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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Mini Plush Lops are a unique, very rare specialty pet breed with only a handful of qualified & approved breeders with rabbitries dedicated to specializing in them. Mini Plush Lops are a round 3-4.5 pounds and unlike traditional rabbit's coat, the Mini Plush Lop literally feels like a silky velvet pillow similar to a Mini Rex rabbit Mini Plush Lop bunnies 1 female 2 males. Mini Lop San Diego, California, United States. We still have one female and two males Mini Plush Lop available for adoption. They've been around for 7 weeks. So welcoming. They live with June 1, 2021. View more. 50 $ About Mini Plush Lop's. Mini Plush Lops are a unique, very rare specialty pet with only 2 qualified breeders with rabbitries dedicated to specializing in them at this time. Mini Plush Lops are a 3-4.5 pound ball of fur, not hair. Unlike a traditional rabbit's hair coat, the Mini Plush Lop literally feels like silky velvet similar to a Rex rabbit Mini Plush Lops average price range is between $300-400. Occasionally, there are higher priced rabbits of exceptional quality or have unique traits like blue eyes or rare colors. The $100 deposit goes towards the final price of your bunny, it is NOT an extra charge! Rabbit prices are determined at 1 month of age

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MINI PLUSH LOPS. THE NEWEST BREED OF RABBIT, ONLY IN A FEW STATES. CREATED BY DEVIE D'ANNIBALLE, IN NORTH EASTERN OHIO, SHE HAS WORKED ON THIS BREED FOR OVER 12 YEARS AS OF 2008, THE BEST OF MINI REX AND HOLLAND LOP, COMES A SMALL 1-2 LB BUNNY WITH THE LOPPED EARS, OF A HOLLAND LOP AND THE REX FUR (VELVET) OF A MINI REX Adult Mini Plush Lops and Mini Lop - $60.00. Some are spayed/Neutered adult Mini Plush Lops and a few still need to be fixed! All different ages and personalities. 1 spayed Mini... member: whitecreekfarm. from: Atlanta, Georgia. member for: 4 years. listing updated: 2 hours ago Available Adults. Pippa is a 3 year old Mini Plush Lop and is recently retired from being a great mom! She is looking for a forever family to love her. Please send Ellie an e-mail to learn more about Pippa Mini Plush Lops We are thrilled to announce that we are the first Mini Plush Lop Breeder in Ontario! We have babies that are ready to go in July (please note that after our July babies we won't have babies ready to go again till the fall) please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see more up to date pictures and information or send us an e.

Mini Lop Bunnies Price. If you want to keep the bunny as a pet, Mini Lops can sell from anywhere between $35 to $100. However, if you are planning to breed it or show it, a show-quality Mini Lops can sell from anywhere between $100 to $400, depending on the pedigree and quality Mini Plush Lops Mini plush lops range between 2-4lbs full grown. They have a velvety silky fur like the mini rex rabbits, except they have floppy ears like a holland lop! The wonderful thing about mini plushes is they have fur instead of hair and they do not have dander which makes them the most hypoallergenic rabbit! They do molt twice a year.

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We hope that we can continue to work with the Mini Plush Lop breed in the future. PlushHeart Rabbitry Mini Plush Lops. December 15, 2020 · I apologize to those who have sent the page messages in the past week or two and are slow getting responses! Facebook Page Messenger has been having a lot of issues as of late and working around them while. As a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, I raise high quality Holland Lop rabbits for show or pets. They make wonderful, sweet-tempered companions. They are among the dwarf rabbit breeds weighing between only 3 1/2 and 4 pounds and they come in a surprising array of beautiful colors KK Rabbitry ~ Mini Lops. If we could only raise one breed of rabbit, it would be the Mini Lops! Out of all of our bunnies, these guys have the calmest personalities. They are a bit of a larger breeder, weighing about 6.5 pounds max. at maturity. But they are very gentle bunnies, and always the ones we recommend for families with small kids

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Many people believe that a Mini Plush Lop is simply a cross between a Mini Rex and a Holland Lop, but I can assure you that the history of this breed is far more complex. Years of hard work and a specific combination of a total of 4 breeds went into creating what Devie D'Anniballe affectionately referred to as the perfect storybook bunny Lopsy: a pure-bred family-friendly male mini lop - $45.00. Ready to go. Lopsy is a sweet little mini lop. He is family friendly, pure-bred, and litter trained. He was born May 7, making... member: xltpslmdxzw. from: East Earl, Pennsylvania. member for: a year. listing updated: 2 days ago

