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Step 2 -Remove all Portable Appliances. If there are any portable appliances or items on the flooring, remove them and place them in another part of your RV, or temporarily place them outside the RV. Step 3 - Remove Existing Vinyl. Using floor cutters or a sharp exacto-knife, remove the vinyl flooring Step 3. Cutting the vinyl floor. This step is probably the most important but it can be easily accomplished with thorough prep and attention to detail. First, roll out the sheet of vinyl on a flat surface like a driveway. If possible, lay your vinyl out in the sun as this will warm it up and help smooth out the sheet For the best RV flooring, you need something durable, stylish, and functional. There are several RV flooring ideas to choose from, ranging from vinyl rolls to laminate, to carpet tiles, and everything in between. This guide will help you sort through the options to find the best replacement flooring for RVs

10 Best Replacement Flooring for RV Reviews 2021. 1. Achim Home Furnishings Tivoli II Vinyl Floor Planks. When it comes to the best flooring for RV, you should get the one that looks and feels like a real wood. This is the kind of elegance that the Achim Home Furnishings aim to provide With over 25 years of experience we have the skill to give you the best product to make your RV like new again. We are located near Columbia, South Carolina. We are able to replace the flooring on all makes and models of Class A and Class C style Motorhomes, Fifth Wheel RVs, as well as pull behind style RVs with new carpet, hardwood, and/or vinyl The best replacement flooring for RV is vinyl. It's a versatile material, and you can find vinyl tiles, sheets, and planks with simple installation systems. Vinyl is durable and water-resistant. It's easy to clean, which makes a significant difference in high-traffic areas. Carpet is another material worth considering Considering vinyl flooring, it would be easy to install carpet or laminate right over the top if a future owner ever wished to do. Best Replacement Flooring for RV: Vinyl Tile Flooring for Motorhome. This vinyl-based product is among the most durable floors we offer. It is the best replacement flooring for RV

RV Replacement Flooring 101. Nowadays, there are several material options available. The three most popular RV flooring materials include laminate, carpet, and vinyl. Laminate Flooring. One of the most popular hardwood floorings, laminate is suitable for those who require a strong, resilient material Moreover, using vinyl as flooring tends to give RVs a hollow sound. Pros and cons aside, vinyl is the perfect choice for RV flooring if you're the type who won't allow wet weather to put a damper on your travels. If your RV is used frequently and receives regular visitors, vinyl flooring has the durability needed to withstand the wear and tear What type of flooring is best for an RV? The best type of flooring to install over your subfloor is vinyl. It is durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant. Given the purpose of an RV, these are must-haves in a replacement flooring. Linoleum is traditionally a more affordable option and is relatively easy to install, but it may suffer water. Unfortunately your vinyl flooring is ruined and the only real fix is replacement, but there are cheaper alternatives; You could use vinyl flooring adhesive under the edges to glue it down. If you can tolerate the cosmetic damage it is the simplest fix. Another solution is to throw a rug over the damage, forget about it and go camping When cutting the vinyl plank flooring with a jigsaw or any other saw it is important to wear both safety goggles and a face mask as there will be A LOT of debris flying about. How to Install Flooring in the RV. When installing the flooring in your RV you will want to start with the planks against the longest wall in the unit

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1. Your vinyl needs to have a thick wear layer. This is the top layer of the vinyl and definitely the space that really counts. Vinyl with a durable wear layer will be able to withstand the normal traffic when you decide to utilize your RV again. A vinyl surface with a good wear layer will also be able to better withstand rips, tears and gouges The vinyl floor is splitting in two spots, one under table other is inside door entrance. The split starts under the storage areas where the factory cuts were made, and continue out into floor areas. I checked with a local big box store about seam sealer and they said you need to know the brand for proper glue or it will turn yellow Heal your floor - In the case of minor subfloor damage, you can simply use a flooring putty to repair the damage. The putty will serve to re-level your floor and strengthen the affected area. I recommend Donald Durham's Rockhard Water Putty. My floor had major damage, but if yours is minor you can just use a putty like this to fix it

