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Mickey Mantle, 1953, 565 Feet Seven years before Mickey Mantle hit the longest home run ever recorded in a baseball game, he hit what was then the longest tape measure shot. That's right, Mantle actually topped himself. This particular home run came off of a pitch by Senators' right hander Chuck Stobbs in Washington D.C. in April, 1953 Years after the fact, Brouthers was credited with a 500-foot home run on the aforementioned date, but it seems highly unlikely that the ball traveled nearly that far. The great Honus Wagner is said to have hit a drive of comparable length at the Polo Grounds, and Sam Crawford was credited with a 473-foot home run in Detroit How far was the longest home run ever hit? 2021-06-06. No Comments. Useful tips. How far was the longest home run ever hit? 582 feet. What is the most home runs hit in a single season? Single-Season Leaders & Records for Home Runs. Player (age that year) Home Runs Year; Barry Bonds (36) 73: 2001 That 491-footer is the longest homer hit by a Cubs player under Statcast tracking, regular season or postseason, and the longest home run hit in the MLB postseason overall since 2015

While Dave Kingman's home run hit was impressive by any standard, the exact distance that he reached is heavily debated. The hit was estimated to be around 573 feet and the New York Times originally reported it as a 630-foot hit Historian William J. Jenkinson reported the home run's distance at 502 feet—the longest estimate from IBM's measuring system from 1982 to 1996—in a study published by Baseball Almanac. T12. Ted.. The Derby is the perfect setting for record-setting home runs. And so it was again Monday night, in the 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby, held at mile-high Coors Field, where the distance-sapping humidor was taking the night off and records seemed primed to fall

across the adjacent football field, finally landing on the far sideline and hopping over the fence bordering the field. The distance: 656 feet to the point where it first landed! 19-year-old Mickey Mantle had just hit the longest home run in baseball history Own This Day - https://thebaseballpage.comSeptember 10, 1960 - Mickey Mantle unloads a cannon shot clearing the RF roof in Detroit and landing in Brooks Lumb.. Let's start with the record distance as given in the Guinness Book of World Records: The longest measured home run in a major league game is 193 m (634 ft) by Mickey Mantle (USA) for the New York Yankees against the Detroit Tigers at Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USA, on September 10, 1960 Mantle is generally credited with the longest home run of all time, a clout that left Tiger Stadium on Sept. 10, 1960, and landed in a lumberyard across the street. That ball is measured at 634.. Guinness also clarifies that Mickey Mantle's home run measured at 643 feet (approximately 196 meters) is the longest home run measured mathematically after the fact. This home run was hit at Tiger Stadium in Detroit on September 10, 1960

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There's considerable debate about who hit the longest home run in Royals/Kauffman Stadium history. Some say it was a dinger hit by Johnny Bench in the 1973 All-Star game Jim Thome helped the Philadelphia Phillies win a World Series in 2008 but spent the bulk of his career hitting lots of home runs for the Cleveland Indians. On July 3, 1999 he hit his longest: a 511-foot tater. Thome would retire in 2012 with 612 for his career. 7

How far was the longest home run ever hit

Two years to the day after his MLB debut - on April 17, 1953 - future Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle hit one of the furthest recorded home runs in history. It was that day when the term tape-measure home run was born, as one of the game's best power hitters hit a colossal 565-foot shot out of Griffith Stadium While All-Stars like Joey Gallo, Shohei Ohtani and Salvador Perez will try to crush balls deep into the Denver night, the longest home run ever hit at Coors Field belongs to former Miami Marlins.. It's not only the longest home run ever hit at the 8-year-old new Yankee Stadium; it's the longest home run hit by anyone in the majors since ESPN began tracking homer distance in 2009

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Live. •. On April 4th, 1988, Darryl Strawberry opened the season for the Mets with this blast that on its way out to right field hit the top of the roof. The blast has been measured as a 525 foot home run from Strawberry, which ended being first the longest one of his 39 on the season Here are the facts: Ruth hit the longest home run in Major League history, in Navin Field, Detroit, in 1921. It went 570 feet. He also hit what is probably the longest home run anyone has ever hit, in an exhibition game against a semi-pro team in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania just after the 1926 World Series. It went 650 feet (really) Nineteen years after Stargell's shot, McGwire hit what officially is called the longest home run at Busch Memorial Stadium. The 545-foot home run on May 16, 1998, against the Marlins' Livan Hernandez hit the St. Louis Post-Dispatch sign in center field So far, Giancarlo Stanton has hit the furthest home run ever at Citi Field. It was hit on 5/16/11 and traveled 465 ft to straight away center field, according to ESPN's Home Run Tracker Who has the LONGEST HOME RUN in MLB history? We count down the BEST of all-time! COMMENT with the current player you think can break the record!Subscribe to.

