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The ASA does save the startup-config file in a hidden location in memory. In order to see the startup-config inside the flash you should copy and paste the file in the flash manually On Class A Flash file system platforms, the startup configuration is stored in the location specified by the CONFIG_FILE environment variable. The CONFIG_FILE variable defaults to NVRAM and can be a file in the following file systems To use a script to back up and restore an ASA configuration, first perform the following tasks: Install Perl with an Expect module. Install an SSH client that can reach the ASA. Install a TFTP server to send files from the ASA to the backup site. Another option is to use a commercially available tool Cisco ASA Compact Flash location of the startup config file When opened with a text editor in Windows, the startup-config file is readable, as if I'd run a show run command in the privileged EXEC mode. If anything, this demonstrates the importance of physical security of the Cisco ASA

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  1. The supported storage locations include the local disk and a network drive using the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or TFTP protocol. Once a configuration URL is specified, the Cisco ASA tries to retrieve the configuration from that location
  2. Local AnyConnect Profiles XML and profile files are stored locally to the users machine. The location varies based on OS. Windows XP %ALLUSERSPROFILE
  3. s 10 secs Hardware.

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Cisco ASA Firewall and Security Appliance Configuration - Best Practices Script applies to version 7.2 but still applies to newer versions The below Cisco ASA configuration default is intended to bring up a device from an out of the box state to a baseline level The startup-config file is stored in the NVRAM, this would be the reason why when you start up your ASA it still loads the configurations from the startup-config file. Also, when you issue the command copy running-config startup-config, again, that will save the running configuration from the RAM to the NVRAM into the startup-config file Edit a Global Access Policy. Keeping in mind the configuration limitations described above, use Edit an ASA Network Policy to edit your global access policy.. Note: If you find that you cannot edit a global policy because the Edit Policy button is deactivated, it may be because the policy was created on the ASA and contains rules with objects that CDO does not support The Node Secret file is stored in flash memory on the Cisco ASA. The node secret file has its name based on the primary Authentication Manager server's IP address with .sdi appended. (e.g. 10-10-10-2.sdi.) Delete this file to remove the node secret. sdstatus.12: (C and Java Agents only) Not implemented

(iii) Select ASA 8.4 from the drop down and continue. you may need to set NAME for ASA and define RAM for it. (iv) Finally You need to give file location of Initial RAM disk (initrd) and Kernel image (vmlinuz). [4] Configure activation keys. you can use one of below activation key 0x4a3ec071 0x0d86fbf6 0x7cb1bc48 0x8b48b8b0 0xf317c0b 1. Set up ASDM (ASA gui configuration tool). 2. Export the complete config of your current ASA. 3. Console into the new ASA and configure a port (any port) with an address that will work on your local network. (Or, even on a direct connection to a single laptop via IP

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Step Three - ASA Image File Hash Verification. Access the CLI of the device running Cisco ASA Software and issue the following command in enable mode: show version. Note the location and filename of the ASA system image file and then execute the following command: verify /sha-512 location:filenam In the case of the Cisco IOS, you can use this command to view a text file, such as your configuration file or a saved backup configuration file. Here's an example: Router# more nvram:startup-config

Task of Configuration Backup Script. This python script uses a list of device IP addresses from a JSON file. Once the script imports the JSON file, it extracts the list of IP addresses and uses a for loop to connect to each device and copies the contents of a running-configuration command show running-config, VLAN output command show vlan and writes the contents to a file on the. Create the Cisco ASA Application in Duo. Log on to the Duo Admin Panel and navigate to Applications. Click Protect an Application and locate the entry for Cisco ASA with a protection type of 2FA with SSO self-hosted (Duo Access Gateway) in the applications list. Click Protect to the far-right to start configuring Cisco ASA

