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The largest and most comprehensive Wizard101 Wiki for all your Wizard101 needs! Guides, Pets, Spells, Quests, Bosses, Creatures, NPCs, Crafting, Gardening and more! As part of the largest Wizard101 Community and Wizard101 Forums online, this is a community wiki that anyone can contribute to A kookaburra pet will be a lifesaver for you because you can get the Leafstorm hit all spell. At L58, you get Forest Lord which will be your go to AoE. However, having a low pip AoE can come in handy for mob fights going forward. You'll have the item card blade which is ALWAYS helpful as a life wizard, and you'll have an extra heal if you want one

Wizard101 → W101 Pet Guides → Best Life PvP Pets; However, we're looking at Life pets in this article, so we go straight to the next Life pet in the list: the Brown Spider. I found two Life overlords with this pet. Both pets were damage pets with zero wards, owned by a Legendary and an Exalted Life overlord Note: Please do not add categories to pages with Infobox Templates, the template will do it for you.. To add an article, image or category to this category, append [[Category:Life School Pets]] to the end of that page. Do not add any text or images directly to this page Ravenwood Academy was founded to give wizards a place to learn about Wizard101. The Academy is a home for exchanging ideas, facing challenges and making friends in a family friendly environment. We seek to be a welcoming community for wizards of all ages and to help wizards on their adventures through the Spiral. We hope you will join us in creating a unique united community for wizards around.

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Legendary Life Pet. Jade Egg. 21 Hours Hatch. Friendly Dragon. Gives a Dragonblade at Baby Pedigree: 52. Strength: 240. Intellect: 190. Agility: 200. Will: 225. Power: 175 Hatches in 5 Minutes. This was a special Pet you could get for referring a friend to Wizard101. If you use a Friendly Dragon with any pet, you do get a Buddy Dragon. Fuchsia. Wizard101 Life School Tips and Tricks Pets My Life wizard's pets (L48) have been somewhat of a disappointment. To be sure, there are some solid abilities, but so far, none of the pets have really made me go, WOW! I actually like the mana talents as it boosts my mana quite a bit in terms of percentage increase and allows me to run. Kookaburra: Life wizards don't get a single AoE before forest lord! Luckily this pet gives a quick fix . And as previous pets, it gives a blade too. Therizinosaurus: Sometimes you face a fight with balance enemies (and sorcerers don't get a prism) . A perfect solution! You also get Elemental trap, which is okay-ish

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Category:Life Pets - Wizard101 Wiki. Posted: (3 days ago) Nov 12, 2010 · Guides, Pets, Spells, Quests, Bosses, Creatures, NPCs, Crafting, Gardening and more! As part of the largest Wizard101 Community and Wizard101 Forums online, this is a community wiki that anyone can contribute to Wizard101. Life AOE Spells. There are many spell types in Wizard101. A common type of spell is an AOE. This refers to spells that target multiple or all the enemies. These spells hits all enemies instead of one. Below is the complete list of all the Life AOE spells, divided into two categories: Spells, and Item Cards & Treasure Cards (TC)

Best life pet? | Wizard101 Free Online Games. Posted: (4 days ago) Oct 10, 2013 · In my opinion, the Sea Turtle in the crowns shop is the best offensive pet for life available for starter life wizards at any level. The Leaf foot is the best healing pet for life. The ones BlazeBlaze111 stated above are great as well Wizard101 Life Spells Guide ( Full list ) MR. WIZARD December 19, 2019. MOST OF Wizard101 life spells ARE KNOWN TO BE Healing SPELLS as life is school is always about healing and supporting, THERE IS 51 life SCHOOL SPELLS THAT YOU CAN TRAIN 19 OF THEM WITH TRAINING POINTS, CRAFT 3 OF THEM, GET THE OTHER 27 SPELLS FROM QUESTS AND FARM FOR 2 SPELLS level 1. diprosess. · 3y · edited 3y. The best pet for a life wizard is a critical damage pet as critical heals are better than outgoing boosted heals and still gives them the stat's to attack. Edit and pigsie can be dropped from loremaster. 5. level 2. vaynesloths. Op · 3y

Wizard101 is a Free Online Multiplayer adventure game! For players who wish to explore beyond the Free to Play zones, there are Prepaid Game Cards available online that may be redeemed for time in the game or Crowns. Each card comes with a Free Pet. The pets change each month and the pet you receive depends on when you REDEEM the card, not when. Pet Hatching #1. I am using a life armament as my base pet (this pet has max stats at first gen and can be obtained with 2000 arena tickets but you must be a PVP Warlord to purchase it). I trained it to adult only and hatched with my friend's pet. The pet and talents I want is on the Decenial dragon Note: Please do not add categories to pages with Infobox Templates, the template will do it for you.. To add an article, image or category to this category, append [[Category:Grizzleheim Pets]] to the end of that page. Do not add any text or images directly to this page