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  1. THE expert on major league home runs is Bill Jenkinson. He's a consultant for the Baseball Hall of Fame, ESPN, and MLB. He has done extensive research on pretty much every home run of any interest since baseball started. He contends, and backs it.
  2. This measurement is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest home run ever measured. Guinness also clarifies that Mickey Mantle's home run measured at 643 feet (approximately 196 meters) is the longest home run measured mathematically after the fact. This home run was hit at Tiger Stadium in Detroit on September 10, 1960
  3. In 1987, Joey Meyer of the Denver Zephyrs hit the longest verifiable home run in professional baseball history. The home run was measured at a distance of 582 feet (177 m) and was hit inside Denver's Mile High Stadium
  4. The legends about Mickey Mantle are many - and he was a great player. One of the most commonly told is that in 1953 he cleared the 55 foot high left-center-field bleachers at Clark Griffith Stadium in Washington, a distance of 460 feet - something that had never been done before. Estimated home run distance: 565 feet, the longest in history.

When there is a discussion on longest home runs ever hit, there is one great homer that is generally omitted.On 4/15/1961, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wally Post hit a shot in St. Louis that traveled an estimted 569 feet. In the news article from the cincinatti papers, Stan Musial was quoted it was by far the longest homer he ever witnessed This certainly is not the longest home run recorded, but could be a preview of what we might be seeing from this 17-year-old kid as he matures and grows in his 6′4″ 220 pound frame. This first shot came in the Div 1 CIF-NCS playoffs last May. The. According to the Guinness Book of World Records,the longest home run ever measured was hit by Roy Dizzy Carlyle in a minor league game. The ball traveled 188 m (618 ft) before landing on the ground outside the ballpark

At one time Tampa had a downtown sports stadium named Plant Field, which would host Spring Training baseball games. It was here, on April 4, 1919, in a game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Giants, that Babe Ruth hit his longest home run ever — 587 feet. YouTube. Whistle The home run that has usually been regarded as the longest in Wrigley history was struck by Dave Kingman, then a Met, on April 14, 1976, which landed on the grounds of 3705 Kenmore. Baseball's. Vogelbach has a team-leading 15 homers, and that particular shot is believed to be the third home run to ever reach the third deck in right field at T-Mobile Park in a game, and the first ever by.

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New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge hit a home run Sunday at Yankee Stadium against the Baltimore Orioles that traveled 496 feet, the longest distance a home run has traveled since ESPN began. While this home run is not the longest in MLB history, it IS however the longest home run in All-Star Game history. Who hit the longest home run in All-Star Game history? For example, Reggie Jackson's famous home run at Tiger Stadium during the 1971 All-Star Game is thought to have traveled approximately 532 feet

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Here's the distance of the longest homer hit in each year since 2006. The longest home run hit so far this year is by former Cub Jorge Soler, now with the Royals: 470 feet. In that 11-season. In the first inning of the second, he faced Fred Hutchinson and launched a ball into Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21 in the right-field bleachers. It was the longest home run ever hit in Fenway Park. The ball traveled 502 feet and struck the straw hat of Joe Boucher, a 56-year-old construction engineer from Albany, N.Y Fielder would eventually hit McCovey Cove with a fair ball on July 20, 2008, as the 17th visiting player to hit a home run into the Cove. No right-handed hitter has ever hit an opposite field home run into McCovey Cove, though Giants catcher Buster Posey has come close several times The red seat marks the spot of the longest home run ever hit at Fenway Park - 502 feet by Ted Williams on June 9, 1946. Barry Chin/Globe Staff For a night, baseball's defining distances will.

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May 22, 2013 at 5:14 am ET2 min read. The hardest ball Mickey Mantle ever hit happened 50 years ago. ( Getty Images) On May 22, 1963, the Yankees ' Mickey Mantle came into the home game against. Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams had promised in late May of 1946 to really start hitting when the weather warms up,1 He delivered in a June 9 doubleheader, blasting a home run in each game, including the longest one he ever hit at Fenway Park.The Red Sox swept the Detroit Tigers 7-1 and 11-6 as a capacity crowd of 33,2952 watched.. Williams was not alone in the slugfest The longest home run ever hit by Ted Williams in Boston bounced squarely off his head in the first inning of the second game. He had never sat in the Fenway Park bleachers before. There were 7,897. On Sept. 27, 2008, Adam Dunn hit the longest home run of the last 6-plus major-league seasons, a 504-foot home run off the scoreboard in center field at Chase Field in Phoenix

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One of Soto's home runs traveled 520 feet, the longest ever recorded in a home run derby. ESPN reported Ohtani hit six at-least 500-foot home runs during the derby, the most at that length during. He hit a lot home runs, but there's not many that you just stand there as a base runner and just watch. Sterling: With that wonderful swing, that short swing, he hit maybe the longest home.