The concept are equally the same between ciscoASA and FortiOS # DNAT rules cisco ASA object network webserverdnat host nat (inside,outside) static # DNAT VIP FGT port-forward tcp80 config firewall vip edit webserverdnat set comment DANT TO rfc1918 set extintf wan1 set extip set mappedip set. In the list, select your newly created VPN connection and click Download Configuration. For Vendor, select Cisco Systems, Inc.. For Platform, select ASA 5500 Series. For Software, select ASA 9.x for a policy-based VPN OR ASA 9.7 + VTI for a route-based VPN Overview. This Duo ASA SSL VPN configuration supports inline self-service enrollment and the Duo Prompt for web-based VPN s, and push, phone call, or passcode authentication for AnyConnect desktop and mobile client connections that use SSL encryption.. This integration expressly supports Cisco ASA VPN and is not guaranteed to work with any other VPN solution 1. You simply paste it in a SSH or Telnet session (or via the web gui in the Tool->Command Line Interface) Share. Improve this answer. edited Jan 13 '17 at 19:31. answered Jan 13 '17 at 19:30. yagmoth555 ♦. yagmoth555. 15.2k 4 The key pair information is saved in a hidden space on the ASA memory, so it's going to be protected. You can delete the key pairs executing the crypto key zeroise rsa <KEY PAIR NAME> command on the ASA. Note: This is the same command used on IOS based devices for this procedure. Elvin. Expand Post. firewire2013

Upload File to Multiple ASA Devices. Use this procedure to upload a file to multiple ASA devices at the same time. On the CDO navigation bar, click Devices & Services and select multiple ASA devices to perform a bulk upload.; In the Device Actions pane on the right, click Upload File. Note: The Upload File link appears if ASA devices are online.; In the URL link, specify the server's paths. The focus of this lab is the configuration of the ASA as a basic firewall. Other devices will receive minimal configuration to support the ASA portion of the lab. This lab uses the ASA GUI interface ASDM to configure basic device and security settings. In Part 1 of this lab, you will configure the topology and non-ASA devices

The ASA requires a reboot after running this command. The original running config is converted into a new context. This will also happen whether this is on an existing ASA or a new one. At this point there are two config files. The traditional startup configuration is for the system space. A new file called admin.cfg is created for the first. Cisco FirePOWER Services Boot Image 6.0.0. At this point, you can hit the Enter key to refresh the ASA prompt. Now, session to the SFR console to continue the process. HQ-ASA# session sfr console. Opening console session with module sfr. Connected to module sfr. Escape character sequence is 'CTRL-^X'. Cisco ASA SFR Boot Image 5.3.1 . asasfr.

When prompted for the destination filename, enter a name for the output file. After ASA copies the running configuration the file you specified, it returns you to the privileged EXEC prompt. At the prompt, type show flash; Look in the length column. If your file is over 4718592 bytes, it is larger than 4.5 MB. Here is a sample set of commands. I'm just starting out learning to config Cisco ASA. My office lent me their old ASA 5505 and I plan to do a factory-reset. Before I do that, I'd like to backup the config to a text file on the machine I'm connecting to it from. Right now, I ONLY have the console cable attached and am logged in using PuTTy In configuration mode use boot system IMAGE_NAME_AND LOCATION e.g boot system disk0:asa8.4.bin will boot image name asa8.4.bin from disk0, as long as it exists there. You can specify up to for images and it will look for them in the order they appear in the configuration and load when it finds one

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LastPass offers MFA integration with your Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client VPN on a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) using LastPass Universal Proxy. then configuring it using the command line interface (CLI) or the server.properties configuration file. Once you have installed and configured the LastPass Universal Proxy, you can. Verify the Configuration. To see Cisco ASA logs in InsightIDR: From the left menu, click Log Search to view your logs to ensure events are being forwarded to the Collector. Select the applicable Log Sets and the Log Names within them. The Log Name will be the event source name or Cisco ASA if you did not name the event source The downloaded config files are stored in the TFTP Root Directory. Click Save. Click Start to start the TFTP Server and bind to the new IP Address specified. Downloading Startup and Running Config Files from Cisco Devices. Click the Tools tab. Choose Config File Manager available under the CISCO Tools category In a recent blog post, I examined some of the new features available in the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 9.3 code and promised to cover some of these here at the blog.With that said. 2. Cisco Sample Config File: This configuration file describes how to setup a configuration to create a peer to peer VPN connection with a Digi Connect VPN. The configuration below is for a Cisco ASA which is at the factory default settings. ASA Version 7.2(3) ! hostname ciscoasa. domain-name default.domain.invalid. enable password.

