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How much does NHS Professionals (Bank) in the United Kingdom pay? Average NHS Professionals (Bank) hourly pay ranges from approximately £9.00 per hour for Waste Operative to £34.50 per hour for General Manager I am paid on a NHS payslip and hold an NHS identity badge as a bank member of staff. I currently earn £8.64 per hour and enhancements are +33% for Saturday and Nightshift and +66% on a Sunday. The nhs I work for include the WTD payment @12.07% as part of the hourly wage and they state we are on £9.68 per hour Hospitals in England spent over £6 billion on agency and NHS bank staff in 2019-20, the Social Care Minister has confirmed in an answer to a written parliamentary question. Jonathan Ashworth, the Shadow Health Secretary, asked; what was total cost to NHS hospitals was of using (a) agency staff and (b) bank staff in each year since 2010-11? NHS England and NHS Improvement have made clear that full pay should be paid to bank staff where they need to self-isolate. Full pay should also extend to bank staff who become ill with COVID-19. The COVID guidance explains that during self-isolation bank workers should be paid on the basis of either the shifts they have booked, or based on a. To receive payment for your shifts, you must ensure your timesheets are authorised by your ward/department manager. Once your shift has been authorised, you must release your timesheet by 23:59 hours on Sunday, in order to be paid the Friday. Please note: If it is your first shift, then you will need to release your timesheet by 23:59 Wednesday for payment the following week, Friday, however.

The government has recommended that NHS staff in England should receive a 1% pay increase this year. Many other public-sector workers will have their pay frozen, with the government warning that. Bank staff should not be aligned with agency staff. The former are usually paid band 5 or band 6 rates and are generally showing support for the NHS. Agency staff are paid far more, often seem less engaged and lets face it are taking advantage of an NHS in staffing crisis. It is appalling that Bank staff who regularly work for one Trust are not. PinkLottie12 Forumite. 1 Post. 7 March 2017 at 4:08PM edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Employment, Jobseeking & Training. I currently work in the NHS as bank staff. I have received a message about claiming accrued annual leave before a specific deadline. I was completely unaware of this entitlement and I have never claimed it before Staff Bank. Our Staff Bank supports ongoing service provision within a diverse range of clinical settings on an as and when basis within the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This includes, Freeman Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, CAV, Community Services and Regent Point. You may be required to cover short term or longer term.

The average NHS Professionals (Bank) salary ranges from approximately £17,493 per year for Nursing Assistant to £38,848 per year for Clinical Lead Nurse. Salary information comes from 395 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months Yes. No. 11 October 2012. Dealing with issues in relation to bank staff is a frequent problem in the NHS. Are they really casual workers with minimal rights and no right to claim unfair dismissal or are they in fact employees who should be afforded proper protections as with substantive staff The Staff Bank's purpose is to co-ordinate and develop supplementary staffing to support patient care services.. The Staff Bank supplies supplementary staffing to all areas of NHS Lothian. We currently supply registered nurses, midwives, non-registered care assistants, ancillary staff, admin and clerical staff, medical locums and allied health professionals The bank staff are paid in arrears and enhancements and overtime etc are paid in arrears but I'd be paid the same month as I started when I move from the staff bank to permanent. I guess it has something to do with the payroll being slightly different I guess. I work core hours 8-430 monday to Friday on the staff bank as an MLA at the moment

There is usually plenty of bank work, and in theory you can pick your shifts, but of course it does depend on what's available. It can be great especially for parents, buy remember it's not guaranteed work, and therefore what you earn may be unpredictable. 0 like. Reply. Jess P (22) 16/05/2015 at 1:04 am NHS Staff Earnings Estimates June 2020, Provisional Statistics (Including supplementary analysis on pay by ethnicity) This report shows average annual earnings for the following four earnings measures, provisionally showing overall figures for the NHS HCHS workforce (excluding... 24 September 2020 A guide to NHS Staff Bank / Locum Work. June 25, 2018. Once you have started your new position within the NHS you may want to use your weekends or annual leave to take up temporary work to increase your income. In this instance, there are two available options. The first is to take up NHS staff bank work and the second is agency locum work