Jay Timmerman, however, believe he knows exactly how far the longest home run he ever saw hit traveled. ``In 1999 at Howell, B.J. White hit a shot that cleared the first row of trees beyond the. Has anyone ever hit 5 home runs in a game? Five home runs in a game has been achieved four times: Pete Schneider (1923), Lou Frierson (1934), Cecil Dunn (1936) and Dick Lane (1948). In the pre-professional era, Lipman Pike also hit five home runs in 1866. Players to hit four home runs in a Major League Baseball game are highlighted in RED Busby surely has not forgotten about what may have been the longest home run ever by the Boston slugger. This is the sixth in a series of columns by staff reporter Greg Sullivan revisiting the. The longest home run I ever saw - actually didn't see, and I don't think anybody saw it. It was in the '90s and it was a pitch from Randy Johnson to Mark McGwire. I was watching it on TV

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Jackie Bradley hit his longest home run ever, and the Red Sox won in Denver By Julian McWilliams Globe Staff, Updated August 28, 2019, 11:24 a.m. Email to a Frien During that thrilling first round, Soto hit a home run 520 feet, the longest of the derby so far. Story at 518 and Alonso at 514 are second and third. Story at 518 and Alonso at 514 are second and. Wilkes is a positive force for economic, social and cultural development in the region. We contribute 2,300 jobs and over $250 million in impact to Pennsylvania's economy, as well as more than 120,000 annual hours of hands-on community service by students, faculty and staff. #14 For this week's Flashback Friday, we look back at the members of the 500 Level Club at the Rogers Center. First and foremost, a big thanks to Ken Kosowan who helped provide the data for all the players who have hit home runs into the fifth deck at the Rogers Centre. Here is a full list of all the sluggers below Blue Jays rookie Rowdy Tellez hit a two-run blast Thursday that was initially credited as the longest home run at Fenway Park, eclipsing the 502-foot homer hit by the great Ted Williams in 1946

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  1. Kingman hit three home runs that day; this 530-foot blast was likely the longest of his career, and the longest homer hit at Wrigley Field. The ball was found on the roof of a porch three houses down Waveland Avenue, which is deep behind left-center field. 6. Andres Galarraga (529 Feet
  2. Other legendary home run hitters include Jimmie Foxx, Mel Ott, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle (who on September 10, 1960, mythically hit the longest home run ever at an estimated distance of 643 feet (196 m), although this was measured after the ball stopped rolling), Reggie Jackson, Harmon Killebrew, Ernie Banks, Mike Schmidt, Dave Kingman.
  3. The longest home run ever he'd refuse to believe that anyone has ever hit a home run, except maybe by pure luck once every 25 years or so. Because the danger to pitchers would be far too.
  4. The longest HR I ever saw in person was hit by Jim Rice in a game at Fenway during the 1970s against the Kansas City Royals. I remember being stunned at how hard it was hit, how fast it got out of the park, and how far it went
  5. How far was the longest home run in history? The longest home run ever is estimated to be 643' | 196 m and was hit by Mickey Mantle in 1960. Sports Rules Question
  6. Longest Center Field Home Runs. Four players hit the ball over the fence in dead center field at the Polo Grounds. According to Baseball Almanac, Negro League slugger Luke Easter did it in 1948, Joe Adcock of the Milwaukee Braves accomplished the feat in 1953, Lou Brock of the Chicago Cubs did it in 1962 and Hank Aaron of the Braves also.
  7. The longest Wrigley home run in the Statcast era was struck by Kris Bryant during a day game on September 6, 2015. Memorably, it smashed high onto the left-field video board. Memorably, it smashed.

