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  1. 3 October - World Habitat Day Every year, since 1985, when it was designated by the General Assembly, World Habitat Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in October
  2. Given under my hand at the City of New-York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789
  3. October is best known for its Halloween festivities, but it's also a month loaded with national and global celebrations. In addition to spooky revelry, October's schedule includes multiple days on the topic of bullying awareness, encourage pasta-lovers to rejoice, and celebrates earth science, chemistry, and space. Plus, the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, always occurs in October, while.
  4. Fans less familiar with the 2004 teen comedy, however, are being left perplexed as to why October 3 is celebrated as Mean Girls Day by fans across the world and how long it has been a tradition...

October 3 is the 276th day of the year (277th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 89 days remain until the end of the year Famous October 3 Birthdays including Noah Schnapp, A$AP Rocky, Gwen Stefani, JillianTubeHD, SoFaygo and many more

October 3 marks the Day of German Unity ever since the GDR and West Germany reunited in 1990. Since then, the day is celebrated as a public holiday - but the festivities are less excessive than.. October 3 is Virus Appreciation Day. We're not sure what, exactly, there is to appreciate about viruses, but what the heck. October 3 is a bit light on celebrations, so why not celebrate the virus? Of course, we're also not sure what virus we're supposed to be celebrating The Day of German Unity (Tag der Deutschen Einheit), also referred to as German Unity Day, is Germany's national day. It is celebrated on October 3, commemorating the anniversary of German reunification in 1990

22. October 26: National Mule Day. Now that you've celebrated moles, give a tip of the hat to mules—literal ones this time. On October 26, 1785, a pair of Spanish mules arrived in the U.S. as. List of dates for other years. Germany holidays 2021. Germany holidays 2022. German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is annually held on October 3 to mark the anniversary of the nation's unification.It remembers when the Federal Republic of Germany and the Democratic Republic of Germany united to create one single, federal Germany on October 3, 1990 October 3: Mean Girls Appreciation Day. A mid-2000s comedy classic, Mean Girls has become engrained in pop culture. Not only did the movie proffer adages such as On Wednesdays, we wear pink or Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen, but it also solidified Tina Fey, the film's writer, as a comedic genius

German Unity Day, on October 3rd, is the German national holiday, a sort of German Fourth of July. Both the observance date and the holiday are recent. The third day of October has only been a national holiday since 1990 October 3 is when many fans celebrate Mean Girls Day, and pay tribute to the cult film Credit: Alamy Why is Mean Girls Day celebrated on October 3? This hallowed day has gone down with fans because it is when Lindsay Lohan's character Cady was asked a vital and memorable question by crush Aaron Samuels Parents' Day. Parents' Day is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Sunday of July each year to recognize and promote parenting as a crucial part of families and the wider community. Colorado Day. Colorado Day is an annual observance that commemorates the state's birthday on August 1, 1876, and its history

Sat May 29th, 2021. Mount Everest Day. Sun Apr 25th, 2021. Zucchini Bread Day. Thu Mar 11th, 2021. Wash Your Nose Day. Fri Mar 5th, 2021. Overseas NHS Workers Day. Find out what's going on in.. EVERY DAY is a good day to quote Mean Girls, but on October 3 fans come together to remember the much-loved teen comedy. But why was this day chosen and what's the deal with wearing pink? 4 October 3 is when many fans celebrate Mean Girls Day, and pay tribute to the cult filmCredit: Alam

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Important days in October 2021. 1st October. International Day of Older Persons. Tsukimi Festival (Otsukimi or Moon Viewing Festival) Rayalaseema Festival. Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) National Voluntary Blood Donation Day - India. International Music Day - IMC. World Vegetarian Day National Boyfriend Day -. October 3, 2021. National Boyfriend Day falls on October 3. It's a day to let your boyfriend know how much he means to you. National Boyfriend Day reminds everyone with a boyfriend to take special notice of that special someone and how they make your life better