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We specialize in several breeds of rabbits. Our favorites: the cute and classy Lionhead Rabbit; the cuddly, floppy eared, mellow Mini Lops; the chubby faced whimsically adorable, tiny Holland Lops; and last but certainly not the least is the smart and devoted plush Mini Rex Mini Plush Lops will molt twice a year but once the molt is over there is no excessive shedding. This, along with the fact that they don't produce dander like other common pets, can make the Mini Plush Lop a better choice of pet for those who suffer from allergies to other animals Mini Plush Lop. Mini Plush Lop is a breed that comes in two sizes includes mini and standard. The mini plush lop has a silky texture the same as the Rex rabbit, but the size is different. The mini plush lop comes in a smaller size with 3-4 pounds of weight Description. These are miniature lop rabbits kept indoors. Every day, my children and I clean and care for the bunnies. two boys Each adoption costs $80. They're eating very well. Potty training is going swimmingly. Because their mother is litter box trained, these babies are quick to learn Ideal Acres Mini Plush Lops and more. Ideal Acres is a family owned and operated acreage located in Clayton County Iowa. We specialize in Mini Plush Lops from the Devie D'anniballe lines. We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats and enjoy our free range, organic chickens

All Mini Plush Lops will come with a spay and neuter contract which will be signed by both Fuzzy Peach Rabbity and Purchaser stating that their Mini Plush Lop will be spayed or neutered between the ages of 6-8 months old age. The Mini Plush Lop's sell for 200.00-300.00. Pedigree would be an additional 20.0 Proudly raising Holland Lops, Mini Satins, and a few Dwarf Hotots in North Central Massachusetts : Welcome to the site for Land o' Lops Rabbitry! My family and I have been raising quality rabbits for over 25 years. We raise Holland Lops, Mini Satins and a few Dwarf Hotots! I am an ARBA registrar and happily accept appointments for registrations These are the smallest of all the lops. We offer high quality, good genetics, gentle, colorful truly small Holland lops. Prices: Holland Lops $75 each or 2 for $125. Holland Lop cross: $25-$50. We have found some of the cutest bunnies are the lop, lionhead cross bunnies and also the Rex, Holland lop cross. The stay small, lots of color but with. General Grooming Tips. Mini Plush Lop Rabbits have silky fur that molts around twice a year, preventing undesirable shedding. However, if kept indoors, there is a chance that your rabbit's ears can collect dust and eventually ear mites.It is very important to groom your Mini Plush Lop every couple of weeks, as well as scheduling regular check ups with your veterinarian Mini plush lop house bunnies . Vernon, Mount Waddington. Check Price. Two seven month old plush lop bunnies. These are beautiful bunnies that require more than we can provide. Please think of the commitment before you buy! It is not a... 7. kijiji.ca . Report Ad. 30+ days ago. Bébés lapins nain néerlandais, tête lion, mini rex, beliers.

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Welcome to our Bundles of Bunnies Rabbitry webpage! My name is Brandy, my daughter and I strive to raise the best rabbits we can, in type, health, temperament, and personality. We have Mini Lops and Polish rabbits for show/brood or some for pet homes :) We only breed to attain the breed standard of perfection, health, type, and personality Mini Lop Rabbit for Sale sixpksena. I have a very sweet, clean and friendly Black and White Mini Lop doe that needs a good ho.. Mini Lop, Michigan » Orion charter Township. $30 Baby mini lop rabbits ,rabbit mini lops 7 weeks old. New South Wales. $ 60. I have 4 pure bred mini lops for sale 7 weeks old. 1 x buck orange and white $60. 1 x buck blue and white $60. 1 x doe all white slight grey markings $60. 5. aussietraders.com.au. Report Ad

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Besides being so very cute, the Mini Lop Rabbit is a favorite bunny because they are so sweet and cuddly. These rabbits will stay smaller than a regular rabbit and they make a great pet for children. They are also very intelligent, being able to learn a variety of tricks and commands and can be litter boxed trained I can't believe these 3 still don't have forever homes yet If I... didn't have so many boys the black otter split buck would definitely be staying Black otter split mini plush lop buck Black otter vm mini plush lop doe Black otter vm mini plush lop buck Message me for more information See Mor Plush Lops Well.....If you know me....I am always up to something I am attempting to create something similar to the plush lop. Having recently spoke with a friend of the original creator of this velvet lovely, she wanted to create a pet rabbit with lots of fun colors, easy maintenance , and loveable nature