B Pet:Blossom Pixie Pet:Bold Dragon Pet:Bronze Helephant Pet:Brute Piggle Pet:Buddy Dragon Pet:Bumble Bee Pet:Burlap Boy C Pet:Carnation Pixie Pet:Cerise Pixie Pet:Cupig D Pet:Daring Dragon.. War Oni drops the sunbird pet. Jade Palace: Jade Oni drops the jade oni pet. Shirataki Temple: Plague Oni drops the tough troll and the life scarab pet. Wavebringer drops the storm bat pet. Tree of Life: Akuji drops the green ghost and the red banshee pet. Death Oni drops the dire ghoul and the leprechaun pet The Kookaburra (Life) pet is used in 4 combination. The Raging Bull (Fire) pet is used in 5 combination. The Rain Core (Storm) pet is used in 4 combinations. The Ghulture (Death) pet is used in 5 combination. The Wandering Eye (Myth) pet is used in 4 combination. The Ice Golem (Ice) pet is used in 4 combination What is the best pet in wizard101? Probably the best pet in the game (as of now) is the Sea Dragon, no selfish talents, all talents are generic (good for ALL schools, not just one) 12,500 crowns in the crownshop, only bad thing is that it is kinda goofy lookin'. So train it up and use it for hatching with a pet you like Note: Please do not add categories to pages with Infobox Templates, the template will do it for you.. To add an article, image or category to this category, append [[Category:Item Card Giving Pets]] to the end of that page. Do not add any text or images directly to this page.. List of subcategories

Purpose of a Critical Pet. Critical pets, as I understand them, are primarily used in PvP to push critical ratings through the roof and land that double hit as often as possible. Before some of the more recent updates, criticals weren't reliable at all, and block easily surpassed all critical levels - at least where people were sensible with gear Type: First Generation Pet School: Life Pedigree: 29 Cards: Egg Name: Jade Egg Hatch Time: 00:00:05 (Days:Hours:Minutes) Description: Default Attribute Limits Bought From : Gisele Moonbow Amount : 554 GoldDropped By: The Harvest Lord Reward From: Liked Snacks: Ambros Cereal Ape Grapes Carrot Cherry Tomato Chili Cheese Fries Drumstick Flaming Soup Golden Grapes Gummy Humongofrog Pizza Pudding. Wizards want the best Wizard101 Pet right? Here's what's known about getting the Best W101 Pet & Stats. 1. There're Pets & then there're Better Pets. Some provide no Cards at all, while others contribute up to 6 Cards in addition to the Stats we unlock at each Level of Training. The ones with 3 Spells are considered the best, who wouldn't want 3 cool Cards on a Pet with great Stats Mount: Life ghulture (3% damage) or mammoth mini (2% outgoing healing) Can also use any 2% damage mount. Overall stats: 134% damage (without mount) 48% resist (Add 5% on if your pet uses spell defy) 624 crit (add on your pets critical if you are using a critical talent) (60-65% if you have a critical talent on the pet

-Wizard101 Central-Wizard101 City Youtube-Wizard101 damage calculator-Wizard101 Official Website; Months we have posted on this blog. March 2011 (5) July 2010 (1) June 2010 (18) May 2010 (8) April 2010 (6) March 2010 (2) February 2010 (3) January 2010 (3) October 2009 (2) September 2009 (11) August 2009 (13) July 2009 (15) Recent Comment Sea Turtle - 5,200 Crowns - Dropped by Tempus Stormfist, Stormriven Hall - School ; LIFE Jellyfish - This Pet is a Free Quest Reward Pet ( Lunarium Tunes Quest) - School ; DEATH Stormzilla - STORM School Pet Colossus - ICE School Pet Helephant - FIRE School Pet Hydra - BALANCE School Pet Satyr - LIFE School Pet Wraith - DEATH School Pet Orthrus.

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  1. Best Level 130+ Life Wands. The range of available wands has increased significantly with the introduction of new packs and bundles. Additionally, the stats that are valued on wands have changed, too. With critical and block decay, more balanced choices with critical and block that were once very powerful are now less desirable
  2. All Spellements Guide. MR. WIZARD July 29, 2020. Wizard101 Spellwrighting is one of the best updates that come to the game from a long time, Spellwrighting allows wizards to obtain new spells and upgrade them, also allows you to upgrade your current spells to a better version with a new type of reagents called Spellements
  3. Dec 30, 2013 - Some cool pets and creatures from wizard101!. See more ideas about wizard101, cool pets, pets
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  1. Wizard101™ is an elaborate virtual world of magic come to life. Redeem this code to receive a bundle of exclusive pet themed items PLUS 1-month unlimited game access or 5000 Crowns to purchase other magical items or premium zones
  2. Play with your pets in all new ways in the latest update from Wizard101. Players will enjoy all the new elements of the pet system. Pet Mastery makes pet training more efficient and allows players.
  3. Create your Wizard here and play for free! Wizard101 is an online Wizard school adventure game featuring collectible card magic, pets, and duels