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  1. NHS Terms pay scales are a matter of public record; a new Band 2 NHS staff member with no previous relevant experience would get £18,005/year or £9.21/hour, not counting any High Cost Area Supplement (up to 20% for Inner London). 130 views Sponsored by The Penny Hoarder Should you leave more than $1,000 in a checking account
  2. Do NHS Staff Bank workers get maternity leave? I worked as a nurse in the NHS for two years and around three months ago I began to work on the nurse bank (within the same trust). It means I work when I want each week and am not on a permanent contract
  3. Staff on pay bands 1 to 7, almost 95% of Agenda for Change staff, will receive at least a 4% pay rise compared to 2020/21. This means those on the lowest Agenda for Change pay point will get a 5.4% increase and those on the highest pay points will receive uplifts of £800. The UK Government's submission to the NHS Pay Review body (PRB.
  4. 1.1 The NHS pay system as a whole will have two pay spines or series of pay bands: pay spine one for staff within the remit of the Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body and pay spine two for staff within the extended remit of the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB)
  5. MoneySaving Newbie. 23 April 2020 at 8:35PM. Bank workers are a sizeable part of the NHS workforce. The bank was primarily set up to save the NHS money by building a bank of staff that meant they weren't reliant on much more expensive outside agency staff

Competitive pay: Staff banks rates are designed to provide healthcare workers with pay relative to substantive workers. This allows you to receive extra pay for shifts you take on and for the NHS Trust to maintain their budgets for patient care. Weekly pay: Staff bank workers are paid weekly which is great for those who want greater control. Most NHS trusts will publish the rates of pay for bank nurses on their website. The pay will be much higher for a band 8 nurse than for someone lower down the scale, and there's usually a premium for working nights, weekends and bank holidays. Private nursing agencies typically have similar arrangements, but pay rates will differ from the NHS The watchdog said there was a financial incentive as bank staff are cheaper, while more bank staff will also increase the likelihood of a patient being treated by the same healthcare professional throughout their care. NHS Improvement noted that, since the NHS put a cap on the amount trusts can spend on agency staff in 2015, it has cut its. NHS staff in England get pay rise of 3% after their contribution during 'unprecedented year' The government had originally proposed a 1% increase which had received a backlash from both the Labour. An external applicant wishing to join the staff bank register will be required to complete a full application form and will be interviewed by a panel. In addition, the Trust will carry out all the required pre and post appointment checks including a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check as appropriate

NHS staff including nurses, paramedics, consultants, and dentists in England will receive a 3% pay rise backdated to April 2021 after the government accepted the recommendations of the independent. Use our NHS Maternity Pay Calculator to see how much will arrive in your bank account each month. Clever Tip 1: The more you earn between the 16th and 24th week before your due date the more maternity pay you get. If you can work overtime, or more shifts in these 8 weeks then you effectively get paid TRIPLE for it Q. How many hours does an employee have to work before they can join the NHS Pension Scheme? A. From 1 April 1991 an employee automatically becomes a member of the NHS Pension Scheme, regardless of the amount of hours/sessions they work, unless they choose to opt out. Q. Which grades are classed as part time? A We work in partnership with NHS Professionals (NHSP) to recruit bank staff. NHSP manage the bank service for Nursing & Midwifery, Health Care Assistants and Administration and Clerical. When you join the NHSP bank you are subject to its terms and conditions but you'll enjoy a number perks. The bank offers lots of perks such as: Weekly pa

How much will I be paid? If you hold a substantive post with the organisation and an equivalent bank post you will be matched on spine point on both posts. If you are a bank only postholder the Trust pays: Band 1 minimum spine point of the band; Band 2 pays 2 nd point of the band; Band 3 & upwards pay third point of the band; Our current bank. The table below defines the 2020/21 rates and the comparison to previous years salaries, you can also click on the salary to see how much a NHS Nurse takes home after PAYE and NI deductions. Please rate 1 star for NHS Nurses Dont Earn Enough through to 5 Stars for NHS Nurses are paid too much, a three star rating indicates that your feel. Pay Enquires. The BankStaff system for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Staff Banks was introduced in 1 st July 2017 . Bank workers timesheets are required to be completed electronically, and authorisers are required to confirm the shift has been worked and then finalise the timesheet on the system, to allow the shift to be released for payment NHS Professionals pays its employees an average of ₤11.72 an hour. Hourly pay at NHS Professionals ranges from an average of ₤8.54 to ₤24.64 an hour