United Nations Day October 25. International Artist Day. Punk for a Day Day. World Opera Day. World Pasta Day. October 26. National Mincemeat Day. October 27. Black Cat Day. National Tell a Story Day - in Scotland and the U.K. Navy Day. October 28. Plush Animal Lover's Day October 29. Frankenstein Friday - last Friday in October Hermit Day The list includes more than 455 different holidays and observances to celebrate in October. To learn why holidays make great social media posts read: The Complete Calendar of Social Media Holidays. Holiday Hashtags for Social Medi Army establishments across the country are today marking 'Infantry Day' and paying homage to the thousands of infantry soldiers who have laid down their lives in the line of duty. Here is a look at why the day is celebrated as such and what was the landmark event which caused October 27 to be known as Infantry Day

Oktoberfest, held September 21 - October 6, 2019, is known as the biggest party in the world. First held in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, today's festivities take place over two weeks, with every day dedicated to enjoying German beer and food Day of German Unity Date in the current year: October 3, 2021 The Day of German Unity (Tag der Deutschen Einheit), also referred to as German Unity Day, is Germany's national day. It is celebrated on October 3, commemorating the anniversary of German reunification in 1990. A single German state first emerged in 1871, when the German Empire was founded Sun, October 3: Day of German Unity: Germany: National Holiday Sun, October 3: Harvest Festival Germany: Observance Sun, October 3: Wine Day (Day 2) Moldova: Observance Sun, October 3: Teacher's Day: Ukraine: Observance Mon, October 4: World Animal Day - Weird: Mon, October 4: National Vodka Day - Weird. Twitter this morning (Thursday, October 3) is full of references to cult 2000s film Mean Girls as fans of the Lindsay Lohan-starring movie celebrate Mean Girls Day by wearing pink (despite it not.

3 rd October - Techies Day. The word 'Techie' comes from the 1970s (aka the decade of orange everything ), I suppose that is why it's so visually abhorrent. Personal feelings about etymology aside, today we celebrate 'Techies' from coast to coast (defined as people into technology or technicians) October 3 - National Caramel Custard Day. October 4 - National Taco Day. October 5 - National Apple Betty Day. October 6 - National Noodle Day. October 7 - National Frappe Day. October 8 - National Fluffernutter Day. October 9 - National Dessert Day. October 10 - National Angel Food Cake Day October 3 has been a day when many things have happened. In 1932, for example, Iraq gained independence from the United Kingdom on that date, while in 1995 O.J. Simpson for the murders of Nicole. Here are 10 grool quotes to celebrate October 3. Happy Mean Girls Appreciation Day, Plastics! A few days into October we relish Pumpkin Spice Lattes, getting to pull cozy clothes to the front of.

October 2: Day of the appearance of the eight Great Names of Netjer (Primordials) 17 : October 3 : Landing of the Great Names of Netjer in Abydos; Lamentations of Aset (Isis)and Nebet-Het (Nephthys) for Wasir (Osiris). 18: October 4: Festival of Het-Hert (Hathor). 20 : October 6 : Bast appears to Ra. 21 : October 7: Feast Day of Ma'at . 23. October 3 National Soft Taco Day. October 4 National Taco Day. October 5 National Apple Betty Day. Rocky Mountain Oyster Day* (a Colorado delicacy) October 6 National Noodle Day. October 7 National Frappe Day. October 8 National Fluffernutter Day. October 9. National Moldy-Cheese Day National Pizza and Beer Day 11 Ways To Celebrate 'Mean Girls' Day. Every modern woman knows two important things: First, white is not an appropriate clothing choice after Labor Day, and second, October 3 is National Mean.