RV Flooring Replacement. The old carpet and linoleum in Shaneeda had served valiantly but it's time had come. It was matted, dirty, torn, stained, and just nasty - very nasty. I wanted to keep putting it off but I couldn't - it was time to replace the flooring. For many months I have agonized over whether to install carpet, vinyl sheet. SKU: 85GRY. Choose Options. Now is the best time to make the interior of your RV sparkle with the classic and elegant look of 8'2 Nickel Pattern Black R.V Flooring. This RV Flooring is not only very suitable and ideal for RVs but equally adaptable to toy haulers, trailers, outdoor steps, ramps, and even garages It will enhance your reputation as a caring RV owner who is proud of their belongings. It is healthy - flooring and carpet in great condition means that foul odors, mold, and dirt don't stand a chance. RV Carpeting. RV Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. RV Laminate Flooring. Call or email for a free estimate today. 480-986-1049

After removing the nasty carpet, removing the laminate and repairing the subfloor rot, it was time to put in the new floor. I decided to use Smartcore luxury vinyl planks from Lowes. We elected to use the Tahitian Walnut finish. Unfortunately, this was a special order product, so we ended up waiting about a week and a half for it to arrive Replacing Carpet in RV Vinyl. Eventually, the carpet floor will wear out and look outdated. It means you need to replace the flooring with something new. Using vinyl for RV flooring is a great option. Below we put some easy steps to help you replacing the carpet in your RV with vinyl. Remove the old carpe RV Floor Replacement and Repairs: Cracks and breaks happen when flooring gets a lot of traction, and it will need to be repaired. However, if the damage is too severe or you just fancy a different look, we'll replace your RV flooring for you Unlike hardwood or stone floors, Luxury Vinyl requires virtually no maintenance. No sanding, staining or re-grouting necessary. And because the floor is a floating design, you don't have to worry about glue letting loose over time. Because we are putting this flooring is an RV having to do minimal maintenance was a in the pro column. Comfor RV Repairs and Renovations. Specializing in TV Cabinet Modifications for Upgrading, Custom Built Cabinets, Vinyl Plank Flooring, Ceiling Repair, Solid Surface Countertops for RVs, Motorhomes, Recreational Vehicles, and Luxury Coaches, servicing the Polk County Florida area, including Lakeland, Auburnale, Polk City, Kathleen and surrounding areas

And be sure to follow the precautions with regard to safety. Boxed up in an enclosed RV with fumes from this stuff filling your lungs is a surefire way to damage your organism. If you're doing a replacement vinyl floor, you'll really need to pay close attention to getting this floor prepping done smoothly, as imperfections will show The local RV dealer here said to go a particular flooring retailer, that they had done it for them before. I did that and the bid on the flooring was outrageous. Perhaps it would be better to go to someone who specialized in RV carpet/flooring replacement. But I don't know of any in this area Most assuredly, a retail carpet store will not. So you should first learn exactly how your coach manufacturer installed the existing flooring and see if that would present a problem for any shop to remove and install a new flooring surface. Carpet or vinyl, either way, it will probably have to be tucked under the slide room and secured properly Replacing flooring in RV with slide is a delicate task, you cannot rush it or the result would turn out to be less than ideal. Take your time, move forward at your own pace and you would finish it eventually. For better efficiency, you could make a detailed plan about things to get and stuff to be done, it should help a lot

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  1. ate flooring and tile are also good RV options. They're easy to clean, just not as comfortable or warm. Some Tips for DIYers. These are a few tips on updating and replacing your RV flooring: Sketch out your RV and make a diagram of the inside furniture, walls, etc. Clear furniture and start removing the current floor
  2. ate (hardwood or tile) Vinyl-based tile; Linoleum; RV flooring replacement is a great way to update the look of your RV's interior. Do you have a particular material in
  3. LWV flooring has been used on boats for a while now and seems perfectly suited for RVs. Being that it is not rigid type vinyl flooring, but more flexible like a carpet, it should be ideal for the slide-out area. As any RVer knows the slide rooms present a challenge when it comes to flooring due to the (slide room to main room) transition joint

The abbreviation TPO refers to thermoplastic polyolefin, a newer type of single-ply vinyl material that does not fade because it is 100 percent UV stabilized. It is easy to install with the woven polypropylene backing easily glued down into place on the floor of your RV Posts: 1,987. Recommendations for best flooring replacement please. Previous owner had replaced carpet in our '07 Newmar KSDP with some cheap fake wood. It isn't holding up well at all, and we don't like the appearance. So, we are looking to replace it. Ceramic tile is not in he equation. . Looking for your experiences, and recommendations Lazydays specializes in a variety of RV flooring options, including luxury vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile, and laminate floors. RV Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Let the RV technicians at Lazydays help you upgrade your RV appliances, convert a shower, redesign your backsplashes, cabinets, countertops, vanities, sinks and more