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  1. Hence patient facing staff are not differentiated from others when it comes to pay awards. Staff who do not pull their weight, are entitled to the same raise as those who give there all. Performance issues are supposed to be managed but in talking to friends working in the NHS it is nearly impossible to do
  2. See the most up-to-date information about what you could earn on our Agenda for Change page. Looking after patients, looking after you Compassionate care comes from staff who are well looked after, and the NHS is a well-respected national employer. We have one of the most competitive and supportive benefits packages offered anywhere in the UK, including: length of working wee
  3. Also, improvements to staff rostering and new options of flexible working hours for NHS staff have meant fewer staff feel the need to join agencies in the first place. Last year (2017/18), spending on bank staff was higher than for agency for the first time in several years, leading to a £528m reduction in agency spend for the NHS
  4. NHS staff pay in England has been a bitterly contested issue so far this year. The UK government has proposed a 1% pay rise for most health service workers, saying that this is all it can afford: those who represent staff have tended to see this as bordering on insulting following a year of extraordinary and at times dangerous efforts. In the search for some objective context, there is a lot.

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Do you have to pay employees who are self-isolating full wage because they've been pinged by NHS Test and Trace? If so, what help is available? With the lifting of lockdown restrictions from July 19, there is likely to be an increase in Covid-19 positive test results, increasing the number of staff who are self-isolating The typical NHS HCA salary is £9 per hour. HCA salaries at NHS can range from £7 - £14 per hour. This estimate is based upon 64 NHS HCA salary report (s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a HCA at NHS can expect to make an average total pay of £9 per hour Bands 8 and 9. At the very top of NHS nursing banding there are only a few types of roles that qualify. Band 8 and 9 roles normally only apply to Modern Matrons, Chief Nurses and Consultants. Band 8 roles start at £45,753, but at Band 8D, can rise to £87,754 a year. Meanwhile, Band 9 roles start at £91,004, and rise to more than £100,000 a. Do you earn more as an agency or bank Nurse? NHS Take Home Pay & More Information On Nursing Salaries. Introduction. Nurses are now nearing the end of the so-called 'New Pay Deal' introduced in 2018, and the Government has announced it is planning a 1% pay rise for NHS staff including Nurses in May (we have built a 1% NHS Pay Calculator so.

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  1. imum 3% which the NHS Staff Council's pay journey chart suggests. Only staff on the top and bottom pay point of a band will have seen an immediate pay rise of over 1.5% in their basic salary (except in Band 2)
  2. For maternity leave, staff who have 12 months NHS service by the eleventh week before expected childbirth get: 8 weeks of leave on full pay; a further 18 weeks on half pay; the remaining 26 weeks on unpaid leave; Two weeks of paid paternity leave are also available for staff with 12 months of service
  3. There is also an opportunity to earn a 5% pay rise 12 months - and after 24 months for GMTS Finance Trainees - subject to satisfactory performance on the Scheme. 27 days' holiday. Plus eight national Bank and Public holidays. Capped annual leave protection is also available for eligible NHS in-service staff too
  4. Wednesday 21 July 2021, 5:55pm. Credit: PA. NHS staff in England are to get a pay rise of 3% after the government bowed to pressure over its previous offer of just 1% which caused fury among.

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  1. Staff bank vacancies. The Trust often has vacancies across a range of jobs as part of our staff bank to support and work alongside our permanent staff. These will be advertised as they become available so please check out our jobs pages frequently. All other vacancies at the Trust can be accessed through our vacancies page
  2. NHS bosses have been told that all vaccinators should have fair and equitable access to shifts amid a row over pay and claims that dentists, optometrists and pharmacists were snapping up the.
  3. A There are many members of the NHS Pension Scheme, for example staff in hospices and GP Surgeries who are not on NHS pay scales. Q How do we calculate full time pensionable pay for bank posts (i.e. Tiered pension contributions - Employee FAQs V1.0 03/2009 3 A Bank staff are allocated a tier in exactly the same way as other staff. Q.

Domestic services staff working in the NHS are paid on the Agenda for Change (AfC) pay system. As a new entrant you would typically start on AfC band 2. With further training and experience, you could apply for housekeeper or team leader positions at higher points on band 2 and domestic services team manager at band 3.. Domestic services staff usually work standard hours of around 37.5 a week Bank holiday entitlement. Full-time staff are entitled to 60 paid public holiday hours per leave year (pro rata for part time staff), based on a typical leave year of eight public holidays. The number of public holidays in each leave year may change from time to time, depending on what date Easter falls and if there is an additional public.