Cisco ASA configuration vis ASDM. Follow my guide here to turn on syslogging on your ASA firewall. Set the IP to the IP address of the server running logstash and set the port to 5544 like in the logstash config file. I set my logging level to informational but you can set it to whatever level you want to log Secrets File-: vi VPN-to-Location-B.secrets PSK testmusa123 << source Peer IP : Dst peer IP : pre-shared-key >> Steps of configuration IPsec vpn tunnel on Cisco ASA (9.1)-: crypto isakmp policy 10 authentication pre-share encryption aes256 hash sha group 2 lifetime 28800 object-group network Location-B-VP Copy Annyconnect Image anyconnect-win-4.7.04056-webdeploy-k9.pkg to ASA. I will be using the TFTP server for copy image to ASA my local PC has 192.168..50 IP address. this PC has under management interface Virtual private networks, and really VPN services of many types, are similar in function but different in setup. At the end of this post I also briefly explain the general functionality of a new remote access vpn technology, the AnyConnect SSL client VPN.. The Cisco AnyConnect VPN is supported on the new ASA 8.x software and later version and provides remote access to users with just a secure.

Overview. The Cisco AnyConnect RADIUS instructions support push, phone call, or passcode authentication for AnyConnect desktop and mobile client connections that use SSL encryption. This configuration does not feature the interactive Duo Prompt for web-based s, but does capture client IP informations for use with Duo policies, such as geolocation and authorized networks Cisco Router Configuration Backup using Ansible. In this Ansible Cisco tutorial for beginners I will take you from the very beginning, installing Ansible on Ubuntu, to setting up the folders and running through a simple playbook which will backup Cisco router config.. I will say that I am not a Linux expert so if you notice any Linux errors or better ways of doing things please comment and I. ASA-Cleanup performs the config usage analysis with a multi-level search through the configuration using a regular expression and a unique word position. These two inputs will look something like (^object-group , 2) and they are used to match a line containing the unique word, and find that unique word using its position in the line, and also. In Cisco SD-WAN, it's different. The confusing part is that there is new terminology, and some terminology has a different meaning than what you know from Cisco IOS. The configuration is also different. Here is a visualization to help you through this: This requires a lot of explanation Cisco Asa 5500-x Series Image For Gns3. Judas iscariot dethroned conquered and forgotten rar. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services brings distinctive threat-focused next-generation security services to the Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls and Cisco ASA 5585-X Adaptive Security Appliance firewall products

1 Answer1. There is no inherent limitation regarding the use of sub-interfaces on an ASA 5525-X except for the overall limitation on the number of interfaces allowed. According to page 10-10 of the document, Cisco ASA Series General Operations CLI Configuration Guide, the base license for the ASA 5525-X allows for a combined sum of 1,316. To perform a password recovery on a Cisco ASA 5500-X series firewall, you'll need to console to the ASA, do a reboot and press either the BREAK or ESCAPE key when you see this output. Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt boot. Use SPACE to begin boot immediately. When in rommon mode, type confreg 0x41 and it will bypass the ASA startup-config Re: Cisco ASA keeps killing my SSH connections. Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:56 pm. If you use Putty for SSH: Within Putty Configuration: Connection -> SSH -> Kex -> Max minutes before rekey 2 (default was.

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ASA Config: Security Policies 12 years 6 months ago #28896. I am working on configuring a new ASA 5505 (FW for our LAN and also for Remote VPN Clients) and a couple of Cisco 871 Routers for site-to-site VPNs for a couple of our remote offices. I have the ASA on the network and working for the most part. I am now to the point of getting the VPN. Hi All, I have one issue in cisco ASA-5505. i am configuring a new cisco ASA 5505 box. ip is provided by ISP-with vlan id (and i configured it in a vlan interface and allowed switch port access to a interface).now i am testing it with asdm for next hop ip address which isp is given to me.but after tracing with packet tracer it showing flow is denied by configured rule acl-drop The factory built-in configuration for the Cisco ASA 5510 Adaptive Security Appliance and higher is the following: The Management Interface, Management 0/0, has security level 100. If you did not set the IP Address in the configure factory-default command, the IP Address and mask are and 255.255.255. Scheduled backups for Cisco ASA using EEM. Backups for ASA devices can be done several ways. In this post we'll explore using EEM to create a daily backup and store it on our TFTP server. The best way to go about this would be to use one of the nicer config management solutions. Absent of those, we can take advantage of some light scripting. Steps: Cisco ASA/ASDM Boot Image Upgrade Using TFTP. I am Using ASA5520 here, it's the same commands on every ASA. Store the image of ASA and ASDM on a TFTP path. this would make things easy. //Following command helps in copying from tftp to disk0 (disk0 is local file management of ASA

