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  1. If your neighbor or someone else cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree on your property without your permission, that person is required to compensate you (the tree owner) for your loss. If necessary, you can sue to enforce your rights
  2. It is always best to check if there are any local laws about cutting a neighbor's trees, but generally, most state and local laws permit you to prune parts of your neighbor's tree that cross the property line into your side without asking your neighbor. You may only prune up to the property line and must stay on your property
  3. Generally, if your neighbor is found to have cut down or destroyed a tree you shared, your damages are measured by subtracting the market value of your land after the tree was destroyed from the market value of the land immediately before the tree was destroyed. Can I Prevent a Neighbor from Cutting Down Shared Trees
  4. g your neighbor's overhanging branches must be done carefully

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  1. An individual is only allowed to trim a neighbor's tree up to the property line. He may not enter the neighbor's property to trim or destroy the tree. If you want to trim overhanging branches of your neighbor's tree, it is always best to ask for permission out of respect, even though you don't really need it
  2. Recently (March 26), a neighbor hired a tree service company to cut down a couple of trees, one of which was on his property and one that was on ours. We received a note on our door two days prior to the trees being cut down advising us to move our vehicles so that they would not be damaged by falling limbs
  3. Neighbor Cutting down all the trees ruining value of my property at 205 North Tarboro St. Raleigh, North Carolina: How is it that it is ok to cut all the trees down on the lot lines in this neighborhood that has already lost so many to the tornado? My back neighbor cut a 150 foot Magnolia yesterday, and today the cutter says he's going to clear all the others left. 2 tall deciduous trees
  4. According to the legal advice website NOLO, the tree doesn't have to be chopped down to cause a legal battle. If you or your neighbor decide to trim branches, cut tree roots, or treat parts of the tree with a chemical that ultimately causes damage to the tree or your neighbor's trees, you could be liable for damages
  5. The basic rule is that someone who cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree without permission owes the tree's owner money to compensate for the harm done. You can sue to enforce that right -- but you probably won't have to, once you tell your neighbor what the law is. My neighbor's tree looks like it's going to fall on my house any day now
  6. The client's neighbor cut down two large trees near the property line without the permission of the client. After the client and the neighbor were unable to work out the dispute, the client represented herself by filing suit in Magistrate Court. Unfortunately for the client, the neighbor hired an attorney and prevailed at the Magistrate Court.

Cutting down a tree is a drastic measure that your neighbor may balk at. Therefore, if the problem that you are having with the tree can be solved by simply trimming it, it is best to suggest it as a viable option If the trunk of a tree is located in your neighbor's yard, but branches extend onto your property, the neighbor is the legal owner of the tree. That means you can't cut it down, but you do have the..

Old lady neighbor is purposely cutting down trees and shrubs in my yard. (Massachusetts) my old lady neighbor, been there since i was born. stuck up. rich and rude, she is usually gone in the warmer months to her beach house and doesn't bother us when its green outside Instead of hiring a tree service, they had a friend come over one day with a chain saw, cutting a few limbs and telling us that he 'occasionally cuts down trees.' The only conclusion we can reach.. Martha's Vineyard property owners and their tree contractor cut down ten mature trees on a neighbor's property to improve their own view of the ocean Laws and Legalities Before cutting the hedges that sit between you and your neighbor, it's crucial that you determine whether they are actually contained on your side of the property line and not.. State law giving authority to certain county commissioners courts to prohibit or restrict clear-cutting of live oak trees in unincorporated parts of the county. Trees are often regulated by Texas municipalities. Be sure to also check your local code of ordinances for additional laws on trees

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  1. 1. Talk things out first. You can't march into your neighbor's yard and cut down a tree that isn't yours. But what you can do is express concern that his or her tree is at risk of damaging your property the next time a big storm rolls around. Your neighbor may agree to take it down. Or, if you're really worried, you can offer to split the cost.
  2. An example of an intentional tort is a neighbor purposefully trespassing on your property and cutting down a tree that you own. Typically, the court treats intentional torts with greater severity than negligent torts
  3. disputes. In March 2012, a neighbor shot and killed Dennis E. Liller of Given our communal affinity for trees, it is no surprise that property disputes involving trees are common. All across this country, neighbors fight to let trees grow, to cut trees down, or simply to decide who owns the trees in the first place. Thes
  4. In some cases a neighbor's tree may actually block a view of something unpleasant -- such as a garbage collection site or freeway -- and the cutting down of trees may also cause friction. This section contains information and resources relating to trees and neighbors, including laws and information on what you can do to protect the enjoyment of.

