circumstances, the causes can be grouped into three categories; natural aging, stress and illness. We will deal with each of these distinct categories in turn Certain diseases can cause color changes in your Betta fish. Although, if it is a disease that is causing the coloring change, the change will usually be to a white color, depending on that particular disease. The Velvet disease, for example, may start out white, but eventually, begin to take on a goldish color

3 Reasons Why Your Betta Fish is Turning White or Losing Colo

  1. Although most goldfish turn white as they get older, a color change is mainly linked to genetics. Goldfish coloration is complex and, most times, unpredictable. The color changes you see on your goldfish may be pointing to the reality that your goldfish possess the genetics to undergo a color change to white
  2. If you notice that your goldfish losing scales turning white, you're definitely looking at an ill fish. Or if you notice that the colors are muted but not turning white, per se, then you're also likely dealing with a sick fish
  3. A very common thing I've seen among very old goldfish is they frequently lose all their color, turning white. Take a look at the world's 9 oldest goldfish and you'll see most of them are no longer orange. I speculate it is a similar phenomenon that occurs in older people - when their hair turns gray. Summary
  4. Also check that the fish are eating and behaving well; their fins are erect and white. If you notice that their eating and behaviour habits are not normal, you need to contact a veterinarian or specialist of fish health issues. To prevent your fish losing colour, the best thing to do is to try to keep your aquarium environment normal
  5. g. Constipation: Stop feeding for 2-3 days and continue with a more varied diet including live and plant-based foods. Small white spots that get larger over time possibly with black streaks. Fish Pox: No treatment

Mar 21, 2008. #1. My cory catfish turned white....pretty much just lays at the bottom He's alive and moves if you tap him. My reeadings in the tank are ammonia zero nitrite, 1.0 and nitrate 20.00 -- in a 55 gal tank. I put him in a 2.5 gallon tank with fresh clean water -- mini air filter and heater. so I hope he can recover Sounds like velvet to me, ich is unlikely to kill that quickly and dwarf Angels turn lighter in color when affected by it in my experience. The fast death, fact that you use hyposalinity (which does nothing to combat velvet), etc point me to this as likely. Recently velvet comes in on roughly 1/4 fish I've bought, especially angels and tangs The cold temperature is the main reason for neon tetras to lose their color and go white. As you know neon tetras are tropical fish that prefers warm water. But when the cold season hits the environment, the water in the tank goes cold too if the heater isn't working properly

A betta fish turning white is often much more of a problem than one who's turning black. If you notice your betta fish is turning white, you should make sure it's not any of the followin The first reason that your black moor may be turning white is due to ich. Ich is a protozoan disease that affects all fish, and it occurs when the water quality in your tank is poor. If your black moor is suffering from ich you'll notice small white spots begin to spring up all over their body Frightened fish will also not show its true colors and usually during this period, it will become very pale. It will dash quickly looking for cover for any slight movement in its surrounding but as soon as it gets used to it, the fish will become friendlier and thus its colors will return

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The symptoms of poisoning from water pollution manifests as lethargic behavior and a simultaneous loss of color throughout the whole body of the fish. Affected Betta fish could turn completely white and are also likely to refuse eating or swimming. These symptoms may sometimes be accompanied by reddened gills that move rapidly The most common causes of this kind of color loss are disease and improper care. If you see your betta fish turning white, monitor your fish closely for other symptoms. This can help you identify the following conditions and treat the problem as soon as possible. Fin Rot. If you notice just your betta's fins turning white, it could be a.