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Upload Certificate. Click Download certificate next to Identity Provider Certificate on the Duo Admin Panel under Downloads to download the Duo Single Sign-On certificate file. Connect to your Cisco ASA through your ASDM and log in as an administrative user. Click on the Configuration button at the top of the screen #!bin/bash # written for a Cisco WS-C2960S-48TD-L # example usage ./cisco_switch2.sh DEVICE_NAME DEVICE_IP TFTPD_SERVER_IP COLO_FACILITY_SHORTNAME # Storing for in case of future need. This runs to pull configs from network cisco switches and compares and saves config file # to a local network file share location using CIFS and a network file server to store the confgs In this article, I will discuss deploying the Cisco ASA REST API using automation via Ansible. This is a simple process and demonstration. The approach could be used for pushing out updated code, patches, or even common configuration changes in bulk System image file is disk0:/asa724-k8.bin Config file at boot was startup-config MZ up 56 mins 23 secs Hardware: ASA5505, 256 MB RAM, CPU Geode 500 MHz Internal ATA Compact Flash, 128MB BIOS Flash M50FW080 @ 0xffe00000, 1024KB Encryption hardware device : Cisco ASA-5505 on-board accelerator (revision 0x0) Boot microcode : CNlite-MC-Boot. Click the blue plus button to onboard an ASA. Click the ASA tile. Select the Secure Device Connector (SDC) that this device will communicate with. The default SDC is displayed but you can change it by clicking the SDC name. Give the device a name. Enter the location (IP address, FQDN, or URL) of the device or service. The default port is 443

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  1. e If Configuration Has Been Saved. On the Cisco ASA, changes to the running-config are not automatically saved to the startup-config. This is done manually with write memory or copy running-config startup-config to write the changes to flash storage. I would like to verify whether configuration changes have been saved.
  2. 4. Cisco ASA Configuration These Application Notes assume that the ASA is fully operational and configured to allow the Cisco ASDM to make configuration changes. See [8] for additional information. 4.1. VPN Wizard 1. From the ASDM Home screen, compare the version of the ASA, as shown in the Device Information pane, with the ASA software version.
  3. Once the ASA has finished loading, go into enable mode. The default password is cisco with no username. We will set up the management interface for connecting our laptop to ASDM. Ciscoasa# conf t. Ciscoasa#(config) int management0/0. Ciscoasa#(config-if)ip address 255.255.255.. Ciscoasa#(config-if) nameifManageASDM. Ciscoasa.
  4. istrator can choose the filename and location. The configuration file can be stored locally, or on a remote FTP server. The system's running config is visible as normal (with show running-config). This does not show the mode, single or multiple, that the ASA is currently using. To see this, issue the show mode command
  5. The Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall is the smallest model in the new 5500 Cisco series of hardware appliances. Although this model is suitable for small businesses, branch offices or even home use, its firewall security capabilities are the same as the biggest models (5510, 5520, 5540 etc)
  6. Explore Cisco ASA REST API: The Cisco ASA REST API is freely available if you have access to Cisco.com. It has been around for a long time and is used by a lot of third-party management tools to interface with your firewalls. The third-party management tool companies will more than likely charge you to use their tool. I like free better
  7. The Cisco ASA config you have provided appears to use CISCO PIX-MD5 hashes. Both the VPN settings mentioned above and the enable/passwd are not salted, contrary to what the hashcat.net thread suggests in Peleus's post. It is worth while checking this site: Nitrix Hash Generator In there you can enter 'cisco' as the password and you'll recieve the commo