Call (336) 432-1148. Previous Next. 1 2. We are a North Carolina based company. FLOOR IT Motor Coach can make your RV, Travel Trailer, or 5th Wheel Trailer a lot easier to maintain . We offer professional RV Carpet Replacement and flooring options for everyone. We replace your dingy, stained, worn carpets, or other rv flooring that is out dated Reasons to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring in your Trailer or RV January 22, 2016 by Melissa Dohmen in Interior Projects We knew the flooring would ultimately make a strong visual impression in the trailer, and picking out the right style / color / weight was something we took very seriously Here's how I installed the vinyl plank on the pull out section of our camper: overlap the vinyl plank about 1 off the edge of the pull-out. floor the rest of the pull out from front to back. find this reducer trim that miraculously matches the vinyl plank. apply PL construction glue to the trim, and press it down onto the edge of the pull out

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  1. RV Flooring. Checkerboard. 12L x 8W Foot. Vinyl. 96 Square Feet. Black. White. The Source Company. Deck out your race car trailer with this checkerboard flooring to haul your vintage Mustang in style, give your garage a classic touch, or spice up your food truck like a 50's diner
  2. How did we replace our RV flooring? That is a question we've received multiple times concerning our RV Remodel. For materials, we scoured the internet and found that most RVers recommend vinyl flooring sold by Home Depot, Allure Trafficmaster plank flooring to be exact
  3. If you've ever tried to install carpet or vinyl flooring in a boat or RV, you know how challenging it can be. Some areas are impossible to reach and the detailed upholstery work when installing carpet on certain areas will require some skill and patience

I'm a southern Arizona recreational vehicle carpet and flooring replacement business. RV Carpet & Flooring Plus is focused on providing high-quality material and over 28 years of carpet and flooring installation experience, service and customer satisfaction guaranteed. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations With RV DÉCOR, your options for a new floor are virtually unlimited. Give us a call at 928-550-7010 or stop in to our facility at 5800 E. 32nd St. in Yuma, Arizona to discuss your upgrade needs. RV Décor can install commercial luxury vinyl flooring. as well as porcelain and marble tile

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RV Upholstery Repair. We specialize in all types of repairs on-site to leather, vinyl, carpet, fabric and plastic on the interior of RV's which typically will save you thousands of dollars in reconditioning expenses by having it repaired versus replaced. We have worked with many of the top RV manufacturers and RV models such as: Jayco. This is why RV manufacturers typically install it before the cabinets. So plank or tile floors seem a better option. Tile is heavy which isn't ideal for a moving home that already gets poor fuel mileage and can be brittle and crack with a good bump. In the end, we settled on glue-down vinyl plank flooring RV Flooring: Goodbye Carpet and Hello Vinyl Even after researching the hell out of how others remodeled their RVs, one cannot fathom how difficult an RV remodel is unless experienced first-hand. If you are a fan of puzzles, playing twister, and alcohol, then redoing an RV's floor is FOR YOU

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Manufacturers will often put three types of vinyl flooring in an RV: sheet, plank and tile squares. Vinyl is water resistant, easy to maintain, and most of all it is really durable. But vinyl is trickier to install as it must be installed over smooth surfaces, makes RV's sound more hollow, and voids the material's warranty when installed in. Learn about Allure vinyl planks and how to use them to replace carpeting in your RV. Allure planks come with a 25 year warranty. There's no denying that a carpeted floor feels good to bare feet, but carpet can also be a bear to keep clean We just attempted to install 8mm Costco laminate in our 2001 Itasca Spirit 32′ RV with one slide out. It took a 2 days of work to rip out the old carpet and linoleum, level the plywood under-flooring, and cut the laminate to fit, starting from the kitchen cabinets in towards the slide out RV carpet replacement with new vinyl flooring makes your home on wheels feel so comfortable. Barnwood. Clean sweep . No worries here, just relax and enjoy. Steps to freedom. New carpet and treads in your entryway is always just WoW! New sofa. Final touch. That stone look. Stone. Stone vinyl always looks great World-Class Designand Craftsmanship. Your RV's interior is an investment in quality time. With more than 25 years' experience restoring, remodeling and refinishing RV interiors, there's no interior project too big or too complex for our team of interior specialists. We stay up to date on the latest in modern RV interior design techniques.