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Daily observances and celebrations: June 1: Say Something Nice Day [Read More: Bring Positive Language Into the Classroom] June 6: D-Day. June 14: Flag Day. 3rd Sunday: Father's Day [Read More: Father's Day Crafts For Kids | Father's Day Books] June 19: Juneteenth [Read More: Ideas for Teaching Juneteenth October 2 is one of the most important days in India. The day is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti and is a national holiday. It is the day when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, fondly known as Mahatma Gandhi was born. People celebrate the day by offering prayers, performing commemorative ceremonies, and giving tributes to the Father of the Nation Day Celebrated through out the Year in the world, mentioning significatce of the day. Helpful for GK and General Knowledge with lots of information and General Awarness knowledge for Exams. ★ National Police Commemoration Day ---- 21st October ★ United Nation's Day ---- 24th October ★ World Polio Day ---- 24th October. November. Fun October Theme Days and Wacky, Offbeat, October Holidays Here's a list of some (it's by no means 100% complete!) of the fun (mostly) holidays and theme days for the month of October, 2020. Celebrating these or recognizing these theme days is a very simple way to bring a little fun and humor into your workplace

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The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month of Shawwal. This is a day where Muslims around the world try to show a common goal of unity. It's third most celebrated holiday around the world. 2. Christma 5/1-7 Children's Book Week. 5/2 - Harry Potter Day (May 2 was the day of the Battle of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series; many also celebrate July 31, which is both Harry's and J.K. Rowling's birthdays) 5/4 - Intergalactic Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you.) 5/6 - Free Comic Book Day (first Saturday in May On October 3, 1932, in accordance with a treaty between Great Britain and Iraq, Iraq gained independence, its status as a British mandate terminated. On that same day, Iraq joined the League of Nations. Iraq's National Iraqi Day Traditions, Customs and Activities. Iraq originally celebrated October 3 as Independence Day

Designation. In 1985 the United Nations designated the first Monday of October every year as World Habitat Day. The idea is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities and the basic right of. 3 Ways To Celebrate Sweetest Day In A New Relationship Written by Lauren Caldwell on October 20, 2017 Celebrated on the third Saturday of October, Sweetest Day is a treat of a holiday for those looking to indulge their loved ones with confectionery delights Indigenous People Day Date When Celebrated : Second Monday in October On the second Monday in October, we celebrate Indigenous People Day.It is often referred to as Native American Day.Indigenous People Day is related to another Native American Day, celebrated on the fourth Friday in November. To further complicate matters, what is the definition of indigenous people and native Americans

October 16 is known as Pope Day on which we celebrate the gift of the papacy and our current pope. Every person has a guardian angel assigned to them, and October 2 the Church celebrates the. Pet Owners Day - April 19. Bulldogs are Beautiful Day - April 21. National Lost Dog Awareness Day - April 23. Pet Tech CPR Day - April 24, 2021 (Last Saturday in April) World Veterinary Day - April 25. National Pet Parent's Day - April 25, 2021 (Last Sunday in April) National Kids and Pets Day - April 26 On October 17 of the same year, a horse race was held in front of the city gates in honor of the newlyweds. In October 1881, the repeat of the festival was meant to promote agriculture in Bavaria. The celebration continued in subsequent years except during the Napoleonic wars. A parade is done annually in honor of Prince Ludwig and Theresa of.

1/10 - Common Sense Day (Thomas Paine's Common Sense was first published January 10, 1776) 1/12 - I'm Afraid I Can't Do That, Day - In 2001, A Space Odyssey, HAL first goes online on January 12, 1997. 1/16 - Appreciate a Dragon Day - from Falkor to Viserion, today is the day to celebrate fictional dragons Notes: [Memorial] Memorial day to commemorate a saint or saints. [Optional] Optional memorial day to commemorate a saint or saints. [4] According to the national calendar of the United States, as requested by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and approved by the Holy See. [1] Applies to Argentina. [3] According to the national calendar of Chile, as requested by the. 27-Sep World Tourism Day. October 1-Oct International day of the Elderly 3-Oct World Habitat Day. 4-Oct World Animal Welfare Day. 8-Oct Indian Air Force Day. 9-Oct World Post Office day. 10-Oct National Post Day. 13-Oct UN International Day for National disaster reduction. 14-Oct World Standards Day. 15-Oct World White Cane Day( guiding theBlind) On October 3, 1863, expressing gratitude for a pivotal Union Army victory at Gettysburg, President Abraham Lincoln announces that the nation will celebrate an official Thanksgiving holiday on. The Day of the dead is celebrated on November 2nd. Sometime one hears reference to the days of the Dead which refers to the Days of October 31 - November 2. October 31 is Halloween or All Hallows eve. November 1 is el Dia de los innnocentes or the day of the children and All Saints Day