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  1. g it. In addition to a number of protected species of trees, there are also neighbor laws that govern how to deal with trees along property lines
  2. Cutting down trees. When it comes to cutting down trees that may straddle both your and your neighbor's property, the general rule is that the owner of the property where the tree's trunk is located is considered the owner of the tree. However, branches that hang over property lines can generally be trimmed by the property owner as long as.
  3. Expert arborist verification was provided in both of these cases on the renovation price of the cut trees. Then there was also the case where a Somerset family recuperated a $150,000 wrongful death payment after a lady plunged to her death after her neighbor unlawfully cut down a strip of sentimental trees. Branches Above The Property Lin
  4. Postscript: It's been a year since my neighbor cut down the trees, and the hillside has recovered beautifully. There is one pine which was sheared in half. It still stands at least 100 feet tall, but with no canopy — making it the perfect raptor perch. Eagles and hawks perch on this tree all day long
  5. No, your neighbor can't cut down your tree. They can only trim branches that stretch over the property line. The law forbids any further cutting or destruction of the tree. For the neighbor to cut your tree, they would have to trespass over your property—which is illegal
  6. The Legal Damages When a Neighbor Cuts Down Trees on Your Property. Q. In the course of clearing his property, my neighbor crossed our common boundary line and also cut down a number of trees on my land. What damages are available? Under New York common law, damages for injury to property are generally limited to the amount of actual.

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Chopping down trees without permission or having a neighbor cut down a tree on your property is inevitably a tense area of law. Damage to trees has become increasingly complex over the years based on the various measures of damages, defenses to these actions, and expert witnesses with knowledge of how to defeat and prosecute these claims On Saturday 5/25/2013 our neighbor cut down several beautiful lilac trees that are questionable of who's property they are on. These trees gave us privacy and made the side of our house look presentable. Now there is a big hole and our dogs can get into his property with no restrictions. We were never consulted about the trees being cut down

First of all, IANAL* and your options depend on a lot of details that aren't included in your question. * Were the trees actually on your property? As others have mentioned, it makes a difference if the trees were on a property line, are on your p.. My neighbor who owns a house behind my house cut tree and bushes on my property . This is the 2nd time this has happened. He cut down one of our trees in 05/2015 while we were not at home. It was reported to Police and he promised us not to come back to our property again. He owned two lots and recently sold one of the lots to his cousin

Now if you dont mind the tree coming down tell her she can pay to have it cut down and the stump removed and any re-landscaping needed to cover that area up again. That solves everyones problem. If you like the tree and dont want it cut down then tell her to go pound sand bc its your tree and you like it where it is Subject: Neighbor cutting down all trees Anonymous I can understand the neighbor, only because we moved into a home this year, and there are two trees in spots that just work terribly for our family/ or the size is just too much/ or the wrong type of tree for the intended purpose A dead tree in my yard came down across my privacy fence and a limb landed in neighbor's yard. I hired a tree company to get the limb out of the fence, clean up branches on the neighbor property and cut down the rest of the tree so it would not fall again on neighbor property. I also had another tree cut down on the back of my property to.