When you're looking for the ideal flooring for your RV, toy-hauler, trailer, garage, or any application that requires an attractive no-slip surface, coin/nickel flooring from RecPro can't be beat. This flooring is cross-functional and can be applied to steps, ramps, sills, and any other surface where you need the RecPro satisfaction guarantee We got some flat lay vinyl and cut it into shape so there was about 1/8 or slightly more from the edges. Then used a 1/4 x 3/4 as a quarter round type deal, trimmed the all rooms this way. As for the carpet, we just pulled it up so I could cut the vinyl off about 2 under the carpet slipped the new in and restapled the carpet down Replace Rotten Camper Floor: Hi Gang:This is our little pop up camper, a 2000 A-Liner. We bought it used and knew it would need a lot of work. From the beginning we knew it had rot in the floors that the previous owners had repaired. The second photo is of the new bamboo floor Replacement flooring - How to deal with the slide out transition. In an RV, don't fasten down the floor- Allow it to float so it can handle more extreme temperatures than you'd have in a home installation. Can replace damaged pieces by warming the adhesive with a hair dryer. Carpetmaster Allure flooring - many options $1.79/sq foo You can find vinyl in everyday products such as flooring, siding, records, gloves, coats, and awning fabric. At ShadePro, we provide vinyl awning fabrics for RVs in various styles and colors. Advantages of Vinyl Awnings. If you need to outfit your new RV, or just need an awning replacement, our vinyl awning fabric can fulfill your requirements

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Replace the carpet and vinyl flooring with new plank flooring (In work) Paint the walls a solid color (In work) With all old RV flooring removed it was time to install new flooring from the cab of our class C motorhome all the way back through the bathroom to the bedroom. We decided to keep the carpet in the bedroom for now Removing carpeting and installing new flooring in any type of Recreational Vehicle, would be a difficult job, but one with slide-out rooms just adds to the issues you have to deal with. Allure flooring is a heavy duty vinyl flooring that is installed as a floating floor, similar to laminate. It comes in either a wood look, or a tile look sundan 2pcs Car Side Body Stickers Vinyl Mountain Decals, Tree Forest DIY Vinyl Graphic for Caravan RV Camper Accessories, 51180cm 3.6 out of 5 stars 14 $24.49 $ 24 . 49 $30.26 $30.2 We are convinced vinyl is the way to go in travel trailers. Our stunning new flooring is the Adura Rigid from Mannington. It's a 5.5mm interlocking vinyl plank that is completely waterproof and yep, it's made to withstand swings in temperature and humidity It is fairly simple to install linoleum in an RV. Linoleum is durable and attractive. It stands up to heavy foot traffic and it is easy to clean. This is a perfect do-it-yourself project to replace worn-out flooring or to replace a floor you find unattractive. Choose a high-quality linoleum floor. Winter is the best.

Aug 24, 2014 - Explore Kari Stoffer-Stuhmer's board RV Floors on Pinterest. See more ideas about rv, remodeled campers, rv stuff Merci de votre visite! Vous vous trouvez actuellement sur le site United States (English) d'Armstrong Flooring. Si vous désirez connaître la disponibilité des produits et obtenir des renseignements en fonction de votre emplacement, il serait préférable que vous consultiez notre site Canada

We can help determine the best footprint for your new flooring given limitations due to slide out designs. Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, designs and patterns to give you the look you want with the ease and protection you deserve. SPECIALIZED RV REPAIR 916-521-9577 RV Carpet Replacement. Posted by RV Doctor. installed the existing flooring and see if that would present a problem for any shop to remove and install a new flooring surface. Carpet or vinyl, either way, it will probably have to be tucked under the slide room and secured properly RV Flooring Replacement. Let RV Renovators flooring department show and demonstrate the up-to-date flooring materials. If your desires are, carpet, vinyl, wood plank, plastic laminates or tile, the technicians can get the job done. If your RV is in need of an interior facelift, then RV Renovators is the perfect company for you

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So, we checked with the insurance company. While we were waiting for a response I took the issue to a couple of my favourite RV web forums and an interesting solution was recommended: vinyl plank flooring. Specifically, TrafficMaster Allure, available at Home Depot - a floating floor with tiles that adhere to one another. The more I read, the. We specialize in the repair and restoration of interior components such as leather furniture, vinyl lino floors, plastic molding and trim, and fabric. There is no need to replace damaged RV interior parts, we can most likely repair them for you at a fraction of the cost. RV Dealers: if you need on-lot repairs done or professional warranty work.

