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Bend a stud earring to make a barbell piercing. Barbell septum piercings are piercings with large studs on either end rather than curved edges. You can get a barbell earring, which is an earring shaped something like a barbell, and use pliers to create a curve. This will give you a fun barbell septum piercing to wear Jenn favorited Fake Septum Piercing 10 Jun 22:46. † Wayward Deer † published her project Fake Septum Piercing 03 Jun 08:37. Step 1. you need a silver paperclip. wrap it around a pencil or a paintbrush to get your desired loop. make sure it fits snugly on your septum. trim excess metal off of hoop using wire cutters. sand rough edges until. So here ya go!! How to fake a septum piercing. It's super easy and looks totally real. Subscribe to my channel for more awesome shtuff. You can follow/get ah.. I show you how to make a fake septum piercing that actually fooled a few of my friends c: enjoy oh and I talk about craft stores at the end lolol check out h.. The best thing about a fake septum piercing barbell (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored. Like any fake septum piercing barbell, it requires care and.

Purchase a barbell piercing. If you want to fake a barbell facial piercing, your best bet is to buy an actual barbell piercing. You can get these piercings at a tattoo shop where they also do piercings, or at a jewelry store such as Claire's. Barbell piercings usually come with rounded silver studs FAKE Septum Ring - 14K Yellow/Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver - Faux Septum Ring - Fake Piercings - Fake Nose Piercing. SampsonJewelry. 5 out of 5 stars. (17,939) $12.95. Bestseller. Add to Favorites Choose Your Size Fake Barbell/No Piercing Septum Ring/Piercing Imitation/fake nasenpiercing/faux anneau nez/septum hoop/horseshoe with ball LotEarCuffs 5 out of 5 stars (2,160) $ 14.75. Add to Favorites More colors Crescent Moon CZ Curved Barbell Cartilage Eyebrow jewelry 316L Stainless Steel 16G. Sometimes, you'll just need to get a better grip on the jewelry to have enough leverage to get the ball unstuck. A pair of latex or rubber gloves will usually provide enough grip to unscrew a stuck piercing ball. Make sure the jewelry is completely dry and grab the ball with your gloved hand. The bit of extra torque from the rubber gloves might. Fake Septum Ring, Rose Gold Fake Septum Ring, Faux Septum Ring, Silver Septum,Fake Septum Ring, Septum, Septum Piercing, NO PIERCING NEEDED! Rimandirect. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (243) CA$9.17. Only 2 available and it's in more than 20 people's baskets. Favourite

Just be sure to avoid any harsh chemicals like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide which can dry out your piercings and make things worse. 3.) Use a ball removal tool - Body Candy has a bunch of ball grabber tools that might make things just a bit easier for you - check them out here. If all else fails, this might be a job for a professional piercer This is a quick and easy way to make a septum piercing!! Hope you enjoyShout out to Grace Catchase for all of her awesome videos!! Love you guys bye The came.. Septum piercings look great but aren't always appropriate for school, work, or when a visiting conservative grandparent. You shouldn't remove your new septum piercing for at least 6-8 weeks, but you can make it look more discreet and avoid it getting inflamed during this time Typically, a curved barbell or horseshoe barbell shape works best for a septum piercing, so you can flip it up into your nose if you need to hide it while the piercing is healing. X Research source Look for rings that are 14K gold or titanium to avoid skin irritation What's up my dudes...Septum: 0:36Lip: 1:52Nostril: 2:51Eyebrow: 3:30Me w/ all: 4:41Check out my ear stretching playlist and follow me on my journey! https://..

No Piercing Nose Circular Barbell. Fake septum ring - nose cuff. Comfortable fit - universal size. Inner ring diameter is available from tiny 5.5mm to 10mm. On photos 8-9mm inner diameter. What inner diameter of the internal ring would you like Barbell: Circular barbell jewelry fits neatly into a septum piercing and allows you to do that easy flip-up trick to hide it without actually removing the jewelry. Starter jewelry can be as small as 18 gauge, but 16 and 14 gauge suit a fuller nose much better The Barbell Effect. The entire idea is to make a eyebrow piercing look realistic. One of the simplest ways of making a fake piercing is by using gem stickers, or plain black or silver stickers which are used for making fake body art. You can fix a sticker each on the upper and lower part of the eyebrow so that it looks aligned 15Pcs Fake Septum Nose Hoop Rings for Women Surgical Steel Faux Lip Ear Nose Septum Ring Non-Pierced Clip On Body Piercing Jewelry. 4.2 Piercing Needles Stainless Steel Acrylic 14G 16G Nose Septum Horseshoe Lip Tongue Eyebrow Tragus Belly Tongue Nipple Barbell Rings Piercing Jewelry Kit Tool. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. $15.99 $ 15. 99. Get it as. 2. Barbell. Circular barbell jewellery fits neatly into a septum piercing and has one added benefit. It allows you to do the easy flip-up trick, meaning you can hide it without actually removing.