Mini Lop For Sale in Georgia (15) Mini Rex For Sale in Georgia (12) Lionhead rabbit For Sale in Georgia (11) Flemish Giant For Sale in Georgia (9) Netherland Dwarf rabbit For Sale in Georgia (6) Rabbit For Sale in Georgia (6) Dutch rabbit For Sale in Georgia (5) Plush Lop For Sale in Georgia (5) French Lop For Sale in Georgia (4) Show Mor

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Breeding quality Holland Lops and French Lops for show and Mini Plush Lops for loving homes. What they need. Rabbits can be a low maintenance pet. Their basic needs are: water, food (a balanced diet), shelter, a place to hide, a friend, something to chew on, room to hop around and play and a clean pen 31 Mini Lop Rabbits for Sale Austin, Texas. Posted on October 18, 2014 by cheyenneroa. 31 Mini Lop Rabbits located in Austin, Texas. Are you searching to find quality rabbits for sale in Austin, Texas? Contact the Seller of these Texas Mini Lop Rabbits You might just be in luck because at my rabbitry we Mini Lops are bigger than Holland Lops. The only way I would ever even consider it, would be if the Holland Lop was a huge brood doe. Even then, Holland Lops are challenging sometimes with a Holland Lop buck because they carry the dwarf gene. And you couldn't sell pedigreed rabbits. Not that that would make any difference, just my personal. Mini Lops are generally very easy to care for and are a popular breed for pets due to their size and fun-loving nature. They weigh between 2.6lbs and 4lbs with 3.6lbs being the ideal. Mini Lops are known for their short, cobby bodies, round heads, and massive appearance in a small rabbit

Pure mini lop baby rabbits. Swindon, Swindon. £80. Beautiful baby pure lop ears rabbits for sale. These are pure mini lops, they are £80 each and will be available for collection on 27th July Contents1 1.Baby Lionhead Rabbits For Sale2 2.Giant Baby Continental Rabbits3 3. Mini Lop Bunnies.4 4.Adorable Baby Rabbits For Sale, Lionheads, Mini Li5 5. Vaccinated Baby Lionhead Rabbits6 6.We Have The Worlds Biggest Bunnies7 7.Giant Papillon X Californian Ready Now!!8 8. True Flemish Giant9 9. Baby Flemish Giant Rabbits10 10. 2 Gorgeous Hotot Rabbits For Sale 1.Baby Lionhead Rabbits For [ Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our Safe Deposit Service. Read more about it here. ALWAYS view the pet and confirm the seller is genuine. Before contacting the seller, you MUST read our Pet Buying/Adoption Checklist below Purebred True Mini Plush Lop bunny rabbits (Rockmart) Wait list is now open! 2 bunnies available. Babies are born and raised inside my house, well socialized by myself and 3 kids and started on litter box training!! $200-225. $75 non refundable deposit (goes towards price of bunny), your name, phone number and city you're located in are needed to be placed on wait list Average pricing for a Mini Plush Lop ranges between $275.00-$325.00. Price is affected by factors such as size, fur quality, type/confirmation, and colouring. Occasionally I will have brood quality stock which will be sold at a higher price than the average Mini Plush Lop. Deposits can be sent via mail (cash or cheque), E-transfer or Paypal

2. Pet your mini lop carefully. Mini lops are pretty sturdy as far as rabbits go, but they don't like being handled roughly. Pat your mini lop gently on the head and cheeks. if your rabbit is timid approach it from the side where they can see. Never toss him, push him or pull him by the legs, ears or tail Favourite. $100.00. Mini-lop bunny. Mississauga / Peel Region 21/06/2021. A mini lop bunny. Very cute, social and litter trained. Toys, hay and food included. Cage is offered for additional cost with a bowl, a hiding space, a water bottle along with a litter box. Bedding can be offered for extra cost if interested Mini Lop can only have 2 to 3 kits per litter. Other breeds can have as many as 8 or 7 offspring. Check out the For Sale and Rehoming page to find your ideal Mini Lop. Want to learn more about other popular pet rabbit breeds, read The 6 Most Loved Rabbit Breeds Frankly, if you were interested in a rex-furred lop breed you'd be 100% better off with velveteen lops, in my opinion I've yet to meet or hear about a reputable plush lop breeder - all the ones I've seen just breed them to sell as overpriced pets, without much standard or consistency Breeder Listing The ARBA Breeder List represents only those who have purchased this service. Please note the following: The ARBA is not responsible for the content of any link, however; inappropriate links will be removed. The ARBA does not provide or imply a guarantee or warranty pertaining to th