You use your vehicle's interior to sleep, cook and relax; therefore you want to ensure it looks and feels brand new. Replacing your RV Paneling can do wonders for a worn-out, damaged or dated interior. At All-Rite Custom Manufacturing, we carry an array of interior and ceiling RV panels than can transform your vehicle Fresh vinyl on this Winnebago - RV decal replacement in Phoenix. Tommy Fixes Bad RV Decals At Your Place or Ours Tommy uses a cloth buffing wheel to carefully remove old RV decals on this Phoenix AZ coach. You take pride in your home and your things, and we do too! We are firm believers in keeping things well maintained

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Use a metal straight edge whenever possible to produce a nice, crisp edge. After cutting the carpet to fit, lay it out flat inside the coach and work from one end of the motorhome to the other. Force the new carpet into the edges at the cabinets and carefully trim the remainder of the excess with a sharp razor knife The rubber vinyl flooring material is 99mil thick and weighs 0.65lbs-0.76lbs per square foot, so it adds very little bulk or weight to your vehicle but adds a significant level of protection and durability to the footwells of your truck or van. The rubber flooring is fairly easy to install, some trimming and hole cutting may be required I have been looking into replacing the carpeting in our 2001 Minnie Winnie with a high quality sheet vinyl. It appears that Winnebago has two kinds of slide out shoes - one for carpeting and one for hard surface floors - designed for the original flooring offered in the respective models 1. Assess the Damage. The most common cause of rot in the flooring of your RV is water. This is why it is important for you to keep a sharp eye on those parts of your floor (and walls) that are in contact with the plumbing.. Look out for stains, dark colored wood, bumps, and delamination of fiberglass or vinyl

Shop our extensive inventory of patio RV awning replacement fabrics. ShadePro is committed to making sure you find the right replacement fabric the first time. Our replacement fabric canopies are available in heavy duty vinyl or marine grade acrylic. We offer a variety of colors to choose from so you can customize the look of your RV We replace all vinyl, hardwood, and engineered flooring for RV's, Travel Trailers, Fifth-Wheels, Horse Trailers, and Campers in Cullman Alabama. Contact us now. Contact Us. Email. daughertyauto@gmail.com. Phone. 2565901884. Address. 5158 US HWY 278 West Cullman Alabama 35057.

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MOLDED VINYL FLOORING FOR CHEVY TRUCKS TODAY! 50% OFF LIST. When you need something more durable than carpet for your Chevy truck, our heavy duty vinyl flooring is the perfect solution. Vinyl mats are custom made and molded to fit the contours of your specific floor pan (trimming required) We offer Sales, Service, and Install of RV Furniture, Shades, Flooring, Electronics, and Cabinetry. Many Fabrics, Finishes, and Colors are available. We are located in Woodland, Washington and have over 25 years experience. See a recent article on Gold Heat mats featuring Dave & LJ's. Call us at 360-225-7700

A few places getting stained and dirty. Also the floor has taken on some damage. Of course, the beauty of peel-and-stick vinyl flooring planks, is that it's easy to replace planks. I wrote about our flooring choice and installation in We Are Down With This RV Flooring article and this was a big factor in our flooring choice. Now I was going. We selected carpet to replace the flooring in the cockpit and a vinyl plank flooring for the rest of the RV. We picked carpet for up front since it would provide another layer of insulation and sound deading. For the rest of the RV, we decided on a wood look vinyl plank flooring. We picked one that was a click install and would be floating Installing laminate flooring in an RV Many people are looking for an alternative to the factory installed carpet in their RV. Beautiful, durable and easy to clean, laminate flooring is a perfect option for most RVs. Most manufacturers offer both wood grain and tile patterns