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By joining our Staffbank you will benefit from: flexible work opportunities to suit you—choose when and where you want to work across the Trust. access to training and development opportunities. competitive rates of pay. paid annual leave. e-timesheets and weekly pay. option to join the NHS Pension Scheme. access to NHS discounts How much does Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust pay per year? The average Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust salary ranges from approximately £28,912 per year for a Patient Access Coordinator to £98,432 per year for a Dermatology Consultant. Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust employees rate the overall compensation. For example, staff working 6 days a week are only entitled to 28 days' paid holiday. Bank holidays Bank or public holidays do not have to be given as paid leave

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Bank workers are only obliged to work on a request basis and that a minimum of one shift must be worked every 12 months to maintain their bank post. Interested in knowing more or just want have a chat with us to find out more? Calling us - Simply give our Staff Bank Recruitment Team a call on 0116 258 7700 selecting Option 1 from the menu staff who have been employed in NHS Scotland for a minimum of one month's continuous service between 17 March and 30 November 2020, including those who have since left or retired from NHS employment; bank workers, locums paid through NHS Payroll, staff on honorary contracts and staff covered by the Two-Tier Agreement, providing they have at. A bonus payment will be paid to all NHS and social care workers in Wales. The Welsh government said it would pay nearly 222,000 people the equivalent of £735 each, with an element to cover tax. If a staff member has pre-booked annual leave and they go off sick, do they get their leave entitlement back? In accordance with the Trust's sickness absence and attendance procedure, section 6.1, staff must report their absence in the normal way if they are off sick during a schedule annual leave period NHS conditions of employment. The standard full-time working week for NHS staff is 37.5 hours. Overtime and annual leave entitlements are also standardised across the NHS. Find out more about these conditions and entitlements here, along with information on high cost area supplements and on-call working arrangements

3,830. 3830. Unions representing more than 1.3 million NHS workers have written to the government calling for talks to begin on a pay rise to take effect before the end of the year to reflect the. The Staffbank Pay office is operational within the hours of: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (closed public holidays) Enquiries should be sent to. Staffbankpay@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk. Or 0300 3030229 then option 2

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  1. We're in the early stages of negotiating a new pay deal for NHS Agenda for Change staff for 2021/22. The UK Government's public sector pay policy will not make that task easy, but we will do our level best to give NHS staff the pay increase they deserve. However, these negotiations will take time to conclude
  2. ed in accordance with Agenda for Change
  3. isters are one government when asked if the Treasury was not involved in the pay.
  4. The UK government had originally proposed a 1% increase which had received a backlash from Labour, medical unions and NHS staff. A 3% pay rise from the UK government to NHS staff within England has been heavily criticised as being paltry, appalling and shambolic by medical union leaders.. Those who are receiving the increase, which is backdated to April of 2021, include.

Staff Bank. Plans to include a service for Care Homes and Non-Clinical Staff are in progress. Contacting the Staff Bank NHS Highland Integrated Staff Bank Assynt House Beechwood Park Inverness IV2 3BW Telephone 01463 706666 E-MAIL nhshighland.staffbank@nhs.net Links to Integrated Staff Bank can be found on the NHS Highland Internet and Intranet. As an example: The average NHS salary for a clinical worker is £31,787, though depending on your pay grade it may vary from £20,536-£45,462. For an annual salary of £31,787, the amount you can borrow will vary from £95,361 to £143,041. The monthly payments on this can vary based on the term length and the interest rate you end up with How much do nurses get paid? NHS pay is operated in a banding system that was introduced in 2004. A newly-qualified nurse starts in band five and will earn £24,907 a year, or slightly more in London

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By Joe Cook. @JoeCookJ. Almost 222,000 NHS and social care staff in Wales will receive a £735 bonus payment to recognise their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething has said. The one-off payment bonus is expected to see most workers taking home around £500 after tax and national insurance deductions Working for the NHS bank during maternity leave. You must check your contract and local maternity policy before working on the NHS bank during paid maternity leave, as most NHS employers do not allow this. Also, working on the NHS bank (whilst receiving Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)) can affect your SMP. Agency worker For companies where the bank holidays are counted as additional paid leave, this would mean full-time employees would receive 36 days paid leave. Part-time workers who work 3 days a week would receive (36/5) x 3 = 21.6 days paid leave, irrespective of whether they work on a Monday NHS and social care staff are set to be given a bonus in their next pay packet to recognise their extraordinary contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Welsh Government has confirmed that. The NHS is one of the largest employers in the UK, with over 1.1 million staff within the NHS. Those keyworker staff are the NHS's greatest asset and are responsible for providing exceptional levels of care in hospitals and in the community in the UK. Fox Davidson specialise in securing mortgages for NHS staff and offer mortgage advice to all.