55G, platies, two guppies, her bonded male gourami, a RTS, corydoras, a small pleco, and goldfish that are in until their filter is seeded. WC every other day to account for the goldfish. Today is actually WC day. She's been this pale for a couple days though. Oh and they're on the final stages of a heat treatment for ich, they'll be done with that early next week 1. You just bought the fishSometimes introducing a fish into a new environment can cause color to fade, this can especially be a problem when fish are shipp.. My goldfish is turning white and losing scales. What is causing this? Goldfish do not molt - losing scales - like most fish. As such, losing scales and color is a cause of alarm. This can be caused by toxic water that corrodes the slime coat which increases the risk of infections that can lead to scale loss and also color change Why is my Parrot Fish losing color? ParrotCichlidGirl My blood parrot cichlid has turned pale orange to white especially on the belly. In but at night when i turn the light on after about 10 or 15 minutes the female will go completely pale almost pink sometimes and the male will lighten up only a little bit some times he doesnt lighten. I think I have a purple glofish tetra that is losing its color. I went back and looked at old photos and it was never super bright, not like my other purple tetra but I think he's been fading a little bit. I have 6 of the tetras in total, in a 15 gallon cycling tank (ammonia 0.5, nitrite 0.5, nitrate >5. Using seachem prime as my dechlorinator.

Over time, they may even lose their color entirely and turn white. Poor Water Quality. Factors like water temperature and water quality can also play a role in their coloration. If you notice your goldfish becoming white very suddenly, this could be a sign that their tank's water quality is rather poor. This could be due to ammonia poisoning. Some fishkeepers believe that poor diet can cause a goldfish to lose yellow/red/orange entirely and turn white. I concede that this could be possible, but I am not totally behind this. Although, it follows logic that without the components in the diet to create a particular color, the fish might then lose that color

Awarded Answer: Posted by Jessica L: I've seen a lot of people concerning about the color change in their cute little pets. It's sad to see the idea of our axolotls getting sick.Lets talk about this. My Axolotl Turned Pale White. The common reason for Axolotls becoming pale is poor aquarium water conditions.First hardest thing is to be sure your tank is fully cycled before the axolotl goes. 0. Sep 12, 2011. #1. Hello, i have had my tank for a while and got two honey/gold gouramis as well as other fish, however one of my gouramis has turned very white, every thing about him/her is the same. Still eating, pooping, and swimming freely, isnt upset, what do you think this could be Many fish, cichlids included, often display color changes and color fading. These may be short term as induced by environmental stressors, mating, and other stimuli. On the other hand, some changes may be longer term, ontogenetic changes that are typical of the species. Most factors affecting color changes are within your control but not all of. 3. Inspect the raw fish for a milky color. Fish meat is typically light pink or white in color, with a thin, clear film of liquid. As fresh or refrigerated fish ages and begins to go bad, the meat will take on a glossy, milky color. The milky parts of the fish may also take on a blue- or gray-ish tint

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The only color changes I have had occur are fish that are mostly white eventually turning all white. I have never had any koi or goldfish turn white or lose color if they started mostly a different color. iow,dark fish stay that way. Ad. Advertisements. Dave 54. Joined Oct 9, 2012 Messages 6,27 Fish that are already infested by gill mites are brought into aquariums. The tiny mites stay on the fish's gills, and attack the fish by feeding on blood and living flesh. Treatment: Tetra Lifeguard® Remove filter carbon and turn off UV sterilizer. Add one tablet per day to each 5 gallons of water. Treat for 5 consecutive days goldfish losing color!!! One of my 2 year old goldfish is turning white. It is about 6 long. It is now about 80% white. This started about 1 week ago. Is something wrong with it? It seems healthy and the other 8 fish of the same age are showing no signs of this change. Is there a dietary vitamin that it is lacking Betta fish are well known for their brilliant colors. However, they sometimes lose their beautiful blue, red, or green color and it fades to white. What does this mean? And most importantly, is it deadly? Why is My Betta Turning White? If your betta fish turns white and refuses to eat, it could be an indication of several diseases