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  1. Step 16 Load the default configuration by entering the following command: hostname (config)# no config-register. The default configuration register value is 0x1. For more information about the configuration register, see the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Command Reference. Step 17 Save the new passwords to the startup configuration by entering the.
  2. This post provides step-by-step procedure to export/import the SSL certificate used by the Cisco ASA using CLI and ASDM. Export/Import via CLI View the current CA/Identity certificate and identify the Trustpoint. show crypto ca certificates Export the Trustpoint configuration, keys and certificates in PKCS12 with a password. Save the output into a file. crypto c
  3. Cisco has released a Security Advisory for the actively exploited worldwide CVE-2020-3452. Cisco Read-Only Path Traversal Vulnerability in the web services interface of Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software and Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to perform directory traversal attacks & read sensitive files on the system. Rapid 7.
  4. Lookups for the Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA. In version 3.4.0 and later of the Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA, you must use the lookup file cisco_asa_action_lookup.csv instead of cisco_action_lookup.csv.For the corresponding stanza, cisco_action_lookup, use cisco_asa_action_lookup. The Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA provides the following lookups.The lookup files map fields from Cisco ASA systems to.
  5. Chapter 5: Managing a Cisco ASA (Part01) [12:20 AM | 0 comments] However, be aware that if you reenter the config-url command to point to a new configuration file location, the configuration commands in that file are immediately merged with the context's running configuration. This could result in an undesirable configuration
  6. Sets a host name to the current Cisco network device: copy from-location to-location: An enable mode command that copies files from one file location to another: copy running-config startup-config: An enable mode command that saves the active config, replacing the startup config when a Cisco network device initializes: copy startup-config.
  7. I have Cisco ASA 5520, which i configure VLANS on, each VLAN network can access the INTERNET but there no communication between the VLAN i.e VLAN 10 host cannot ping VLAN 20 host Here are my config for the ASA and the switch. same-security-traffic permit intra-interface same-security-traffic permit inter-interface! interface Ethernet0/0 nameif.

The passwd command sets the password on Cisco ASA and enable password command protects the enable mode with password. The copy running-config startup-config command saves the running-configuration into startup-configuration file so that it can be reused to build running-configuration after ASA is restarted. Searching and Filtering the CLI. RANCID (Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ) is a nice backup tool and it includes c, an Expect script to access Cisco devices (at least IOS based and ASA firewalls). An usage sample: c -c sh version > result.txt. - Adriano P Dec 25 '13 at 21:2

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  1. WARNING-The file needs to be Cisco formatted. Extra blank lines can be an issue. Some config backup programs add extra lines to the beginning or end of the file. Haven't gotten around to accounting for those issues. Required configuration file in same location as main.py = conf.ini [Basic] #Mode Options - Just use All for now
  2. Enable mode will allow you to view the config by doing a show run. Whatever the Enable password is, it needs to be put into the Oxidize config. If the ASA does not have an Enable password, then set one by using the command enable password s0meth1ng-s3cret command in configuration mode on the ASA
  3. or release and Z being the rebuild revision
  4. GNS3 Configuration. The ASAv image file is added to GNS3 as a QEMU VM Template, this is where I ran into my first issue, evidently for best performance I need to download GNS3 VM, it is recommended to run this within VMware Workstation rather than VirtualBox. Download the Cisco ASAv hda image file (asav952.qcow2) from the Cisco website

Here's how to create a CSR code on Cisco ASA 5500 series: Log into your Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM), click on Configuration and then on Device Management. Expand the Certificate Management tree, and then select Identity Certificates. Click Add. In the Add Identity Certificate window, Define a trustpoint name under Trustpoint. This indicates the username is ftpuser, with the password of Passw0rD with the location of the ftp server at with the filename asa825-41-k8.bin. Posted by Jack May 2 nd, 2013 asa, cisco, copy, flash, ftp, scripts. Tweet. Providing a Username and Password in One Line When Copying a FTP File to a Cisco ASA Firewall. May 2 nd. Cisco ASA Firewall has the feature support to be divided into multiple virtual devices known as Device Contexts.With each context being an independent device, having own security policy, interfaces and administrators. While features like routing tables, firewall features, IPS, and management being supported in multiple context mode, some features are not supported like VPN and dynamic routing. New Member. Posts: 5. Thank you received: 0. Hello all, we have a new ASA 5510 and I'm having some trouble getting SNMP to work correctly. Here's what I have for SNMP in the config file: [code:1]snmp-server host inside 192.168.12. community public. snmp-server location MDF Closet. snmp-server contact SysAdmin. snmp-server community public

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Set up IP Address. Go to Configuration > Device Setup > Interfaces. Click Add button on the right side of the screen to add an interface. The Edit Interface settings will appear on your screen. Under Switch Ports select Ethernet 1/0. Click the Add button to add this Ethernet port to the Selected Switch Ports ASDM Configuration. I've trying to understand how the ADSM and configuration interact. My understanding is the following two commands are placed in the firewall to allow ASDM access: enables the http/https server. http server enable. This enables all traffic from any host/network configured on the inside. http 172.19.210. 255.255.255. Inside