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Just because it happened in 1960 doesn't mean that Mickey Mantle couldn't have been just as big and strong as someone playing today. That's not a little guy right there, and he was always known for great length on home runs—because he liked hittin.. Stargell was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1988. He passed away on April 9, 2001. Craig Muder is the director of communications for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Willie Stargell played for the Pirates for his entire 21-year big league career, finishing with 475 home runs. (Don Wingfield/National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Another good longest home run ever engineering principles book resource is The Golfing Machine authored by Homer Kelley, who was an aeronautical engineer that worked for Boeing during the Great Depression. He fell in love with golf and applied engineering principles to the golf swing, which were meticulously described in the book

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  1. Ball hit by Mickey Mantle on April 17, 1953 at Griffith Stadium to set a new distance record for home runs. The longest home run ever hit did not go 565 feet. Not even close. Actually, the longest home run ever hit isn't even the longest home run ever hit. The truth hasn't caught up to the original legend, Bill Jenkinson says
  2. Bonds's line Sunday -- two at-bats, three runs, one hit, one run batted in, three walks -- must make the rest of the Giants happy. They know he will be on base, or jogging home
  3. Red Sox fans know the story. On June 9th 1946, Ted Williams hit a home run off of Detroit's Fred Hutchinson that traveled 502 feet. The ball hit the head of a fan named Joseph A. Boucher, a construction engineer from Albany, New York. That ball landed in Row 37, Seat 21 of Section 42 in the right field bleachers, now recognized with a red seat
  4. Playing against a dude 2 weeks ago. Had no game at all, but hit 3 bombs that were exceptional, including one that I think was the longest I've ever seen in person. 300' field with a 40' net, full skatepark. His arms were as big as my thighs. He had no technique, but murdered the ball. Distance said 453' (my landing area is approximate)

Ruth has the longest verifiable home run at 552' 8 in 1919 spring game on April 4. vs. Giants. He has others measured over 500 feet. There is very strong evidence that he hit one at least 560 feet that flew into Trumbull St. over the Navin field Center Field fence. He hit the longest home run that stayed inside Griffith stadium Ohtani hit six 500-foot home runs and 15 475-foot home runs, both records in a single round in the Statcast era (2015 to present). Ohtani hit home runs 513, 507, 505, 503, 500, and 500 feet. Soto. With quick hands and exceptional upper body strength, Killebrew was known for both the frequency and distance of his home runs. He hit the longest home runs ever recorded at Minnesota's Metropolitan Stadium [520 ft (160 m)], and Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, [471 ft (144 m)], and was the first of just four players to hit a ball over the left. Thunderstruck! On August 30,2004,White Sox outfielder Joe Borchard hit a 504-foot shot off Phildelphia's Brett Myters for the longest home run ever at Chicago's US Cellular Field. The previous record belonged to Frank Thomas,who hit a 495-foot bomb of Minnesota's Johan Santana on July,23,2002

The ball struck the facade 370′ from home plate and 118′ off the ground for game winning, walk-off home run. It came within inches of being the first fair ball ever hit out of Yankee Stadium. Years later, Tony Kubek wrote, I do remember a few things about the '63 home run by Mickey. When a home run is hit, especially because of the. ESPN's Home Run Tracker later estimated it to have traveled 485 feet, surely one of the longest home runs of Clemente's career and the among the longest ever given up by the great Koufax. 9.

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records the longest home run ever. measured was hit by Roy Dizzy Carlyle in a minor league game. The ball travelled. 188 m (618 ft) before landing on the ground outside the ballpark. (a) Assuming the. ball's initial velocity was in the direction of 450 above the horizontal and ignoring How far was the longest home run ever hit? In 1987, Joey Meyer of the Denver Zephyrs hit the longest verifiable home run in professional baseball history. The home run was measured at a distance of 582 feet (177 m) and was hit inside Denver's Mile High Stadium What Is The Longest Home Run You Ever Saw... This is a discussion on What Is The Longest Home Run You Ever Saw I saw Kevin Mitchell hit a ball about as far as I have ever seen a ball hit before, off a Rob Dibble fastball at Candlestick park. I don't know the exact distance, but I saw a lot of games in that park, and nothing came close..

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Farthest Home Run Ever.How far was the farthest home run. Farther and further are comparative adverbs or adjectives. In the 96 years since then, the static of exaggeration added to the bambino's lore and made an. Tales passed through the generations say it was the longest home run ever hit According to Guinness World Records, the longest home run ever measured was hit by Roy Dizzy Carlyle in a minor league game. The ball traveled 188 m (618 ft How far was the longest home run ever hit? about 575 feet. The distance: 656 feet to the point where it first landed! 19-year-old Mickey Mantle had just hit the longest home run in baseball history! But Mickey wasn't finished. Is it easier to hit a homerun in Colorado Over 100 years ago, .on April 4 th, 1919 to be exact, during a spring training game - against major league pitching - at Plant Field in Tampa, Herman Babe Ruth hit his longest home run ever.According to a historic marker placed at the site, the ball traveled 587 feet. Just to put that in perspective, the left field wall at Tropicana Field in St. Pete and home of the Rays, is only.