Bill decided to cut down the trees. He told his neighbor, Suds Wolfinger, what he planned. Suds was shocked. He liked the trees, because they served as a barrier between his business and the restaurant. Plus, his customers liked parking under them, using the shade while they wiped down their cars. He asked Bill not to cut them down Neighbor cut down our tree (Pennsylvania) A few weeks ago (I believe it was 11/11) I looked out my back window as I was pouring coffee as I do every morning and noticed a tree was gone. The previous day was windy and I thought maybe the tree broke. I went out to look and the tree was gone, cut down to a stump and completely gone This will depend on who is cutting down the tree. If it is being cut professionally, the tree removal company would likely be held responsible. On the other hand, if an inexperienced neighbor is cutting down a tree on his own or trimming large limbs that damage your home, he will be held responsible

However, the law only allows tree trimming and tree cutting up to the property line. You may not go onto the neighbor's property or destroy the tree. If you do harm the tree, you could be found liable for up to three times the value of the tree. Most trees have a replacement value of between $500 and $2500. Ornamental or landmark trees can have. The neighbor hired an unlicensed day laborer to trim a tree which was encroaching over his property. But the worker also cut (i.e., hacked with a chain saw) substantial parts of the tree and that were on the tree owner's land. The property owner sued for wrongful injury to timber and won the trial If you live in Maryland and own property, you own the property from the center of the planet to the useful area of sky above the land! Whether you can cut your neighbor's tree that has branches hanging over your land, the Maryland courts follow the Hawaiian Rule whereby the owner of the tree has no obligation to control the growth of the tree or to pay for damage to your property.

51,171 satisfied customers. Over the summer I had a neighbor come onto my property and. Over the summer I had a neighbor come onto my property and my neighbors property and cut down over 50 small trees (approximately 2 inches in diameter and 10-290 feet in height. These trees were 100% o read more. Law Pro A pair of petty neighbors in Sheffield, UK, took to lopping off half a tree when they claimed that noisy birds were causing a ruckus over their driveway. Attempts to cut back the tree to. The first thing you need to know is that where the roots are, the rights are. In other words, if a tree trunk is partly on your property, that means you are a part owner of the tree. If the trunk is in your neighbor's yard, but the branches extend onto your property, the law of overhanging branches typically allows you to trim the tree

Neighbor cut down four healthy shade trees. When my husband and I purchased our house six years ago one main contributor was all of the large shade trees in our yard and our next door neighbor's. We have always gotten along with him fine. However, yesterday he cut down four huge (healthy) shade trees and now our backyard is completely exposed The median amount paid by insurance companies for settled tree claims was $4,110. Seven percent of all settled claims were caused by a fallen tree. Compare that with the most costly type of claims. This means you may not go into your neighbor's yard for a better angle when cutting or destroy the tree. If you harm the tree, you could be found liable for up to three times the value of the tree. Most trees have a replacement value between $500 and $2500, so it's important to use extreme caution when trimming trees City, State, Zip Code. RE: Tree Complaint. Dear Name of Receiver: I have just moved into this house three weeks ago and have not yet met you and your family. I made several attempts to find you at home without success. This letter is a formal request to have the maple tree that is at the end of your driveway either trimmed back or cut down Florida Laws on Trimming a Neighbor's Trees and How Far to Plant Trees from a Fence. Florida law prevents you from cutting down a neighbor's tree or even entering a neighbor's property without the owner's permission. However, utility companies are excused from this prohibition under Section 163.3209 of the Florida Statutes.. Furthermore, some trees are protected under Florida law, such.

Mr. T Playing Lumberjack; Neighbor Upset by Tree-Felling. May 21, 1987. LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) _ The burly Mr. T, who annoyed his neighbors when he put up a stockade-like fence around his house, now has taken a chainsaw to his trees. That does not sit well with some members of this wealthy Chicago suburb, which happens to be named after its trees Overhanging Branches on Your Property. Even if the tree trunk is on your neighbor's property, you have the responsibility for cutting any branches that extend onto your property line. You are responsible for the cost of cutting any branches you choose to trim. You can cut back anything up to your property line If your neighbor still refuses to cut down the trees, the city would cut them down at your neighbor's expense. Failure to pay the city would result in a lien being placed on your neighbor's property I have a large magnolia tree with branches that go over my fence into a neighbor's driveway. They are cutting down a tree in their backyard and the tree people are tearing up the tree. They told me any branches over their property are theirs. I need an answer quickl Am I the only one who thinks the neighbor is full of crap about telling the tree guys not to cut that down? I'm guessing he thought it would be easier to claim it was an accident then go through the hassle of having to deal with if it could or could not be cut down