Fake Septum Piercing Examples. The twisted septum is one type of fake septum piercing that looks elegant. Although it may seem that you need to blow your nose but it can make you look trendy just like Rihanna. Zoe Kravitz wore her fake septum piercing nicely and it compliments her grunge look. She wore a detailed ring which is quite unique Crescent Barbell Pierce. You can hold a stud and bend the stem with pliers into a half circle. Just make sure that when you do so in the excitement of solving how to make a fake piercing, you do so slowly with patience to avoid any disfigurement which could lead to all efforts going down the drain

Fake Septum Nose Ring Faux Opal Non-Piercing Jewelry. $8.99. ADD TO CART. 14G Clear Gem Fake Septum Clip Ring Non-Piercing Jewelry. $7.99. ADD TO CART. 100 Pcs 18G Rainbow Fake Plugs 316L Stainless Steel Fake Gauge Set. $14.99 Build Your Own. Build your own body piercing jewellery. Thousands of combinations of shaft materials, balls, spikes and cones in a range of colours and options. Here is your chance to build a piercing of body jewellery as unique as you are. Simply use our online step by step guide to build your own design of body piercing jewelry

Several areas of the face, including the eyebrow, are open for piercings. The piercing will either go horizontally above your eyebrow or vertically through the eyebrow. Eyebrow piercings including rings and barbells may contain one or two twisted-on ball shapes that secure the piece of jewelry to. 5-10Pcs Stainless Steel Circular Barbell Septum Piercing Balls Horseshoe Nose Nipple Tragus Eyebrown Earrings Lip Ring 16G. 4.5 out of 5 stars 335. Save 80%. $1.78 $ 1. 78 $8.90 $8.90. Lowest price in 30 days. FREE Shipping. OUFER 4Pcs Steel Anodized 20g-14g Horseshoe Barbell Earring Piercing Jewelry Eyebrow Septum Nose Tragus Cartilage Ball More Choices. 3.9 out of 5 stars. 14. $9.95. $9. . 95. 10% coupon applied at checkout. Save 10% with coupon (some sizes/colors

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  1. Use a file or sandpaper to make the metal smooth. Run your finger over the metal when you're done to make sure it is completely smooth. 3. Wash the earring thoroughly. It is not sanitary to immediately put the fake lip ring in your mouth, so wash it when you're done filing the metal. Use water and soap on it
  2. Septum Piercing Process. The septum can be pierced freehand with a hollow needle and receiving tube, or with the assistance of a small clamp. Once jewelry has been passed through the piercing and properly secured by a piercing professional, the septum piercing process is complete! Healing time: About 2-3 months
  3. The best thing about a how to make a fake septum piercing look real (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored
  4. fake septum piercing Fake Piercing Ear Piercings Septum Piercing Girl Diy Crafts Hacks Cute Crafts Diys Things To Do When Bored Handmade Wire Jewelry Everyday Hacks. More information... More like thi
  5. Diy how to make a fake nose ring sammi fox. Hoop piercings are usually worn on the lip nose septum or eyebrow. To make a fake septum piercing use pliers to bend the ends of an earring hook into a semi circle. Unsubscribe from sammi fox. To make a fake nose piercing start by choosing a sequin bead or artificial gem to use as your stud
  6. September 6, 2014, 7:30 AM. Photo: Courtesy of FKA Twigs. Before you get all, Psh, BFD! on me, you need to know a couple things: I have two piercings, and they are both in my earlobes. The.
  7. A piercing is a piercing is a fake horseshoe septum piercing. It breaks the skin. It is going to hurt. But it is not agonizing. So make sure you are going to someone with decent experience. Everyone heals differently, but Tiny Tatz says that the healing period customarily lasts between six-to-eight weeks, and the jewelry should not be changed.