That's incredibly far, far enough to make it the longest home run ever hit by a pitcher in MLB history. If you hit a baseball over 400 feet, you're doing something right If confirmed, it would be the longest home run in 2018 by a long shot. Franchy Cordero's 489-foot bomb was the longest home run of the season coming into the night per Statcast

How far did the home run that Canseco hit off Toronto Blue Jay left-hander Mike Flanagan travel? SkyDome's tale of the tape estimated it at 480 feet, but Rickey Henderson, who hit two home runs. In that time, the longest home run recorded was hit by another Yankee outfielder: Aaron Judge, whose June 11, 2017 homer travelled a true distance of 496 ft. (In 2015, MLB's Statcast system. (original post)Not the longest but I saw Willie McCovey hit a ball at 3 Rivers. When it hit the second wall it was still rising. When it hit the second wall it was still rising. Never got higher.

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A home run of that magnitude was still unusual for JBJ. While he had the longest home run, his average homer was a mediocre 395 feet and his 165 average batted ball distance was the lowest among. Babe Ruth's Philadelphia story burnished his incomparable baseball career. The Bambino smacked the longest home run ever hit in Philadelphia, and played his final game here in 1935. Babe Ruth batted .378 in 171 games at Shibe Park, had an OPS of 1.225, drove in 175 runs and hit more homers (68) than in any other visiting ballpark Home runs are fun! They're even more fun when they go a long, long way. three-homer clincher was one of the longest (if not the longest) ever hit into the black, the batter's eye seats in.

The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs is a 432-page non-fiction book by Bill Jenkinson published by Carroll & Graf Publishers in March 2007. As of December 2007, its first printing had sold over 10,000 copies.. According to the introduction, the book is not a new Babe Ruth biography. Rather, it is a factual treatise of Ruth's power and his dominance of the game of baseball Two thoughts immediately came to mind: firstly, this was the longest home run I have ever seen live at a ballpark (448 feet). Secondly, I thought, Is it possible for him to hit it completely. Exit Velocity: 112.8 mph. Via Baseball Savant. In reality, this is Trout's farthest home run of the Statcast Era because it didn't have the luxury of being hit at Coors Field. Among all home runs that were hit 113 mph and at a 27-degree launch angle, Trout's 473-foot big fly traveled the furthest

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Although Ruth's legendary home-run totals - 714 in his career and 60 in 1927 - are no longer records, the one he hit at Wilkes-Barre's Artillery Park in 1926 has stood the test of time Mantle is holding the home run ball he hit out of Washington, D.C.'s Griffith Stadium, estimated to have gone a distance of some 562 feet. It was mid-April 1953. Dwight Eisen- hower was president, the Korean War was in its third year, and a young baseball player named Mickey Mantle was hitting some monster home run shots for the New York Yankees

Section 42, Row 37, and Seat 21 signify the longest homerun ever hit at the ballpark. Ted Williams hit the home run on June 9, 1946, measuring in at 502 feet. Detroit Tigers pitcher, Fred Hutchinson, would go down in Red Sox history as giving up the longest home run. The Story Behind the Longest Homerun in 194 Without that added flight capability, it is almost certain that no human being, including The Babe, could have hit a ball so far. Second, every home run recorded by each of that era's strongest hitters has been carefully researched, and none of them have 500 foot credentials. There certainly were immensely strong batsmen before Ruth came along

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  1. Brandon Rogers. Of the year. The Rockies are 451 feet on this home run. Boy, did he ever clip this curve ball? Here's a high drive to deep left center field and Cruz has hit another home run in Chicago. A walk, a double, and a long tape measure home run and the Twins have hit two solo home runs in the ball game tonight
  2. On April 10, 1969, Tommie Agee hit the only upper-deck home run in Shea Stadium history. (AP) At any ballpark that's around for long enough, there are certain spots where you know the ball just.
  3. Here's the funny thing: That wasn't even the longest home run hit on the night by a Cincinnati Red. Eugenio Suarez hit one three feet further earlier in the game. He's been hitting moon shots all season long for the Reds, so maybe it just got lost in the shuffle a bit. He's sitting on 30 home runs right now
  4. In fact, Mantle's 565-foot blast in Griffith Stadium in 1953 is acknowledged by many as one of the longest balls, if not the longest, ever hit. But it still pales in comparison to Carter's wallop
  5. Mantle hits 565-foot home run Baseball Hall of Fam
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