Sydney Mini Lops are a boutique rabbitry based in Sydney's Central West. Our interest in rabbits began many years ago. From having family pet rabbits around the house to the excitement of seeing our first Mini Lop babies, our interest soon evolved into a passion to provide the best possible pets to those sharing our love of rabbits I raise pedigreed and show quality mini lops, flemish giants, and french lops. Lowell, MI Mini Lops Chelsea Pipkins chelseasrabbitry@yahoo.com 616-581-6203. Whisper's Rabbitry I raise quality Mini Lops and Californians near Grand Rapids, Michigan. I raise Mini Lops for show, brood, and pets This unique breed is considered hypoallergenic by many, come with the personality of a puppy, the plush fur of a mini rex and the lopped ears and size of a holland. I just happen to have a few litters ready to go soon and my wait list is satisfied

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  1. iature livestock. Mini Horse's, Nigerian Dwarf Goat's, Pygmy Goat's, Mini Donkey's.
  2. The Netherland Dwarf was used for size, the Mini Rex was used for fur type, the Holland Lop was used for body type and temperament and the Mini Lop was used to help drop the ears or widen the crown. Because of the four breeds used to produce the Mini Plush lop, the possibilities in colors and varieties are endless
  3. My Mini Plush Lops About > Buying a Plush Lop Contact me! Adopt a Rescue! Sales Agreements. Pet Mini Plush Sales Agreement ☆《-----》☆ This agreement applies to all pet rabbit sales specified and unspecified. If this particular sales agreement is not used in a rabbit sale, a custom agreement will be made in its place.
  4. Mini plush lop babies in Braintree £120 . Courtney . Posting for 1+ year. Braintree £120 . Mum and dad are both full plush lops. Come with birth certificate, care sheet and barley treats and also change over food. Will also be wormed, flead and mite treated and I will also cut their nails. I do weekly pics and videos
  5. Ultra Rare Mini Plush Lop Doe. This advert is located in and around Cardiff, South Wales. Add me on FB for more videos/ pics Fairytale Mini Lops Mini plush Lop Doe.. white velvet fur with specks of orange, brown/green eyes. Tiny, fits in the palm of your hand Just stunning, the..
  6. i lop bunnies ready to leave in 4 weeks, looking for forever homes, mum And dad can be seen, they are have been handled since birth, they enjoy running around the grass and eating greens along with their... Read more >>. More >>

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Born May 27th French Lop x New Zealand Bunnies. All 4 should be female. You can text me at +17802668162 for more pictures and informatio Girls Mini Backpack Womens Small Backpack Purse Teens Cute Glitter Travel Backpack Casual School Bookbag (Rice White Nylon) 4.7 out of 5 stars 142. $23.99 $ 23. 99. Plush Large Stuffed Lop Rabbit Doll Backpack,Best Gift 22Inches. 4.7 out of 5 stars 892. $29.99 $ 29. 99. FREE Shipping by Amazon Plush Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit with two varieties: Miniature and Standard. There is also a Canadian Plush Lop breed in development. Similar in appearance, the Velveteen Lop breed is also in development. Miniature Plush Lops were the first to be developed. Devie D'anniballe began creating this breed in 1995 in the United States

Berry Hill Mini Plush Lops. Welcome to Berry Hill Mini Plush lops. We are breeding some of the most gorgeous pet rabbits you can find with ideal temperaments. We occasionally have babies for sale to loving pet homes. Please see our About us page for more details about current babies for sale We also have 3 large breed dogs that are around the bunnies. I am a small breeder only raising holland lops and mini plush lops and I specialize in improving the breed, type and providing the most socialized and friendly companions I can. I do not raise them strictly for the money as I roll most of the money back into them and improving my lines