While septum piercings have a significant history in some cultures, last time I checked (as in the last time a Nigerian relative made a comment about my ring) septum piercings aren't a part of. A septum piercing is a piercing through the septumthe wall that divides the nostrils. Itchy septum piercings causes a lot of discomforts. Septum Piercing is the act of making an incision in the cartilage wall between the two nostrils. It really is a versatile piercing and a great accessory for self-expression

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  1. how to unscrew tight ball off of septum piercing. i have the basic titanium septum piercing but it's really small 8mm i think and the ball is really tightly on and i can't get it off no matter how hard i try please help i wanna change the jewel
  2. The most common gauge for septum piercings is 16 gauge (approx. 1.2mm thick), however, your piercer may decide to use a different gauge depending on your individual anatomy. While 16G is the typical starter gauge, some people choose to size down to 18 gauge (approx. 1.0mm thick) or size up to 14 gauge (approx. 1.6mm thick)
  3. 16G Silver 10mm G23 Titanium Crystal Captive Bead Ring Lip Ear Nipple Eyebrow Septum Piercing Jewellery. $ 8.99 Add to cart
  4. Retainers to Keep Septum Piercings Open. Another option for septums are retainers, which are staple or U-shaped. This type of septum piercing jewellery is particularly easy to hide when desired, for example, to comply with a dress code or for the workplace. Septum retainers make it possible to turn the item up into the nose, thus concealing it

Bold and intricate septum rings like those in Zoe Kravitz's collection always make for an edgier look. Plus, you can even rock the trend without the commitment by going with a fake septum like RiRi A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through the nasal septum, which separates the left and right nostrils. The piercing needle goes through the thin piece of flesh towards the front of your nose, beyond the cartilage. This is called the columella, but is often referred to as the sweet spot. Some people do not have a columella, so. 'A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through the bottom part of your nose between your nostrils,' explains jeweller Laura Bond. 'It's usually pierced with a hoop or a horseshoe shaped ring. 25. Straight barbell with large beads. Men piercings require large jewelry to harmoniously fit their faces. 26. Young guy sports bridge and septum piercings. The bridge piercing and the septum piercing are both considered nose piercings. He also wears a stud in his lower lip. 27. Sporty look with a lip piercing Shop for Fake Septum Rings online at Body Jewelry Factory today and enjoy savings up to 90% off, free shipping worldwide, and 30-day returns on over 10,000 styles

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Can you hide a septum piercing? Septum piercings are perhaps the easiest to hide if your workplace is not accepting of body modifications. With the right jewelry (a septum keeper or a circular barbell), the piercing can be hidden by flipping the jewelry up into the nostrils, making it invisible to the eye If you wear the straight barbell; you have to enough the long size. Gauge size is important because of this different types of piercings are surface piercing. Usually, the nipple piercing was done at 12g or 14g, because the larger sizes placed more deeply to reduce the rejection and migration issues It all started around a year ago when I bought a fake septum piercing online for a costume party. I popped it in and thought, this looks alright, and then left it to gather dust with the rest of my unused jewelry.I went through phases where it was all I could think about—I'd constantly look up septum piercing photos on Pinterest and Instagram and be all inspired, then I'd think about. Description. Our silvercoloured Fake Nosering is made of 316 L stainless steel. It's thickness is 1.2 mm, it's diameter is 8.0 mm. The size of the balls is 2 mm, extra small, so that nobody sees that it's a fake!

JoBananas stock the latest trends in piercings such as Septum Clickers and Nipple Clickers and internally threaded micro piercing jewellery. If you need more information about body piercing and what types of piercings are available and what piercing jewellery fits them, then take time to check out our piercing guides for more detailed information Description. Easily slip on the Sparkling Square Cubic Zirconia Septum Clicker Piercing in order to look the hottest without making many efforts! This septum clicker has a 316L Surgical Steel bar and a brass charm part. You can easily choose this fancy septum clicker in two thicknesses: 14 G and 16 G. Reviews Those who did not know, septum piercing existed centuries ago. However, it resurfaced to the fashion trend by the year 2015 when Rihanna and Jessica Biel flaunted their looks. To achieve this look, the piercing needle went through the front of the nose and past the cartilage. After ear piercing, the septum piercing is the second most common piercing most people have