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If you have a general enquiry about working on the Staff Bank please contact the Staff Bank Manager - Lyn Green via email ndht.staffbank@nhs.net or via phone on 01271 313938 (extn 4238). If you have any specific NHSP questions please contact your local Trust Liaison Coordinator - Clare Holland on 07785 762077 who will answer any questions. Available to every staff member, including bank. Allocate InstantPay is the only solution that is available to both substantive and bank staff. If Earned Wage Access is not available to bank staff, agencies still have the benefit of speed of pay, which is the preference for the majority of temporary staff. Get starte bands and to lift pay above the real living wage. How does this compare to the pay offer from the employers? RPI inflation at the time of writing is 3.6%. The offer to staff on the top of their pay bands (around half of all NHS employees), is 3% in the first year - a cut in pay in real terms. In the second and third years it 1.7% per year

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Once you have completed the NHS Employment Checks and Auto-Registration process the Trust will issue you with an ID Badge, uniform and s to get on hospital intranet at the Trust Induction day. Yellow name badges are ordered by the staff bank manager NHS Pay and Conditions Dear Colleague 4 PAY AND CONDITIONS FOR NHS STAFF COVERED BY THE AGENDA FOR CHANGE AGREEMENT Summary 1. Directors of Finance, This circular informs NHS Scotland employers of changes to the pay of staff covered by the Agenda for Change agreement from 1 April 2020. Scotland (Common Services 2 This page shows the Agenda for Change Pay Scales and Bands the 2021/22 financial year broken down by hourly wage and annual salary - including the very recently announced 3% pay rise. Our NHS Pay Calculator Tool provides an estimate based on a set of assumed values - it may be inaccurate for anyone with specific tax, pension or national insurance arrangements How much depends on where individual staff are on their pay bands. NHS pay is split into nine bands, each with quite broad ranges. Those at the very bottom of their pay bands could get up to 29% How NHS pay works. First it's important to know how NHS pay works. All staff except doctors, dentists and very senior managers are paid using the same system which assigns different jobs to one of nine different pay bands. For example a pharmacy technician would be in band 4 while a school nurse would be in band 6

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Information for Bank Staff. Q - How do I book my bank shifts? A - Refer to Employee Online or Contact the Staffbank Contact Centre on 0141 278 2555 and give them your availability dates for work. The Call handler will check to see what shifts are available on these dates and offer them to you Number of bank holidays remaining before end of leave year x weekly p/t hours or days 5 For example: Member of staff joins in November working 3 days per week different hours per week totaling 24 hours, in a year where Easter does not fall in March: Three bank holidays remaining till 31st March Entitlement = 3 x 24 = 14.4 hours Who has to pay for the NHS and when? Care - with charges. G.Ware, CC BY-NC. It will soon cost migrants from outside the EU £400 a year to access the National Health Service in Britain, after.

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Full-time Substantive Staff Bank Only and Part-time Staff ; Basic Pay - All Bank hours are paid at the top of the Payband: Basic Pay - All Bank hours are paid at the top of the Payband: Additional Payment - Under the Working Time Directive you will receive an additional payment of 12.07% for annual leave: Additional Payment - Under the Working Time Directive you will receive an. funding for frontline NHS services, in addition to capital investments, staff training and public health activities. Even after taking account of inflation, this spending is twice what we spent less than 20 years ago at the start of the 2000s. But might the NHS still require more funding and, if it does, how could we find more money The National Health Service (NHS) pays its employees an average of ₤27,181 a year. Salaries at The National Health Service (NHS) range from an average of ₤18,001 to ₤52,204 a year Why is Staff Bank so important to us? Our staff bank provides a comprehensive temporary staffing service for NHFT, covering 4,000 shifts each month. What does Staff Bank do? Staff bank supports bank workers with a friendly dedicated on-site team who take care of services like bookings, recruitment and payroll