Multi-day Events Continuing on Sunday, July 25th, 2021. National Triathlon Week Observed for 7 days starting the third Monday in July share Facebook Twitter Email Copy Link; National Moth Week Observed the last full week and two weekends in July share Facebook Twitter Email Copy Link; Bank Account Bonus Month Observed the month of July share Facebook Twitter Email Copy Lin Even without flying cars, self-drying clothes or dehydrated food, you can still celebrate Back to the Future Day on Wednesday. The ABC Action News app brin.. World Teachers Day, or International Teacher's Day, is celebrated on October 5 every year. The date marks the commemoration when a special conference was held by UNESCO in Paris on 5th October 1966. The event set standards for the rights and responsibilities of teachers, their initial preparation, further education and learning conditions

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Chinese National Day is celebrated on October 1st every year to commemorate the founding of People's Republic of China. On that day, lots of large-scaled activities are held nationwide. The 7-day holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th is called 'Golden Week', during which a large number of Chinese people go traveling around the country August 30 Victory Day. August 30 is celebrated as a victory day because the Battle of Dumlupınar, which determined the result of liberty war, has been won. It is a very special day in terms of cleaning up and registering Turkey officially Turkish country. October 29 Republic Day. The Republic of Turkey Government was established on 29 October. National Institute of Immunology (NII) celebrated its 33rd Foundation Day on 6th October 2019. On this occasion, NII has dedicated its Auditorium in the name.. National Cat day is an international holiday, celebrated on October 29th, which aims to raise global awareness about cat adoption. Celebrate National Cat Day by bonding with your own cat, helpings cats in need, or celebrating cats in general. Spoil your cat with toys, catnip, and cuddles 'St Patrick's Day is celebrated each year on March 17th. The day is the observation of the death of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. With these 30 St Patrick's Day facts, let's uncover more about this great festival which is celebrated all over the world'. St. Patrick's Day 'St Patrick' s Day is a global celebration of.

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See how Moorpark celebrated Independence Day with July 3 fireworks tradition. 17 PHOTOS About a day: October 3, 1961. October 3, 1961 Was Tuesday (Weekday) This day is on 40 (fortieth) week of year 1961. This is 276th (two hundred seventy-sixth) Day of the Year. 1961 is not a Leap Year (365 Days) Days count in October 1961: 31. The Zodiac Sign of October 3, 1961 is Libra (libra US cities with large Italian populations, celebrate Columbus Day every year on the 2 nd Monday of October. It commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. Columbus Day 2021 occurs on Monday, October 11. Kids learn about Columbus and his arrival in America through books, songs, or cartoons About 2,000 years ago, the end of October always marked an important time of year for the first Europeans, mainly people of Gaelic (pre-Irish) and Scottish descent. On October 31 every year, they hold the Samhain festival to celebrate the harvest season. It marks an important time of year when the seasons change, but more importantly, observers.

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The Night in the Country Music Festivals 20th-year celebration is in the books! Here's a look at Day 3 of the festivities in Nevada. Next up, the inaugural Night in the Country Carolinas August 26-28 at the world-renowned Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort! What will your next great country tradition look like? Explore #NITCNV2021 to see what we're bringing to the Carolina. The annual Columbus Day Parade, the largest celebration of Italian American heritage and culture in the United States, will take place on Monday, October 11, 2021, beginning at 11:30 a.m