Im not 100% so maybe someone will tell me if im wrong, but im pretty sure that fish loose alot of their color when the tank lights are off, I know my fish get dull, never white, but very dull when the lights off, also my fish lost some color when I was in my nitrite spike during my cycle from stress i think, since the nitrite spike is over and my tank is now cycled, my fish are brighter then eve Symptoms: white mucus, anxiety and nervousness of the fish, tarnishing of the color, frequent breathing. Treatment: transplant with a gourami into a tank with clean water with an acidity of 7.5-8 pH, gradually increase to normal. Acidosis In this case, as the fish matures, it's losing its black pigment cells. Also, why is my black Moor turning white? If they are tiny little white spots that look like little granulars of sand.. then it's ick (aka ich). If it's larger white spots and almost like sections of the fish are turning white then it's probably a viral infection. In the. Hello, im new to cichlids and a fews months back I purchased 3 yellow labs. I just started to notice that one of my Labs is losing the yellow color and its turning white????? Is this common or is my fish sick? Its been eating well, its very active little fellow and it has plenty of hiding spots

How to Prevent Fin Rot . Many of the measures to prevent fin rot are the same preliminary steps used to treat fish that have the disease. The best prevention against fin rot is good aquarium maintenance.Change the water regularly, vacuum the gravel, and monitor the water chemistry by having a regular testing schedule and documenting the results. This will allow you to quickly notice water. One of the other most likely things to cause a catfish to change color and turn white is disease. There are various fish diseases that can cause fish to become pale, white, and just change color in general. One of the most common illnesses that may cause fish to change color is known as ich, however there are many others too Caused by the freshwater protozoa Ichtyopthirius, this is one of the most common blue and dwarf gourami fish diseases, that appears as white grain-like nodules on the skin, and the affected fish exhibits various other signs of ill-health, such as cloudy eyes, loss of appetite, aversion towards schooling, preferring to stay near the bottom of the aquarium/pond, abnormally fast respiration, and. After symptoms subside, perform a 50-70% water change; You can also create a dip solution of 10 mg/l potassium permanganate and leave your fish in it for 30 mins but be very careful not to exceed dosage and treatment time as you may end up burning your fish with this chemical. 6. Dropsy. YouTube. Ellievibes

If you notice that the face of your Betta Fish is turning white, then that is a sign of anxiety or shock. Mostly, that will happen after a water change and the fish will take a running swim. The Bettas will know that something is wrong with the water. But if the white looks more like very tiny grains of salt, then the problem could be ich Just like with marble betta, you do not need to worry if yours still swims around well. Once you see betta fish losing color and not eating and swimming, it could be a sign that they are sick. When Your Betta Fish Turns White. When your betta fish turns white, then it is time to worry Fish begins to lose coloration Muscle degeneration As cysts develop, body may become lumpy Pink gravid spot on fish Difficulty swimming Spine may become curved Secondary infections As the disease progresses, affected muscle tissue begins to turn white, generally starting within the color band and areas along the spine Neon tetras are some of the most recognizable fish out there, and are found in almost all pet stores that sell fish due to their popularity and their beautiful coloring. Neons add a bold splash of color to your aquarium, but sometimes those vivid blues, greens and reds start to dull. Naturally, we fish lovers find this a bit alarming

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Goldfish are a type of carp. Their golden color is due to selective breeding. Because gold is not their natural color, goldfish are susceptible to color loss if anything in their life changes. The main reasons for goldfish losing their color are: Growth, Lack of sunlight, Illness, Environment changes, and. Genetics My Betta is almost 3.5 years. He's a Walmart Betta. But he's turning pale, not eating, and starting to struggle to get to the top. Himel on June 29, 2020: My betta is turning white, I use 4 gallon tank and ground water. I know he is old and about 2+ years. I use marina betta water conditioner. Food I use Tetra tropical, terra and blood worms Yes, stress is one of the primary causes of color changes in betta fish. Just as people change colors under stressful situations, like turning white as a ghost when shocked or sporting a bright red face while angry, your betta fish reacts in a very similar way. When put in stressful situations, these fish can experience temporary color changes Why is my parrot fish losing its color? When there is a gradual loss of color, it is possible your fish need more carotenoids in their diet. Carotenoids are Vitamin A precursors, found in Spirulina algae, shrimp or krill, as well as some certain bacteria. Some commercial fish foods have carotenoids added added