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Pay will be frozen for at least 1.3 million public sector staff, but low-paid and NHS workers will get raises Apply for Nhs bank staff jobs in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Explore 405.000+ new and current Job vacancies. Competitive salary. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Fast & Free. Top employers in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Nhs bank staff jobs is easy to find. Start your new career right now NHS staff in Wales will also receive the 3% increase after Health Minister Eluned Morgan also accepted the recommendations of the pay review bodies in full. Video: NHS staff in England will get 3%. This is linked to pay and length of membership, and gives you life assurance from your first day. You'll get an NHS Pensions pack as part of your induction and you should keep this somewhere safe. More information can also be found at: You can also contact our specialist pensions team on 01223 274797 NHS staff generally don't like talking about money, but a 1 per cent pay increase for NHS staff is pretty appalling when you consider this actually means a real-terms rise of potentially just £.

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It will be interesting to see what pay rise Welsh NHS staff get, in the end. The Welsh Government might not have said there is a ceiling on the amount it will pay NHS workers here, but that doesn't mean Vaughan Gething doesn't have one in mind. There is no magic money tree for the Welsh Government; no Bank of Wales to create cash out of nowhere to pay for policy objectives Get in touch. If you would like to find out more information about our Trust's bank service, you can get in touch with our dedicated Bank and Temporary Staffing Team. Tel: 0113 85 59900 (select option 2) Email: bankstaffingdepartment@nhs.net The James Paget University Hospital currently has a permanent vacancy for a Full Time Band 5 Radiographer. The JPUH is situated on the beautiful east coast of Norfolk and Salary: £24,907 - £30,615 per annum. Posted: 21/06/2021. Job Type 02 Mar 2020. GMB is demanding NHS trusts ensure outsourced staff are given sick pay in suspected cases of COVID-19. The majority of private companies providing NHS services do not offer pay sick pay for the first three days. This means hospital cleaners, porters, security and catering feel forced to come in even when ill Bank shifts are available to book directly online via your PC or mobile. If you don't already have an account set up, please contact us on 01685 726900. Please note, we no longer use timesheets. Substantive staff are required to complete a registration form along with a personal details form

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MoneySavingExpert.com believes 10,000s of NHS staff may have overpaid tax or NI while taking part in the 'Widening Access Training' scheme. According to the latest figures, almost 31,000 people have already been refunded, and others may still be owed £1,000s - £18,700 is now the biggest refund we've heard of But in all honesty, this is a card that all NHS workers should have anyway. I have a list of all the best discounts if you need to find out more. How much is the Pizza Hut discount? According to the Pizza Hut website, NHS staff get 25% off when they request a code from Blue Light Card. This is available Sunday to Thursday, after 3 pm Anyone who does not meet the qualifying conditions for the NHS Scheme may be entitled to statutory leave and pay. All employees have a right to take 52 weeks maternity leave under the statutory scheme. To qualify for SMP you need to be an employee with 26 weeks continuous service with your employer running into the 15th week before the expected. We are committed to: Effective recruitment and retention of our staff. Developing new roles and ways of working to ensure a flexible and innovative approach to staffing. Equality of opportunity and having a workforce that represents the communities we serve. Continual training, development and learning for all staff A national pay system - Agenda for Change (AfC) - was introduced across the NHS in October 2004 for all directly employed staff except doctors and the most senior managers. The new pay system offers real benefits for staff including: a standard working week of 37.5 hour

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NHS staff will start to receive their £500 'thank you' bonus from February Credit: Getty Health workers will begin receiving their payment from February 2021 and payments to social care staff. You work 1 day a week - Monday. You're entitled to 5.6 days' annual leave each year. There are 4 bank holidays that fall on a Monday each year, and your work shuts on these days. This means you have to use up 4 days of your annual leave on bank holidays. This leaves you with 1.6 days' annual leave to take at a time of your choice At NHS Fife, as in other hospitals, we have a 'Nurse Bank.' In simple terms, this is a list of highly skilled experienced workers who are on our bank who are able to work flexibly and sometimes at short notice. This means that their offer of work is not guaranteed nor do they have to accept any shifts offered by one ward or area NHS Scotland Recruitmen