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  1. BUY 2 AND GET 1 FREE - Fake Clip On Piercing Ring Horseshoe Barbell Hoop Cartilage Septum Nose. Thickness / Gauge: 0.8mm (20 gauge), 1mm (18 gauge) and 1.2mm (16 gauge) Hoop Diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Metal: 316L Surgical Steel. Colours: Silver, Rose Gold and Gold. Quantity: Sold individually. Suitable for: Septum Piercings, Ear Piercings
  2. Our selections include jewelry made from PTFE material, Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Solid Gold and Titanium. Variety - Our extensive collection includes belly button rings, belly button rings, tongue piercing jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, nipple piercing jewelry & nose studs
  3. We suggest not to hurry and start with our beautiful fake nose septum piercing! To wear it, you do not need to spend money on the procedure and make a real puncture. You can remove the jewelry at any time if you do not like it or get tired of wearing it
  4. UV Fake Tongue Ring Barbell (Mix and Match) $2.99 $8.00 BUY MORE & SAVE MORE! BUY 3+ $1.99 ea. 30% OFF on Bracelets, Rings,. CODE: TRENDY30. Make sure to know your size before placing an order. Please measure the current jewelry that fits properly or visit any local piercing studios to get the exact measurement
  5. This 8g steel circular barbell can be worn in various piercings as a bold but reliable accessory. It has black PVD coating for a durable, shiny finish. This ring comes in your choice of diameter, ranging from 1/2 up to 3/4

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Circular Barbell: A standard barbell is a metal bar with a fixed ball on the end that is inserted through a piercing and secured on the other end with an adjustable ball. Septum piercings sometimes use circular barbells, which curve outward to allow for a better fit around the natural shape of your nose Septum piercing pros and cons Septum piercing with pros. You can easily hide the rings, that is, by flipping. Of course, you make it invisible; thus, you don't have to answer your folk's questions. It feels beautiful, and it's a confidence booster. Suppose you will find that suits your personality and styles Barbells are very popular and can be used for most body piercings. This how to video teaches you how to insert a barbell, and what type of barbell will be right for you. There are many different sizes of barbell depending on the gauge of your piercing, so make sure you know your measurement before you purchase new body jewelry. Watch this tutorial and you can be wearing a barbell in no time

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Many people love the look of septum piercings but don't want to go through the healing period or maybe have a deviated septum that prevents them from getting pierced. In this case, fake septum rings are the most perfect solution. Bodymod has many designs made out of different materials, such as these: Heart-shaped jewelry piece for the septum Circular barbells are very popular and can be used for most body piercings. This how to video teaches you how to insert a circular barbell, and what type of circular barbell will be right for you. There are many different sizes of circular barbell depending on the gauge of your piercing, so make sure you know your measurement before you purchase new body jewelry

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ADD TO CART. 3/8'' Pink and Yellow Gradient Horseshoe Septum Rings. $10.99 1 review. ADD TO CART. Purple Butterfly Belly Ring Nipple Ring Body Piercing Jewelry Collection Set of 5. $9.99 1 review. ADD TO CART. 16G Five-Colors Waven Hinged Segment Conch Ring. $12.99 2 reviews How to pierce your septum at home the right way!!! C $1.30 to c $7.87. These fake septum rings are cute, inexpensive, and very easy to make!!!! Septum piercing is also known as bull piercing, this is because this piercing looks like the rings found on the nose of the bull. How to hide your septum piercing / how to flip up a septum ring A cute and simple fake piercing DIY! . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a piercing in under 5 minutes by jewelrymaking with jump rings, beads, and chain. How To posted by Lauren. in the Jewelry section Difficulty: Easy. Cost: Absolutley free... For septum piercings, flip the jewelry inside of your nose. Although septum piercings can be hit or miss when it comes to acceptability in the workplace, they're much easier to hide than nostril piercings. Simply fill the piercing with a circular barbell and flip the jewelry inside of your nose. No one will be the wiser to your piercing

You can choose to go with a simple septum ring, circular barbells, captive bead rings or other elaborate designs. The circular barbell (also called horseshoe) is the most popular. If you have a barbell septum ring, you can easily flip it upwards to hide it, if need be. High Nostril; The high nostril is a variation of the nostril piercing Septum piercings are a very versatile type of piercing. From delicate to bold jewelry, you can rock this any way you would like. Captive Bead Rings are a popular type of Septum Piercing Jewelry.At King's Body Jewelry, we have Captive Bead Rings in a variety of sizes and styles, along with corresponding tools to make this piercing easier to manage Start putting the fake eyelash glue onto the back of your chosen location. Allow the glue to set for at least 20 seconds and place the stud on your nose. Step 2. Make a slow press to the nose stud until the glue dries. This fake piercing will last for a full day as long as you don't sweat and don't move the stud