Hi, I have had a medium sized foxface for about a month now. He eats pellets and nips algae in my tank, but it seems like some f his body has lost it's bright yellow color and is more or a white. He is in a 60 gallon, with a clown, bar goby, two yellow chromis, black trigger, and some corals. Water parameters: salinity 1.025. ph 8.2. calcium 450 I have a male betta fish. I have had him for a couple months now. I moved him from a 2.5 gallon tank to a 5 gallon tank yesterday. Today I noticed that the tank was really cloudy and my fish was barely moving. He is a white fish and from today to yesterday his tail has red in it. He is at the bottom of the tank a lot in the corners and barely. So, your goldfish could turn white due to both a lack of sunlight or too much sunlight. In the case of too much light, fish usually respond to the dramatic change. Say, for example, that your fish is used to getting a certain amount of light each day. Maybe you have the in-tank lighting set on a timer Betta Fin Rot Symptoms. There are stages of fin rot varying from mild to severe which will show differing symptoms and severity. It is always best to catch any visible fin rot signs or symptoms early because it can quickly progress without attention. The Dorsal (top), Caudal (tail) and Anal (bottom) fin are the easiest fins to check and identify if fin rot is affecting your betta However, your goldfish won't become white if you keep it in the dark because fish also get some of their coloration from the foods they eat. Shrimp, spirulina, and fish meal naturally contain pigments called carotenoids. Also, many fish foods contain canthaxanthin, a pigment added for the purpose of enhancing fish color. Helmenstine, Anne Marie.

Perhaps the most common non-natural cause of goldfish turning white or becoming dull is insufficient lighting. For maximum color enhancement and to ensure that color develops properly as goldfish mature, 12 hours per day of either sunlight or artificial lighting should be available. Lack of light can, depending on the goldfish, promote the. Yellow Clown Goby - White patches, losing color Yellow Clown Goby - White patches, losing color. By sen5241b, December 24, 2009 in General Discussion. Share More sharing options... Followers 1 Fish need certain things in their diet and one of the most important things is oil. Fish oil in particular A sick betta fish does not eat or eats reluctantly and may spit out his food. When it looks pale or its colors get dull or turn grey, it is a sure sign of a betta fish sick. The body may have open sores, white cottony patches, red and white spots. One or both the eyes may be swollen or protruding 2. Ich (White Spot Disease) Ich is a very common disease problem of all aquarium fish including oscars. It is caused by Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, a protozoan parasite.According to veterinarian Dr. Jessie Sanders, the organism causing ich has a complex life cycle and can reproduce rapidly, leading to a sudden onset of disease.The development of the parasite occurs more quickly in warmer water Damselfish with white spots I have had the Atlantic Jewel for 2 weeks. Just this evening (November 17, 2004) I have noticed on both sides of the fish large white areas, somewhat circular, about 1/2 inch in diameter. They are about in the center below the midline. The tank is a mini reef, so I'm hesitant to medicate

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Add one teaspoon for every gallon of water in your tank. The salt helps with digestion issues since these are the most common issue with Betta fish. Do your 50% water changes quite frequent like maybe once every 2-3 days. If your tank has gravel on the bottom.. get rid of it if possible Table of Contents 1. Care & Treatment of Dropsy 2. Care & Treatment of Fin Rot 3. Care & Treatment of Velvet. Below is a list of common Betta fish diseases and their symptoms. It's important to note that all of these diseases are caused primarily by inadequate tank conditions Fish from Borneo have a black area in the base and center of the fin, and usually the front (hard) ray is red/orange in color, with the end of the fin being clear, smoky, or slightly red, whilst in Sumatran fish the fin is all red/orange. Other differences are that the Dorsal and Anal fins have less yellow at their lead edges in Sumatran fish