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July 25, 2021 -. Hello friends! We're kicking off the Celebrate You Card Kit Release Countdown with some fun new stamps and dies, as well as a festive patterned paper pad! This kit makes creating birthday cards a cinch! I've created two cards to share with you today that feature the products that come in the kit October 3: National Caramel. Custard Day. October 4: National Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden (Kanelbullens Dag) October 4: National Taco Day. October 4: National Vodka Day. October 5: National Apple Betty Day. October 6: National Noodle Day. October 7: National Frappe Day. October 8: National Fluffernutter Day This holiday is traditionally celebrated on the third Saturday in October. History of The Sweetest Day. The Sweetest Day originally began in Cleveland, Ohio during the month of October in 1922. It was started by philanthropist Herbert Birch Kingston as a way to do something nice for the less fortunate October is full of a month of fun food days like Pumpkin Seed Day and Homemade Cookies Day. It is also a time to celebrate Columbus Day and Southern Food Heritage Day. If you would like a fun printable that features some of the National Days of the month, get the October free printable here Updated: October 3, 2019 8:52 AM ET | Originally published: October 3, 2014 10:18 AM EDT R ejoice! Every day is the perfect day to quote Mean Girls , but October 3rd is a particularly noteworthy.

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Awareness days are both serious and great fun. They are can be about supporting a charity and cover diverse subjects, World Aids Day, National Infertility Awareness Week and International Blood Cancer Awareness Month. The fun side is, for example, a sponsored walk with your friends to raise money for your chosen charity National Vodka Day (Oct. 4) - The day is celebrated to recognize the widely-consumed spirit. National Do Something Nice Day (Oct. 5) - This day is celebrated by performing an act of kindness 14,15,16th of October 3 days of celebration of the Erasmus+ programme. #erasmusdays News Discover the news. #Erasmusdays 2021 : Get ready ! Go ! #ErasmusDays. #newedition. #ErasmusDays 2020 - coverage and impact Go ! More then 100 Erasmus Days events in Croatia Go Get to Know Your Customers Day: 21 ( January 21, April 15, July 15 and October 21 = 3rd Thurs. of Each Quarter) *Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Prevention Day: 21. International Credit Union Day: 21 (3rd Thursday) Link. *Reptile Awareness Day: 21 Link. Thank Your Cleaner Day: 21 Link

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To the uninitiated, the third of October is just another drizzly autumn day. But for fans of the 2004 cult comedy Mean Girls , the date conjures up all sorts of fuzzy feelings of Noughties nostalgia Happy Mean Girls Day! Celebrate October 3 with These 'Plastic' Pooches . October 3, 2017 - 12:00 PM - 0 Comments. By Alison Abbey @awabbey More by Alison Presidents Day (Third Monday in February) Memorial Day (Last Monday in May) Independence Day (July 4) Labor Day (First Monday in September) Columbus Day (Second Monday in October) Veterans Day (November 11) Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November) Christmas Day (December 25 Two-week celebration beginning in late September and ending on the first Sunday in October. More October 3 * | German Unity Day ( Tag der Deutschen Einheit ) - Germany's national holiday commemorates the official date of German reunification, as specified in the 1990 Unification Treaty ( Einigungsvertrag )

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Chapter 27. Approved March 21, 1955 and Effective 90 days after June 7, 1955 the date of adjournment to change the name to Veteran's Day. House Bill 112, 61st Legislature Regular Session. Chapter 205. Approved May 14, 1969 and Effective January 1, 1971 to change the date of Veteran's Day to the 4th Monday in October Mother's Day is in 29 days. Dates of Mother's Day around the world. 2023 Various Feb 12, Mar 3, May 7, May 14, May 26, May 28, Jun 10, Oct 15, Nov 26, Dec 8. Argentina Sun, Oct 15 Not A Public Holiday. Australia Sun, May 14 Not A Public Holiday. Austria Sun, May 14 Not A Public Holiday Mawlid al-Nabim, celebrated on the 12th of Rabiulawal, marks the birth of Muhammad in A.D. 570. The holy day is celebrated in different ways by different Islamic sects. Some Muslims choose to commemorate Muhammad's birth with gift-giving and feasts, while others condemn this behavior for being idolatrous