Septum Piercings, Rings and Jewelry. Be the talk of the town with Hot Topic's selection of septum rings. Find septum piercings in colors like gold, rose gold, silver & steel. Want to find the perfect septum jewelry that just clicks with any outfit? Hot Topic has got septum clickers you'll love. Or fake it 'til you make it with a fake septum. Septum piercing is becoming a popular body modification in a variety of sub-cultures. While the alternative crowd tend to opt for heavier piercing jewellery, the different septum piercing sizes means you can opt for daintier decorative jewellery inspired by Indian culture or can stretch your septum piercing once it is healed FRENUM: The frenum is the second most common male genital piercing. Traditionally pierced horizontally through the skin on the underside of the shaft of the penis, the frenum is surprisingly easy to receive and fun to own (for you and your partner). A frenum is normally placed about a 1/2 down the shaft on the unde

Septum piercing can lead to a condition called nasal septal hematoma, which if left untreated, can cause a hole to form at the location. To know more about this piercing and the various risks associated with it, read this ThoughtfulTattoos post. Septum piercing falls in the category of nose piercing. Nose piercings, in general, involve piercing. BANANA BARS. Basic Surgical Barbell. Basic Surgical Jewellery. CIRCULAR. Colored Banana Bar. Contact Lens. Dangly Banana Bar. Double Jewelled Banana Bar. FAKE PLUGS AND STRETCHERS

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Salamander Jewelry factory was founded in 1998, we've grown to be one of the world's most extensive suppliers of high-quality wholesale body piercing factory. We aim to grow our business with integrity, sticking to our core values of sustainable manufacturing that enable us to build meaningful relationships with our partners and staff Customer Service Address: 7135 Telegraph Rd. Montebello, CA 90640 Email: Sales@EveryBodyJewelry.com U.S.(Toll Free): 1-866-962-0191 International : 1-323-767-058 History of Piercing the Septum. Contrary to what many people believe, septum piercing is nothing new. According to the book Faces Around the World: A Cultural Encyclopedia of the Human Face, septum piercing was practiced by many Native American tribes throughout history, including the Tecumseh, Tenskwatawa, and Shawnee tribes. These types of piercings were usually found on the leaders of the.

Are septum piercings safe? since most piercers will use a simple 16-gauge ring or barbell for the initial installation. As soon as your piercing is healed, prepare to load up on these crazy. Orient Fake Septum Black. Shiny Chain. Circular Barbell Fake. Shining Fake Septum. Fairytale Fake Septum Black. Peak Fake Septum Black..

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A staple-shaped septum retainer can help to make the piercing less visible. The retainer, or even a horseshoe ring may be flipped over to hide your piercing. If you do not want to go through the pain, then you may even opt for a fake septum piercing by wearing a beaded or plain ring or even a magnetic ring or stud Clip-On Spring Action Non-Piercing Fake Septum Lip Cartilage Nose Tragus Ring. $2.95. PAIR Anodized Surgical Steel Ball Horseshoe Circular Barbell Earring Septum Ring. $8.09. $8.99 previous price $8.99 10% off 10% off previous price $8.99 10% off. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping Lip Tragus Piercing Bars/Barbells, Tragus Piercing Jewellery Horseshoe Ear, Tragus Piercing Bars/Barbells, Septum Ring, Tragus Horseshoe Body Piercing Jewellery, Fake Septum Ring, Tragus Piercing Jewellery Ear, Lip Piercing Rings, Tragus Piercing Ear Jeweller Silver plated brass septum clicker in a plain design with a 16g (1.2mm) 316L steel closure bar. SELT20. $0.59. PVD plated surgical steel ring, 20g (0.8mm) Available Length: from 1/4 to 3/8. Available Length: from 6mm to 10mm. PVD plated 316L steel ring,diameter 6mm -10mm