It happened so suddenly, you were watching your betta fish swimming around and one day you noticed that his fins looked a little off. Looking closer it's apparent that your betta's long fins are missing, frayed or maybe losing their vibrant color. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, your betta fish might be suffering from fin rot or fin loss 5,952. Reaction score. 12,994. Location. Corpus Christi, TX. Yellow is the color of the male and grey is female. There is an write up of someone who breed this species of fish Fish illness is often brought on by poor environment. Fish live in an aquarium far smaller than their natural habitat. Imagine yourself confined to a small enclosed space, with no fresh air, no toilet, but plenty of food to eat, which you always c.. A low pH can also erode a snail's shell, which will turn white during this period. 6. High CO2 and Potassium Levels. Some aquarists have noticed that the shells of their snails have turned white due to a high concentration of CO2. The color change is a sign that the shell is eroding Jul 24, 2004. #1. Hi All, I have something nasty killing my fish. First one of my Sterbai Cories turned almost completely white as though it lost all of the color from it's scales; after a day it died. I thought it was a fluke but then an Angel got it a died and now a second Angel is near-death. I've gotten over Ich before and that usually.

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So, your goldfish could turn white due to both a lack of sunlight or too much sunlight. In the case of too much light, fish usually respond to the dramatic change. Say, for example, that your fish is used to getting a certain amount of light each day. Maybe you have the in-tank lighting set on a timer What a fish eats, the color of the environment, the parameters of the water and the intensity of light the fish is exposed to are all by themselves factors that can make a fish change hue and color intensity. Some other factors could be stress and.. RBTA = rose bubble tip anemone needs meaty foods silver side = a small fish also known as line fish and cocktail prawns cut it 1 cm cubes placed on the BTAS tips and it will take it to it mouth. If the current is to strong switch off the power heads. If it is not hungry it will let it go. If you can't get it to eat it is on its way out My TANG is turning WHITE in color Discussion in ' ASAP ' started by Rogues , Nov 16, 2009 . Join 3reef now to remove this notice and enjoy 3reef content with less ads. 3reef membership is free Share. Posted February 14, 2015. So I've had this yellow tang for a couple of years now, and this morning my wife tells me he's turning white - especially his face. The only thing that's changed in the tank recently is the clownfish have spawned for the first time (eggs laid 3 Feb), and so have gotten very territorial around where the eggs are

The fish look fine in the video and I don't see a problem with either Red Empress or Insignus. A generic reason why some of them could be losing color is because you have dominant and sub-dominant fish. The Lwanda colored down because he was singly added to the tank. When you add fish, try do so in groups Jun 8, 2006. Messages. 2,164. In the crayfish forums we frequent, they suggest that diet is the main cause of coloration. We feed a variety to ours including shrimp pellets, Hikari crab feed, fish, algae wafers, and some fresh fruits and veggies (like oranges and green beans, even garlic is okay)

Stress has a significant impact on the health of a fish. When severely stressed, bettas lose their coloration and start to exhibit horizontal stripes often referred to as stress stripes. If your betta is already a lighter color, stress may turn it white. In addition, if your fish is ready to breed, it may have verticals barred stripes The pits are white in color, and sometimes mucous are visible around them. In addition to losing weight, becoming lethargic, and losing their appetites, the fish will produce white, stringy feces. Treatment. Add Dimetrydazole (5mg/l) or Metronidazole (7mg/l). Repeat treatment once every 3 days. Do a 20%-30% water change It manifests itself as white growth on the skin of aquarium fish, which resembles white irregularly-shaped dots, that later grow into large asymmetrical spots with a cauliflower-like appearance. In its early phase, the white formations of the Lymphocystis virus tend to cover the fins of the fish and until developed will appear small and round Place the fish for 10 minutes. White slime on scales. Possible diseases that are accompanied by the release of white mucus: Alkalosis. Symptoms: white mucus, restlessness and nervousness of fish, discoloration, rapid breathing. Treatment: transplant gourami into a reservoir of clean water with an acidity of 7.5-8 pH, gradually increase to normal I think the reverse bait color idea is arguable. A bass that knows much should be wary of a fish imitator lure that doesn't have a pale belly, as they see fish with pale bellies all day every day of their lives. I don't fish lures with dark bellies, nor do I see live fish with dark bellies. It has to be pale yellow, white , pearl, or chrome for me