Play Wizard101 game for Free Download Wizard 101 - adventure with card magic, wizards and pets game or play it online ⭐ Install unblocked version on PC ⭐ Save the Spiral as a student of Ravenwood School of Magical Art More Cheats and Tips for Wizard101. If you need more help with this game, then check out the following pages which are our most popular hints and cheats for this game: Really Useful/Beast Pets! Nightside. Invisible to self and friends in house. How to get level up and items and money without quests. Crown shop houses for coins

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Wizard101 Pigsie spell is a great life spell for healing and supporting in battles as it Restores 550 Health to all allies with only 4 pips. You can get Pigsie in many ways: By Farming loremaster in Dragonspyre as he drops Pigsie and many other spells. Check: Wizard101 loremaster drops guide By buying some Wysteria lore packs you can get the spell as a drop from the pack as well as other spells It's Double Pet XP weekend! . Of all the pets in Wizard101, which two are destined to be best pals? Find a friend and post a screenshot of your pets below. We'll select five entries on Monday to win a Dapper Corgi Pet The latest Tweets from Wizard101 (@Wizard101). Wizard101 is an online adventure with card magic, wizards, pets, and more! ESRB E10 ***Need account help? Contact. These are the pets you get from them . Sturdy Dragon (7-Eleven $10) gives 50 health & 1% Power Pip. Smarty Piggle (Rite-Aid $10) gives 40 Mana & 1 Life Wand Spell. Battle Pig (Rite-Aid $20) gives 50 Health & 1 Infection Spell. Blue Dragon (Blockbuster $10) gives Mend Minion (available early July Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2008 by KingsIsle Entertainment.In the game, players take on the role of students of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in order to save the Spiral, the fictional galaxy in which the game is set, from various threats

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Ravenwood Community is a fun, family-friendly place that offers game advice, entertainment, and friendship. | 33,290 member Posts about Wizard101 Pets written by sameer1000 and flamster3000. Home; About Us! New World Coming To Wizard101: Wintertusk; Wizard101 Level 48 Spell Quests; Wizard101 Level 58 Spell Quests; Life school Guide; Wizard101 Cheats. Entries RSS | Comments RSS. Blog Stats. 104,572 Awesome views! Blogroll-The Friendly Necromancer-Wizard101 Central. Of all the pets in Wizard101, which t... wo are destined to be best pals? Find a friend and post a screenshot of your pets below. We'll select five entries on Monday to win a Dapper Corgi Pet! See More. Wizard101. It's the cycle of life

The Candied Isles Bundle is the newest game card for Wizard101 and it's available at GameStop, and being awarded to individuals who raised $100 or more for KingsIsle's Extra Life team. Check out the Candied Isles Village, Sweet Ride Mount, Marshfellow Pet, and more in this exciting new bundle Wizard101 Free Pet Code This will give you a tiger dragon and 1250 Crowns. Just type in the code and make a single purchase of $6 or more. 6979D-3L8W5-39PLM-4L82Q - Tiger Pet , 1250 non transfer.

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  2. Hey Wizards! Luke Redblood and Sean Soulthief here! Today, we are bringing very good news to you. From today on, advanced advanced pets have now come to the Spiral!. When you log into Wizard101, dont forget to check out th e new Pet Pavilion near the Ravenwood Commons. Everybody can participate in the event, but you have to be at least 7 to get into the Pet Pavilion
  3. Wizard101. Join over 50 million Wizards and help save Wizard City! Enroll in the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, master powerful spells against tough bosses, collect and befriend hundreds of pets, and explore fantastical worlds across The Spiral! Tags. 0:04 / 3:32
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  5. Enchant your way into the biggest adventure of your life. Wizard101 is an enchanting online multiplayer wizard school adventure game with magic duels and far-off worlds!It is a family-orientated, social game for children and parents alike, that has won several awards including mmorpg.com's Best Family Game
  6. Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle. The Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle is the game's newest $39 card, with a Mooshu-themed set of goodies that's perfect for any wizard! The beautiful Heavenly Palace house has plenty of space for your Majestic Crane mount, Tanuki pet, and everything else included in this bundle
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Size of Land/House: Large/Super Super Large. Price: $39. (All three houses can be purchased from the Arcane Builders' Houses. However you must buy three bundles to get all three. First bundle redeemed will get you the first, the second bundle redeemed will get you the second, and the third bundle redeemed will get you the last Wizard101 - A powerful dark magic has engulfed Wizard City and the many worlds of The Spiral. You may be a brand-new student at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, but you and your magical spells may be the only hope The Spiral has to thwart the evil forces threatening the balance of everything. Are you up to the challenge?Enroll in the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and pick one of seven. Clothing. Wizard101. Shop Wizard101 clothing on Redbubble in confidence. T-shirts, hoodies, tops, dresses, skirts, and more in a huge range of styles, colors, and sizes (XS - 5XL). Whether you wear women's clothing or men's clothing you'll find the original artwork that's perfect for you

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