Oatsheaf mini plush & mini lops . Welcome Mini lops Mini Plush Lop Does Mini Plush Lop Bucks Mini rex For sale Breed standard Contact us Conditions of Sale Care Sheet Conditions of sale. If you would like to reserve a kit, please contact me by phone, e-mail or by using the contact page on this site. I will not buy the hutch or the rabbit. Holland Lops have been a part of my family since I was a child and I am happy to be sharing the same wonderful experiences I had with them with my own children. Ranging from 2-4lbs the Holland Lops' size and sweet nature makes a wonderful addition to any family. Mini Lops Have stolen our hearts My Mini Plush Lops About > Buying a Plush Lop Contact me! Adopt a Rescue! Home My Mini Plush Lops About > Buying a Plush Lop Contact me! Adopt a Rescue! You dont need to buy everything on this list or the exact brand, this is just examples of items that you might want to get to prepare for your new bunny and a rough idea of all the things.

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Welcome. My name is Nicki and I live in Great Bookham, a beautiful part of Surrey, close to the M25 and A3 & only 15 miles south of London. I have been breeding rabbits for over 30 years & now share this great hobby with my children, specialising in Pedigree Mini Lops. They are a small, easy breed to handle & have lovely temperaments Mini Plush Lop: Weight: 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds. Body Type: This breed was created in the late 1990s by Devie D'Anniballe by mixing the Mini rex, Mini Lop, and Holland Lop. It is not recognize by ARBA at the time of this writing. The fur is like that of a rex, the appearance between that of a small Mini Lop and Holland Lop Mini Lop rabbits are available for sale at specialty rabbitries that can be found by contacting the American Rabbit Breeders Assocation. Pet shops do not usually carry this breed of rabbits in stores. Reputable breeders of Mini Lop rabbits have extensive experience and have researched the breed thoroughly to produce healthy, show-quality rabbits Welcome to Peachy Buns' Rabbitry! We are so glad that you stopped by! We are a small rabbitry located in Kingston, GA, just north of Atlanta, GA, where we raise quality Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. At our rabbitry we focus on the quality of life that our rabbits enjoy. They are each loved on, well cared for, and receive free time outside. If you are an AMLRC member and would like to participate in this Mini Lop Breeder Listing, you can send a message to the AMLRC via the Contacts and Links tab, message the American Mini Lop Club on Facebook, or email dpschmidt80@gmail.com. This is a free service to AMLRC breeders. We hope you find it helpful

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  1. We have several great plush bunny puppets made by our friends at Folkmanis, including two plush rabbits in hats. One is a stuffed rabbit finger puppet and the other is a rabbit stage puppet. What better way to train a future magician than to start with a plush bunny puppet and work up to the real thing
  2. 16 Mini Lop Bunnies located in Dallas, Texas. Are you looking to find quality bunnies for sale in Dallas, TX?. Contact the Seller of these Texas Mini Lop Rabbits. You may just be in luck because at my Texas Mini Lop Rabbitry we breed and raise nice quality Mini Lop Bunny Rabbits
  3. Mini Plush Lops in South Surrey/White Rock, B.C. I have been breeding rabbits off and on from the age of ten in 1970. I have had a number of rabbit breeds over the year, Velveteen Lop, English Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf to name a few

Plush lops (standard size) Plush lops were created by Chritine Toyer in Australia. Are a dwarf lop X Standard rex rabbit. Are to look like a dwarf lop with rex fur. Weigh 1.9 - 2.5kg (ideal weight is 2.1kg). There is also mini plush lops from Mini lop to mini rex mating (to look like a mini lop with rex fur). These are still breeds in development Mini lops are one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the world and with good reason. The miniature lop is adorable, yes, but there's more to it than floppy ears and a diminutive size. When it comes to the mini lop, do you have the 411? The mighty Mini Lop — it's like Grumpy Cat without the grump When your plush arrives, you can gently comb and style the fur to look just like the real Norbert! This squishable plush stands about 7 tall and is 11 long from tip of the nose to tip of the tail. Your Norbert mini-plush is: machine wash, gentle cycle, air dry. Do not use a dryer. child safe for Ages 3 and up

