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Drag the deer away from the field to a safe place where you can easily skin it and quarter it later. Lay the deer down in a sideways position and cut its anus to its neck. You can do this in a straight line along with the spine to make a precise cut. There will be a seepage of blood, so be prepared for it Quick video on how to quarter a deer. In climates that don't allow for proper aging by hanging your harvested deer, you can quarter your deer and store it in.. The gutless butchering method is simple, clean, and super efficient for quartering big-game animals in the field. Get more insights about the gutless method. Using your knife and fingers, separate it from the other tissues, making a parallel cut to the one along the backbone. Go back to the first cut near the hind quarters and pull on the meat, peeling it away from the deer. As you pull the meat away from the deer, cut it free from the bone along the back side of the meat This is how i quarter a deer, or elk in the backcountry for easy pack out. I hear of guys dragging deer for miles, cutting them in half, well i say pack smar..

With your primary quarters on ice, use a fillet knife to bone out rib meat, flanks, etc. Speaking truthfully, this stuff is difficult to salvage for much of anything beyond burger, and you won't get much out of it for that. A deer is not a cow, simple as that If you have to both skin and quarter in the field, make a cut from the tail bone to the back of the head, running a straight line down the spine (basically, splitting the animal in half). Be careful to only cut through the hide and avoid cutting into the meat. Next, lay the deer on one side and skin all the hide off the side facing up toward you

Take the tip end of your knife and put it on the tailbone as close to the body of the deer as you can. Hold the knife steady and straight with one hand and using the other hand hit the handle end of the knife to separate the tailbone from the body. Without doing this, the hide will not release from that area Many any folks feel overwhelmed when they are hunting on public lands and they get a deer or elk down on the ground in a place that is a mile or more from th.. Quartering a Deer - Quartering a deer is a general term referring to separating the deer carcass into four parts, or four quarters. Each of the deer legs is attached to its respective quarter. However, the quartering process's end result is five parts, instead of four, the neck, spine and ribs make up the fifth part of the carcass Here's a link to my Knives: https://silverstag.com/Deer_Meat_For_Dinner/DMFD_Woods_Water_ESUse Promo Code: DMFD20 at https://www.cancooker.com for 20% off en..

Tracking and taking down a deer is the easiest part of hunting, but how do you quarter a deer? To quarter a deer is butchering it in four parts: front shoulders, backstrap, tenderloins, and hindquarters. This process will be influenced by where you're quartering the deer, either in the field or at home It was raining outside and I really needed to take care of this buck so I just drug him inside and it worked out perfectly. Taking care of a deer you is a lo.. Home Hunting Video: How To Quarter A Deer Using The Gutless Method. YouTube. HuntStand. 50.5K subscribers. Subscribe. How To Quarter A Deer (Or Any Big Game Animal) Using The Gutless Method. Watch later. Share. Copy link

You now need to cut the deer by inserting a knife into the belly of the animal. Make an incision just where the rib cage ends. Do not insert the knife too far or you might puncture the organs inside the stomach. Starting from the hide you need to slice up to the anus I can quarter a deer, put it in the fridge or cooler and be back in the woods fairly quickly. Also, if I do kill a deer far enough into the rough that I can't get it back to the truck whole, quartering is the only legal method in my state for parting out a deer before checking it in, and all deer have to be physically taken to a check station.

To skin the front leg area of a deer, make a slit from the inner leg, near the shin, all the way to your already freed skin. Continue skinning until you reach the base of the head. Once at the base of the head, saw off the head with a bone saw, hacksaw, or reciprocating saw. It is time to cut some meat How To Quarter A Deer (Or Any Big Game Animal) Using The Gutless Method. Josh Dahlke - Content Director. HuntStand Contributor. From my first days as a deer hunter, I was taught the only way to butcher a deer is to field dress it, drag it out of the field, and bring it back to camp where it can be hung up by its hind legs. From there, you skin. There is a piece of skin between the hip and the stomach. We always cut this first as it is a good starting point. You'll run the knife down the side of the deer all the way to the shoulder. This will get you to where you can begin to process the front quarter of the deer

The process of quartering a deer means separating it into four quarters, or four parts. Each leg of a deer is attached to a quarter part of the deer. However, this process doesn't result in exactly four parts but five parts because the ribs and the neck spine will make an additional part A deer, elk or antelope hindquarter or shoulder cooked whole on the bone is a glorious sight. Smoking a big, primal cut like this may seem imposing, but it's actually easier than you might think. It does take some time—on the smoker, yes, but also during the preparation—to ensure the meat stays moist and delicious