Thinner jewelry like rings may hurt less, unlike studs and barbells. Septum piercing, Septril piercing, and Nassalang piercing may hurt more than the others due to their complex procedure. In general, nose piercing pain may be rated 3 out of 10, with one being the lowest level of pain Barbells is the most simple and common type of piercing jewelry after the very mainstream nose and ear piercings. They have been used in one form or another since ancient times since it has been found that even cave men's used bones as decoration for perforated parts of the body and of course a typical bones looks very similar to a modern barbell

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Surgical Steel Horseshoe Bar - Lip Nose Septum Ear Ring Various Sizes available. If there is no room for swelling it can cause problems and take far longer to heal than necessary. Stainless Steel Horseshoe Bar 22. Short barbell for a regular piercing. Since an eyebrow piercing may migrate, the holes can become smaller. 23. Fresh pierced eyebrow with enclosed bead ring. The flesh is inflamed and sore after being pierced. 24. Boyish look with double barbells. Eyebrow piercings can contribute to the creation of both feminine and boyish looks. 25 Extreme Body Jewellery Shop. Welcome to our online UK Body Jewellery Shop & our range of Body Piercing Jewellery. We have a large selection of Lip Rings, Nipple Jewellery, Eyebrow Bars, Flesh Tunnels, Plugs, Ball Closure Rings (BCR) & Barbells, in large as well as regular gauges FAKE SEPTUM PIERCINGS FACIAL PIERCINGS TONGUE PIERCINGS Search Close (esc) View more Gorgeous Triple Crystal Flower 16G Barbell Piercing in Silver for Septum Ring, Nipple Ring, Tragus Earring, Conch Piercing, Cartilage Earring, Helix Jewelry, Rook Piercing etc

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Browse our collection of beautiful, unique septum rings and retainers. Our septum retainers are 316L surgical steel, and can be used when an undetected piercing is desired. The septum retainer is also a popular alternative to ring type jewelry. We also have uv acrylic and water buffalo horn curved body jewelry for your septum piercings The next step to changing your body jewellery is to place a new ring, barbell or another piece of jewellery into the open hole. If using a barbell, gently slide the barbell into the piercing and then screw the additional ball into place. If using a captive bead ring, remove the bead from the ring and slide it into the piercing

Heart Shape Opal Septum Piercing Real Nose Nipple Horse316L Heart CZ Curved Barbell - Eyebrow, Rook, Snug PiercingsMedusa piercing Pain, Healing, Care, Risks, Price, Jewelry14 Gauge 9/16 Teal Gem Blue Anodized Barbell Nipple Ring316L Prong CZ Lotus Cartilage Barbell

16G 1.2MM NOSE PIERCINGS. Be anything but predictable in our sassy range of horseshoe rings! From simple to sparkly we have a perf collection of circular barbells that will look flawless as a septum ring, lip piercing, eyebrow hoop, cartilage jewellery, genital piercing and more! Perfectly versatile this flip up septum jewellery slays in your. BodyJewelry.com is an established online body jewelry company. Our experience will insure your satisfaction of our items and service. Our head offices are located in Florida and now you have an opportunity to experience our catalog online. Our site is one of the largest websites in the body jewelry business. Here we bring you some of the best. BM25 Body Piercing Jewelry. Shop Quality Body Piercing Jewelry, Plugs & Tunnels, Belly Button Navel Rings, Nose Rings, Cartilage, Daith, Rook, Septum Jewelry and so much more! With Unique & Stylish Designs by BM25.com, we strive to provide you with the best body piercing jewelry at all times Fake Septum Nose Ring Segment Helix Tragus Faux Clicker Non-Piercing Magnetic* £1.75. £1.84 previous price £1.84 previous price £1.84. Fake Clip On Piercing Ring Horseshoe Barbell Hoop Cartilage Septum Nose. New New New. £1.99 + £4.95 P&P + £4.95 P&P + £4.95 P&P All. . Basic Steel Bendable Nose Hoop $4.97. Basic Steel Curved Barbell Ring - 1 Piece $5.97. Basic Steel Horseshoe Circular Barbell - 1 Piece from $5.97. Pinchers 316L Steel Black O-Rings - 1 Piece #SPLT#2 from $7.97. Black Plated Clicker Hinged Segment Ring sbvsgrhk $16.97 Product Title Fake Septum Nose Ring Body Silver Plated Non Piercin Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $8.09 $ 8 . 09 List List Price $11.56 $ 11 . 5