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Armed neighbors cut down a tree to block man's driveway because they thought he had coronavirus. A disturbing incident illustrates the dangers of misinformation in the new age of the coronavirus. By 32-Veronicca Street, New York. May 22, 2012. Mr. Steven Harris. 31-Veronicca Street, New York. Dear Mr. Harris, You have been a wonderful neighbor to us and I want to personally say goodbye to you through this letter. Our family will be leaving town to move abroad because I have been offered a good job there What a neighbor cannot do is cut down any part of the tree that is at their boundary, enter their property to prune it, or cut down the tree itself. Sometimes a tree is planted directly on a boundary. In this case, it is considered property of both houses, however, a neighbor can only cut it on their side and cannot tear it down without your. You Buzzed My 18' Brazilian Trees!!! 4/20/2021 4:54 PM PT. TMZ/Getty. Michael Richards allegedly pulled off a caper some people might call Kramer-ish -- cutting down a neighbor's 30-year-old trees.

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Florida law prohibits a neighbor from cutting down a neighbor's tree or even entering a neighbor's property without permission from the owner. However, utility companies are exempted from this prohibition, under Section 163.3209 of the Florida Statutes. Furthermore, some trees are protected under Florida law such as mangrove trees We have conifers in our garden that have been there for 20 years plus. We regularly cut them down to avoid blocking light to those at the back. However neighbors at the back have complained that the trees are going into their property and psychotherapy boundary fence down. We have said they able to cut the trees back

You can bring a lawsuit asking for several things, including having the court order the neighbor to cut the tree or branches down, giving you permission to cut the tree or branches yourself, and awarding you the costs of doing any pruning yourself. The primary claims to be made in a case like this are called trespass, nuisance, and. As the tree owner, you can decide to coddle your tree or cut it down, even if your neighbor protest that removing your tree will expose his once-shaded patio to the blazing sun. Tip: If you and your neighbor are co-owners of a true boundary-line tree, then you cannot cut down the tree without your neighbor's consent, and vice-versa. You and you If, for example, you are worried about shading, it may be that the tree can be thinned rather than chopped down. A mutually agreeable solution will be preferable to a lengthy, costly and bitter legal battle. Cutting a tree. If the roots or branches of your neighbour's tree encroach on your land, you can cut them back to the boundary line

A tree with a truck that straddles both properties is a boundary tree and both neighbors are responsible for it. Fruit that falls from a neighbor's tree into your yard is yours, but remains the. You can cut back any overhanging branch that comes into your property. However, the cut branch (es), and any fruit or flowers attached to the branch (es) remain the property of the tree owner and must be returned. If the tree has a Preservation Order on it then you cannot cut/pare any branches. Your local council will have a list of. When words fail, sometimes you just have to cut down half a tree - at least, that's what one couple did. The couple, in Sheffield, U.K., called in an arborist to cut down half of the branches. You may not enter your neighbor's property to trim or remove a tree or other plant without first getting your neighbor's consent. If you wish to trim or cut down a tree that is close to a public road, you may need to apply to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for a permit. You should also check with your county and municipality.

Title 17, §2510 Unlawful cutting of trees. 4. Restitution. The court shall inquire of the prosecutor or the owner of the property on which the tree was cut down or felled the extent of the owner's financial loss. With the owner's consent, the court shall order restitution when appropriate on the basis of an adequate factual foundation My Neighbor Cut Down My Tree - Damages. Chopping down, or killing, your neighbor's tree, even unintentionally, can lead to both criminal and civil damages. Pursuant to California Penal Code sections 384a and 622, it is a criminal offense to harm or remove a tree on someone else's land punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and up to six months in. Types of Illegal Cutting. PARKS: Trees growing within the boundaries of City of Seattle, Department of Parks and Recreation-owned parks and boulevards, as well as City-owned greenbelts may only be pruned after obtaining a permit from the Department of Parks and Recreation. Tree removal is not allowed for view improvement. Tree topping is prohibited on all Parks properties First, Neighbor B could do nothing and let the limbs grow as it pleases. Second, Neighbor B could ask Neighbor A to trim the tree. Thirdly, Neighbor B may trim or cut all the limbs the limbs that are on his side property up to, and up and down the property line, but cannot cross the property line. This is done at Neighbor B's own expense