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  1. KEEP SALT LEVELS AT 0.1% OR LOWER. A: In Freshwater Fish: This is a Protozoan infestation called Chilodonella. This is common in Discus and Angelfish. Treatment: Treat the fish with Quinine Sulfate or Forma-Green in a hospital tank for 5-7 days. Q: The fish's skin has a hazy white covering over it in patches
  2. Why Do Gold Fish Turn White? August 30, 2010, maureen, Leave a comment. Why Do Gold Fish Turn White? Generally, the most common reason why gold fish turn to white is due to old age. Their life span has this mechanism wherein they eventually fade in view of their golden color and eventually turn into white or dirty white in most cases
  3. Healthy marimo balls will be bright green. Variations in color may indicate the water is too warm or not clean enough, or the light is not optimal. A lighter or white color could mean they are getting too much light. If the balls turn brown or grey, they likely need to be cleaned. Do this and gently rotate them in the tank so any brown spots.
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Another important clue in all this is the only fish that were affected like this were fish that were non-metallic and white. Even upon very close examination, the other colors (even on the same fish) were not affected as badly as the white areas. You can see in the photos below what I mean Salmon tops the list as a favorite among oily fish as it is a delicious and nutritious option for different types of diet and nutritional needs. Full of necessary health benefits, salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids and essential oils. However, to get the best from salmon and prevent food poisoning it is extremely important to consume it fresh Velvet disease is not normally a popular problematic parasite in a discus tank. This is a very small parasite, and looks like small white spots, or very fine dusting of white powder over the body of the fish, and one of the reasons discus can turn black. Velvet is normally only a problem for two reasons Betta Fish is losing its color which stems from stress. The greyish and whitish under the mouth then is it probably cased by stress. Stress can simply come from not doing regular water changes which is the most common problem. By doing 25% regular water changes every week is needed to keep your Betta Fish healthy

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Bowled the fish when I got back from work at 1pm (as couldn't do anything at 3am) fish is swimming around fine again but found flukes on the scrape I took so gave it a salt bath of 3 1/2 oz salt per gallon for 5 mins to knock back the flukes on the fish and bunged the heater on to get the pond up to 10┬░c then dosing with fluke solve once up to. As we mentioned, bettas can lose their color due to age and it's pretty common for older bettas to lose their bright coloring and turn black. Bettas can also turn black due to stress. This can happen from big environmental changes, like moving it to a new tank or adding new tankmates, or from water parameters being off The fish still seems to be eating the sheets of algae that I put in the tank so I think that is good, but lately, more and more of his body is turning white (stress I am assuming) and I think his left eye, which is on the same side of his body as the rash, is also starting to turn white and cloud over

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Ich is fairly easy to identify because it manifests in the form of small white dots on the fins, gills and body of infected fish. Though these spots are the most obvious sign, other symptoms of the disease may include clamped fins, labored breathing, lethargy, loss of appetite and rubbing against tank objects Salmon change color to attract a spawning mate. Pacific salmon use all their energy for returning to their home stream, for making eggs, and digging the nest. Most of them stop eating when they return to freshwater and have no energy left for a return trip to the ocean after spawning. After they die, other animals eat them (but people don't) or they decompose, adding nutrient

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This, in turn, can lead to other problems that can result in your fish turning black, becoming ill, and potentially dying of swim bladder disorder or ammonia poisoning. Stress. If stress is the cause of the change in your goldfish color, give it a little time to help it recover Symptoms. Fin deterioration progresses more than half-way towards the body, or. The entire loss of fins or the tissue between the rays of the fins. The base of the fin by the body is inflamed, looks bloody or is turning black. Loss of scales and open sores on the body areas closest to the infected fins Fish fungus or Saprolegnia fungus infects fish eggs or fish body especially internal parts and inner tissues. Also, It is observed in mollies, goldfish and more. Symptom. White cottony growth is found on the fins of Guppy. The discoloration of scales and fins and tail is an added sign. Cause Ich (White Spot Disease) Symptoms or Causes. Ich is a common disease that's caused by the protozoan parasite, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Sick fish flick against solid surfaces, breathe rapidly, develop a rash of white spots on gills, body, and fins. Suggested Action. Ich parasite lives in tank water, so quarantining individuals is ineffective Live aquarium plants come in a variety of colors but the most common color is green - if the plants in your tank begin to turn yellow, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the conditions in your tank. As mentioned earlier, plants are photosynthetic organisms that utilize light as an energy source to facilitate biological processes