Buffy is a Fawn/Tan colored Lop girl bunny. Energetic and loving little bunny. Ready to go home with you now. All of my bunnies come with a baggie of feed and a birth certificate. $150. Text Dianne at 281-455-3943 to reserve. Pick up in Friendswood Texas Houston Texas Netherland Dwarf Holland Lop Lion Head Mini Lop Color Guide . Here you will find all Mini Lop colors described per the standard as well as photos of newborn kits up to mature seniors. This is an ongoing work in progress, please be paitient. If you have a photo you would like to submit for this page, feel free to email me at glacierminilops@gmail.com A Girl Can Do It If I can do it, you can too! Simple, thrifty & fun DIY for everyone Raising Purebred Holland Lops, Lionheads, English Angoras, Velveteen Lops, and Mini Plush Lops For Quality, Not Quantity!! Now doing bunny nail clippings for $15.00 a bunny. Please keep in mind this is a price for maintenance nail care, meaning you bring them every 3 to 4 months to be clipped

The darker fur can be many different colors, like our bunnies in the picture above. Their colors are (clockwise from top left): blue, black, agouti, fawn, chocolate, and tortoiseshell. Dutch bunnies stay small (about 4 to 5 pounds), and have straight ears. Holland Lop & Mini Lop. The smallest lop rabbits available Our Mini Plush Lop Buck Our Mini Plush Lop Doe In The Nesting Box Available Bunnies Available Cavies Our Sale Policy Rabbit Care About Us Contact Us OUR HOLLAND LOP BUCKS. Hailey's Hoppy Bear. Bear is a super sweet very small compact buck who has done very well on the show table and we are looking forward to getting some babies from him to help.

Located at Reynella Phone for i. $80. Old Reynella, SA. 19/12/2020. Baby Mini Lop Plush Rabbits. 6 baby mini lop plush rabbits for sale! They will be ready to be brought into their new homes by the 2nd of February 2021. $30 deposit plus additional $70 when you ollect your rabbit. $100. Roseville, NSW Sigmall 2pcs Realistic Easter Bunnies Lifelike Mini White Rabbits Cute Plush Fur Animal Furry Easter Bunny Decoration Stuffed Toys For Photographs. 3.8 out of 5 stars. 4. $14.99. $14. . 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Mar 26. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

Seaside Viennas - Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breeder - Perth, WA. Rabbits. 15 images. We are a small rabbitry in Warnbro-Perth, Western Australia. We breed mini lops and netherland dwarfs. We breed mostly vienna marked, but do on occasion have non-viennas available (free from the read more. Warnbro, WA Mini Rex Brief Description : The Mini Rex is an adorable medium size rabbit (~4 pounds) that comes in a variety of colors, some solid, some striped, and some spotted (like the one pictured left). All Mini Rex breeds have the distinctive plush Rex fur which is extraordinarily short and smooth. Netherland Dwarfs Brief Description If you don't have a lot of space, consider getting a smaller breed, like a Lionhead or Mini Rex. For an easy-going, sociable rabbit, look into getting a Mini Plush Lop or a French Lop. Or, you can get a Dutch Rabbit, which is a breed that's usually great with kids Dwarf Lops and Mini Lops can currently command high prices as they are a relatively new breed. Prices vary from state to state. Expect to pay from $30 for a pet, up to $90 for a show quality rabbit. Once purchased, they do not cost much to feed. Grooming. Dwarf lops and Mini lops don't need much grooming, just a brush through the coat once a.

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You'll love that these sweet plush toys come in such a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs to suit anyone's tastes. In addition to making great gifts for kids, many of these cute stuffed cats and dogs make thoughtful presents for adults as well. And thanks to the incredibly low prices, you can buy in bulk and still stick to your budget If you have any questions or queries about availability, please phone me on 0872143992 or email t1@live.ie or find us on facebook @ Tonis Pets Ireland. Thanks for viewing my website. Netherland Dwarfs Ireland. Mini Lops Ireland. Chinchilla Breeder Ireland. African Pygmy Hedgehog For Sale Breeder Ireland Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. We're also a community pushing for positive change for small businesses, people, and the planet History. Bob Herschbach discovered the Mini Lop breed at a German National Rabbit Show in Essen, Germany in 1972, where it was known as a Klein Widder.These first Mini Lops were originated from the German Big Lop and the small Chinchilla.These two breeds came originally in Agouti and white colors.. German lops were about 8 pounds (3.6 kg), slender and large with thick ears FOR SALE: MINI LOP/MINI REX & MINI REX/REX CROSSES I have three Mini Lop/Mini Rex rabbits for sale. They are white with black spots and will be ready for pick up the last week of July. Also have a 12 week old Mini Rex/Rex cross buck available