Cutting a neighbor's trees without that neighbor's knowledge or consent will only lead to un-neighborly disputes that might lead you to court. If the pruning makes a drastic difference in the tree's appearance or health or your tree care provider needs to access your neighbor's property , the tree owner must be made aware of this action. Unfortunately, sometimes a neighbor or someone else may have cut down or damaged your tree without permission. By law, that person is required to compensate you for the damage whether the damage was intentional, an accident, or by mistake. A certified arborist can provide the valuation of compensation levels for the tree or plants damaged If a neighbor or someone else has cut down a tree, bush, or similar object on your property, contact Dodosh Law Offices, LLC at 844-CLE-LAW1 ( 844-253-5291) . Or, you can email Attorney Nicholas Dodosh at nicholas@clevelandsinjurylawyer.com or fill out a contact form and Attorney Dodosh will get in touch with you. Google

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Your neighbor may think they have the right to cut your tree down, but California state law and civil court precedent say the opposite. State code makes it clear that individuals cannot cut down or even trim plants and trees on someone else's property without written permission That house was purchased a few years ago, maybe 3 years. The trees were fir trees that grew straight up with little overhang, but one was different, grew very tall and wide and the roots were damaging the driveways. The neighbor and I talked and I agreed to split the cost of cutting down that one tree

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Neighbors cutting down trees (update 3/19/21) A friend of mine is coming to get about 10 seedlings I dug out of my yard. She is planting a row of trees across the end of her yard. I feel that it is a positive reaction to the loss of the trees in my neighborhood lately. And, I thought of an idea, which might be practical or not-put a tax on. The neighbor owns 5 properties that back up to me and my neighbors, he cut all the trees down. You can only control the trees on your property. We took out a bush to put in the tree. 05/26/2016 00:42 Subject: Re:Neighbor cutting down all trees. Anonymous: I will soon be a neighbor who cuts down all trees..

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Neighbor trouble, Braeburn Lane: Police were dispatched 4:40 p.m. May 26 for a property line dispute between neighbors where a man was cutting down trees in the woods. While looking for the cut. Jun 4, 2014. #3. If one property owner cuts down the tree whose trunk straddles the property line of the neighbor, the neighbor who gave no consent for the tree's removal would be entirely within his or her right to file a legal action for trespass and resulting damages against the property owner who removed the tree Here is a release for him to sign. Good luck and remember to press accept so that I may get credit. RELEASE OF LIABILITY _ _____ (tree cutting service) and its' employees, and independent contractors knows and voluntarily accepts the risks of tree cutting. _____ (insert tree cutting service's name) and its' employees and independent contractors agrees to waive all liability claims against. Neighbor brazenly whacks down trees without owner's permission, suit claims (video) Updated Jan 09, 2019; Posted Jun 02, 2015 Lawsuit claims neighbor cut down trees in another's yar In this story an insane neighbor cut a crazy amount of trees down on my property and stole all the timber! This theft is considered a felony and the awful ne..

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I cut down each of the marked trees last fall, except for a clump of white birch that I was partial to seeing in the yard. This spring I am starting the prep work to sow a woodlands meadow of native plants in the resulting cleared area. Win-win. ShaulaB, clearwaterdave and flt158 like this. Back to top At 10:04 a.m. Sunday, a Wisconsin Rapids woman reported her neighbor cut down trees on her property in the 2100 block of Sherri Lane. At 11:13 a.m. Sunday, a caller reported someone stole tools. We had a neighbor cut branches from a tree that posed no danger to their yard or home. An arborvitae tree in the corner of our lot. 2.2 acre lots - seriously? We decided to cut all our border trees down and just commit to a scorched earth policy. They then put up a fence because we have a backyard garden and they didn't like the view Help! My Neighbor's Old Tree is Growing Over my Roof. Let's say about 100 years ago, a family planted an oak tree on the edge of their property. Over generations it's grown into a magnificent tree that provides summer shade, autumn color and a swing for the neighborhood kids. You probably even liked the tree when you bought the house next.