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White spots; Ragged fins; Fluffy cotton-like tufts Koi Disease Identification. The only way to properly identify parasites on fish is take a skin scrape and look at it under a microscope. Most people don't have microscopes, so the next best thing is to take a close look at your fish and try to compare the symptoms to the diagram below Turning white - a symptom of stress, potentially from too much light A common sign of stress is when the previously colorful, large, fleshy polyps start to lose their color and turn white. If you follow the advice in the previous section, you want to look for and rule out any obvious stressors (change in water quality, stress from shipping. Each marimo that's housed by itself or with other marimos (that means no other fish or inverts) has a pinch salt added (like a literal pinch). We try to get the salinity to just around 1.010-10.020sg and leave it there. If the ball starts losing color, lower the salinity by doing a water change (partial) or adding distilled water Depending on the light quality, it can be a bit hard to tell when it's cooked just right, but the fish will gradually lose its natural color and turn white (which makes them undercooked), and then.

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Discus turning black is evidence that your Discus is either sick, infected by a parasite, bacteria, fungi or it is extremely stressed and maybe adapting to its environment. Long term stress can make the fish prone to infections, so you should be on the lookout for any form of stress If there are white dots on your fish's skin or your treatment for flukes has failed, you might try a temperature increase to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. However, keep in mind that this might not be an option if you have other types of fish in your tank that cannot handle the increased temperature I have 7 Rummy Nose Tetras. Since getting them I have discovered from reading about them, that they are a good indicator for your tank if there is a problem. They are sensitive fish. I have noted that when they are stressed, their red noses go white. When I introduced my last 3 to the tank they had white noses for most of the day. When I turn the light on in the morning (when it was dark. Goldfish were domesticated more than 1,000 years ago in China. First golden, the fish were selected and bred for a variety of colors and color patterns. Goldfish actually are a type of carp and are found throughout the world. They grow up to 23 inches long and can weight close to 10 lb

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  1. Goldfish were found to be losing their color when put in water that is moving. However, it has been found that goldfish lose their color gradually when they become old and big. Goldfish are known to develop patches of various colors. The color change is influenced by its diet
  2. Overview. The Blue Velvet Damselfish , also known as the Japanese Damselfish or the Blue-Streak Devil, is black with small blue stripes and one large white vertical stripe. As it matures, it may lose some of its coloring, fading towards brown and black. It will do well in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium. It is aggressive toward other fish and.
  3. Finally, if the leaves are turning yellow to white, there might be a deficiency of iron in the water. Pay careful attention to the color of your plant's leaves and feed them nutrients accordingly. It's pretty clear that the symptoms of various nutrient deficiencies in aquarium plants are quite similar, so diagnosing the problem just by.

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Milky-white areas if disease spreads to other areas. Remedies for this disease should involve a complex approach: Assessment of water conditions, followed by tank cleaning and multiple 20-50% water changes; Removing fish that nip at the fins of other fish, rehoming fish if tank is overstocked; Antibiotic treatment 7. The teen phase body color is totally different from the adult fish. The younger fish has dark blue color, with lighter blue and white horizontal stripes as the decoration. 8. The mature fish have no dark blue left. It has been replaced with green base. The blue color could be found in its scale and head The yelloweye is one of the world's longest-lived fish species, and is cited to live to a maximum of 114 to 120 years of age. As they grow older, they change in color, from reddish in youth, to bright orange in adulthood, to pale yellow in old age. Yelloweye live in rocky areas and feed on small fish and other rockfish I did a quick search to see if this a viable cause of the darkening of my greys. Wouldn't you know it, when I searched online for grey hair and omega 3 oils, many of the search results claimed that there was indeed a connection between pre-mature grey hair and cod liver oil. I've taken fish oil in some form, on a consistent basis for a while

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