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Awning Fabrics. Refresh the look of your RV awning by replacing your old, worn-out fabric. Choose from a wide selection of fabric sizes and stylish colors. Our awning fabrics are made from heavy duty vinyl fabrics and are of the highest quality. We offer the most popular sizes of awning fabric to fit your camper, travel trailer, or RV and can. Coach Specialists is your go-to source for flooring replacement options in your RV. Recently we had this Newmar Ventana in for repairs to the lower rear section after a collision. Visit Coach Specialists for all your Texas RV repair needs. Recently we had this Haulmark come on for a replacement rear cap after a collision on the upper right corner First, let me introduce myself. My name is Grant and I am the Vice President of Route 66 RV, formerly known as Pat's RV Carpet & Flooring. Based in Southern California, we have established ourselves since 1976 as the foremost authority on carpet and flooring replacement in North America - a claim our thousands of happy customers can attest to Step 1. Move around the whole interior of your RV travel trailer, testing the floors everywhere for a soft feeling and noting the locations on a roughed-out floor plan. Be especially vigilant around slide-outs, places where plumbing is above the floor such as in kitchens and bathrooms, and all around your freshwater storage tank if it is inside Quote. left the carpet in the slide. Carpet in the slide is easy to do, It's the carpet or vinyl under the slide, that supposedly needs to be wrapped around the floor edge to keep from being potentially lifted up. The slide has to be opened past the edge of the coach floor so it can be wrapped around the edge

First: Ripping out the old carpet and Vinyl flooring. Tools used: Pliers, do all, utility knife, level and muscle. Do not forget the knee pad. This steel stuff is hard to lift. It is screwed into the subfloor through the carpet. Be careful for the wooden strip with lots of nails to hold the carpet in place. It is a tough one to handle Whether it's your couch, your car seat, your favorite leather chair, restaurant seating, RV interior, medical equipment furniture, boat seats or vinyl siding and windows, we're here to help! Call us for a quote at 405.861.1514 or submit a request here, thanks Hi Rob, I'm looking to replace a small section of rotten flooring on my RV floor. it is a damon day break , the section of flooring goes from the wall underneath the slide to about the middle of the f read mor

Lift the existing floor by using an electric screwdriver or an electric drill fitted with a driver bit to remove every screw in the RV floor. Lift each panel of flooring as it comes free, take it. Don't wash the floor for at least a week. Replacing Vinyl Floor Tiles. Damaged vinyl tiles are easy to reglue or replace. Tiles that are loose or curled up at the corners can be reglued. First, however, cover the loose tile with aluminum foil and spread a clean rag or small towel on the foil

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How To Replace Carpet With Allure Wooden Planks In An RVHow to Replace RV Flooring | MountainModernLifeRV Flooring & Finishes | Dave & LJ's RV FurnitureHow to Replace Rotted Wood Flooring in a Travel TrailerBlue Ridge Surplus: 2012-08-20- T111 finally! Also26 Changes That Will Rock Your RV | Roadtrippers

mp3 file. Listen to BOB VILA ON REPAIRING TORN VINYL FLOORING or read the text below:. Plug in a hair dryer and switch it to the medium setting. Using a steady back-and-forth motion, warm the. The answer: a self-adhesive vinyl floor. One key consideration in choosing my vinyl flooring was making sure the old floor was still securely attached to the sub-flooring. It was, so I knew I could put a self-adhesive vinyl on top. The steps that follow show how I added the flooring to my Casita. Step 1: What Type of Vinyl Floor to Use Patching Sheet Vinyl. To repair flooring using the double-cutting technique, start by taping the replacement patch over the damaged area (photo 2). Be sure to position the patch so that its pattern aligns exactly with the pattern on the flooring. Place a straightedge (a steel rule or framing square works well) on top of the patch.. Marine Woven Vinyl Flooring for Pontoon Boats 80mil - 8.5 Feet wide Material Sold at $32 Per Foot IN STOCK in Lakemoor, IL 15' Boat - $480 18' Boat - $576 20' Boat - $640 22' Boat - $704 25' Boat - $800 Woven PVC flooring is changing the way consumers think of flooring in the RV and marine industries Push vinyl floor adhesive under the edge of the rip using a putty knife. 4 Cover the rip with blue painter's tape and cover the repaired area with a brick heavy enough to hold the repair in place Lancer Woven Vinyl Pontoon Flooring 8-1/2' Wide. --Sold by the foot. 15 Foot Minimum--. Upgrade your pontoon boat with premium woven vinyl flooring from Lancer. Available in multiple colors, this vinyl flooring is sold by the foot with a minimum purchase of 15 feet. Features PVC foam backing for extra cushion and comfort on your vessel