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First, I used the following ipsec.conf file when I started to test connection to the ASA: version 2.0 # conforms to second version of ipsec.conf specification # basic configuration config setup nat_traversal=yes nhelpers=1 protostack=netkey interfaces=%defaultroute conn VPN # Left side is RoadWarrior left=%defaultroute leftrsasigkey=%cert. Step 1 Enable multiple context mode. When you convert from single mode to multiple mode, the ASA converts the running configuration into two files: a new startup configuration that comprises the system configuration, and admin.cfg that comprises the admin context (in the root directory of the internal flash memory) For more information, refer the Cisco PIX documentation. Configuration for SSL WebVPN in Cisco ASA appliance . Firewall Analyzer requires syslog message IDs 722030 and 722031, which by default is at debug level, to process Cisco SVC VPN logs. Set the information level to these syslog IDs by executing below commands in global configuration mode Example: Cisco Save Config to File Scripting. Updated 20 Aug, 2020 Ever wanted to quickly save a copy of your Cisco router's running-config or startup-config to a file on your local machine so that you could have something to compare against or restore to

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Create a RADIUS server group per AAA: Open the Cisco AnyConnect Configuration Wizard. Go to Remote Access VPN > AAA/Local Users > AAA Server Groups in the left navigation, to add an AAA server group to your AnyConnect connection profile.; Click Add in the AAA Server Groups area.. Result: The Add AAA Server Group dialog box appears.. In the AAA Server Group field, enter a name Using Firewall Builder To Configure Cisco ASA & PIX. Firewall Builder is a firewall configuration and management GUI that supports configuring a wide range of firewalls from a single application. Supported firewalls include Linux iptables, BSD pf, Cisco ASA/PIX, Cisco router access lists and many more. The complete list of supported platforms. View target configuration. New ASA configuration file. Boot a native OS from a VHD File in Windows 7. Locating VHD files location. Configuration in the ASDM of the Cisco ASA In a previous post Cisco TrustSec was discussed and enforcement implemented on Cisco CSR1000v router using Cisco ISE to dynamically classify the traffic. In this post we will implement enforcement on a Cisco ASA Firewall. Unlike a Cisco switch or router when configuring TrustSec enforcement, when using the ASA as the enforcement point the TrustSec matrix on ISE is not utilised

3. Unzip the file to a location of your choosing. I put it directly on the C: drive for quick access. Step 2: Get the Certificate from your Cisco ASA/Firewall 1. Open the Cisco ASDM 2. In the top left, click Configuration 3. In the bottom left, click Device Management. 4 Setup Static IP. Step 3: To configure a static IP address on your Ubuntu 18.04 VM you need to modify a relevant netplan network configuration file within /etc/netplan/ directory. In my case the file's name is 01-network-manager-all.yaml. See below for the contents of this file: # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system # For more information, see netplan(5). network. Additionally, when adding this Cisco ASA firewall as a node, it is not found. ACLs appear to be correctly configured to allow this traffic from the LEM server. The point that needs the most clarity is the Logging Facility and the log file location portions of the instruction, which I have configured to logging facility 18 and set the log file. As a rule, the Cisco ASA configuration for Cisco ASA 5505 teleworker VPN is self-contained. A few aspects rely on configuration from the internet-edge foundation, so you need to have followed the configuration steps for Cisco ASA-based Remote Access VPN in the Remote Access VPN design Guide. Procedure 1 Configure IPsec(IKEv1) connection profil

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I have the following config from a Cisco ASA: access-list OUTSIDE extended permit tcp any object O- eq 9091 access-list OUTSIDE extended permit tcp any object O- eq pptp I want the result to look like this in a list or CSV format: rule number, permit/deny, protocol, source IP, source port, des ip, des port The command backup location url creates a full backup zip file of the device, including files on flash, certificates, startup and running-config and more, and sends this to the url. ASA, authenticated, Cisco, CLI, configuration, file transfer, firewall, nat0, nat0.net, scopy, scp, secure, security ASA 5506-x Firepower reimage. Configuration Register 33 Cisco IOS Software Prerelease 12.0 Commands Versus Cisco IOS Software 12.x Commands 34 Backing Up Configurations 34 CCNA Command Quick Reference - Webs Reference guide for performing the Zoning in CISCO MDS Environment by using Command Line Interface

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