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. My next door neighbor cut down a bunch of trees a few years ago, trees that were close to my house, including a 60 ft tall cedar. I didn't want him to do it, for when I was coming out of the car and had to pee, I could just run into the back yard, completely shielded from view. Alas, those days are over My neighbors tree fell into my yard. He didn't do anything about it. I cut it up and put it on the curb in front of his house, for the city to pick up. He came over and ask why I put the limbs in his front yard. I told him that they were from his fallen tree and that I didn't want the limbs to damage my lovely lawn. His lawn is weeds Quotes: When a tree on the border of my yard and my neighbor's yard uprooted and leaned precariously into their yard, suspended only by a pine tree, we received quotes from several tree companies. Make sure you know for sure who owns the tree. If the full trunk is in your neighbor's yard, the neighbor owns the tree, no matter how many branches or roots grow on your side of the property line.

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A tree, located on the very edge of one property, has been allegedly been sawed in half vertically by its next-door neighbor, and photos from the scene are prompting people to weigh in. The. The law of fallen trees in North Carolina is based primarily on the legal theory of negligence. This theory of negligence means that you would need to have known about the weakness of the tree limb prior to it falling on your neighbor's property and causing damage, adds Bumgardner. And if you had the knowledge and you knew it was a. If you intentionally cut down or prune a tree and it is later discovered that the tree was on your neighbor's property, you can be ordered by a court to pay the value of the tree plus up to three times the value of the tree in punitive damages. Some trees can be valued at more than $4,000

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Luke v. Scott, 187 N.E. 63 (Ind.App. 1933) — This case, going back to Indianapolis in 1931, was about a man, Mr. Scott, who had two trees cut down by his neighbors, Albert and Lizzie Luke. The neighbors said they needed to cut them down to make a fence between their properties, and the trees overhanged their property and were not of much value Your Neighbor's Tree Fell onto Your Property. Under Georgia's Fallen Tree Responsibility laws, if a tree falls on someone's property, it is the homeowner, and not the owner of the tree, who is responsible. In other words, if a tree is rooted in your neighbor's yard and crashes down onto your property, it is your problem That being said, if your neighbor has a tree that looks unhealthy and is a source of concern, talk to him about it before something happens. You can't force someone to cut down a tree, but you can certainly bring it to your neighbor's attention. If he doesn't respond, consider sending a certificated letter Even the best of neighbors may run into tension when faced with issues regarding trees. While one neighbor may be enjoying the shade provided by a beloved old tree, they may not realize that over time, branches have extended into their neighbor's yard, and cause a property line dispute.. While a couple of limbs or some minimal shedding may not present a problem, over time, limbs may pose a.

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Overview: Think twice before you cut or trim your neighbor's trees to improve your view. California's laws for wrongful and malicious tree and timber cutting just got enhanced by the new case of Fulle v.Kanani, where the Court of Appeal allowed treble damages not only for the cost to repair the harm to the property and the damage to the trees maliciously cut, but also for the first time in. While trees may be the most prized possession on someone's land, they can also be one of the largest nuisances to others. Issues include falling leaves, falling branches, limbs hanging over property lines and trees falling down on neighboring properties. With all of this noted, the question truly becomes: to cut or not to cut? Don't Cut Down the Tree. Depending on where you live, if you cut down your neighbor's tree it could be considered trespassing. According to NOLO, some states have laws on the books that make intentional tree damage a crime that can result in a fine or jail time. If you need to cut a fallen tree in your yard, follow these chainsaw safety tips It wasn't a native tree. It wasn't what most would call pretty. And it was so big it dwarfed the little cottage it had grown beside for the past 60 or more years. But the spiky, Seussian monkey puzzle tree that was cut down last January in Ballard by the home's new owners had been like a fellow neighbor to many local residents. Some cried, and others got angry I'd be pissed as hell if my neighbor accidentally cut down my 50 foot oak tree that has been there since 1967. If I just bought the property and had no special attachment to the tree (not certain it's even on his land), I'd forget about it