The tarsal glands between the hind legs on the hide is the main concern, don't touch it just cut the legs off several inches above it prior to skinning the deer.There is some yellowish fatty looking glands located in the hind quarters that I like to trim out as I'm butchering,other than that I don't see a problem Although this deer is skinned and cut up completely indoors, the process will be exactly the same outdoors, especially if you bag your buck miles from the truck and down a steep slope. If your state allows you to quarter a deer in the field, you an follow this exact process and take it a step further by boning out the meat Steven Rinella - Breaking Down a Deer's Hind Leg. Sharing the Outdoors - How to Process a Hindquarter - first 8 minutes detailed hind leg processing instructions - the latter part is trimming advice. Chef's advice on How to Butcher a Deer Hind Quarter. First 7 minutes is breaking down the hind quarter. Pay attention to his recommendation for.

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  1. Split the backbone in half. To separate the chuck meat (front quarters) from the round (hind quarters), use a saw or a meat cleaver and find the point at which the rib cage meets the backbone (it should be between the 12th and 13th rib). Cut through the spine using firm pressure with the cleaver
  2. The Flip Flop Method for Cooking a Deer Quarter Reimagining a deer leg. Photo courtesy of Logan Summers By Joe Ferronato. Print Recipe. The rosemary brush lathers the meat with marinade as the exceptionally hot grill top lays in wait. When the quarter hits the grill, the oils in the marinade combust and flames lick the outer edges, searing it.
  3. A slit in the abdomen just below the spine will allow you to access and lift out the tenderloins, and if you want the kidneys, liver, and heart, you can get to them through it as well. Put each quarter in a separate game bag and stick the backstraps, tenderloins, trim, and neck meat in another. Hanging them across a tree branch to cool and dry.
  4. In the last installment of Timber 2 Table, we taught you how to quickly and easily skin a deer out in the field. In this episode, we take that same deer and teach you how to quarter a deer using only knives. No bone saw or hatchet required.Check out these other Timber 2 Table tutorial videos:How to Blood Trail a DeerHow to Field Dress a Deer

To quarter your deer take out the tenderloins first, then the back loins (chops). Now remove the front legs, these are easily removed with a knife, as there are no bones to cut through, start under the leg and cut up. See video. Now you can use a rip saw to cut the hind quarters off. Your Deer is now ready to be butchered Gl4di4torRr. I have been interested in quartering a deer. I've been watching some youtube videos on how other people quarter a deer using the gutless method. I've seen two different approaches. 1. Remove the skin and then remove the quarters and backstraps. 2. Remove the quarters with skin on. Remove the skin from the back to get the backstraps You know my family is pretty lenient when i bring home a quarter and finish butchering it in the kitchen, but If i brought the whole deer in the house like that it would be over for me. Quartering gets done out in the woods where I can throw the ribs and the rest out and not bring it hom

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  1. Don't wait until you have a big buck down a long ways from the truck to decide how to move it. Plan now so your job of getting your deer out of the woods is the easiest it can be. Most public.
  2. Smoking a Deer Hind Quarter. Josh asked, I'm going to smoke a deer hind quarter tomorrow and I'm not real sure how long per pound, and at what temperature to smoke it. I know venison doesn't have that much fat, so I'll be stuffing it with andouille sausage and then wrapping it with bacon
  3. Turning a deer into venison is a big job. naturally, it requires a few tools. 1. Heavy Duty Meat Grinder. Hand grinders work. So do hand drills and hand butter churns. It's just a question of.
  4. g a lost art for too many outdoorsmen. Butchering at home requires a lot more than a deer meat guide. You'll need the right knives for the.

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Sometimes you just have to a quarter a deer where space allows. Hushin is at it again. This time, they are going to show you exactly how to quarter a deer in your living room, when things go sideways and you are out of options. We all don't have have barns or garages that would make a task like this easy Never Gut a Deer Again. Step One: Remove the Front Quarter. With the deer lying on its side, stand behind the shoulder and lift the near front leg. Run your knife blade across the thin skin of the.

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division has produced an instructional video on how to quarter a deer and remove the tenderloins and backstraps.. In the narrated video, just more than eight minutes long, DNR wildlife biologist/pathologist Thomas Cooley demonstrates the process. The Michigan DNR also reminds deer hunters, while buying their deer licenses this year, to take. Heid's deer butchering seminar at the Expo-in which he cut a whole deer in front of the crowd-was a big hit, and his booth was busy with folks anxious to buy some of his knives, sharpening. Brine the venison in salty water for 2 - 3 days, changing the brine daily. Rinse thoroughly and dry with paper towels. Marinate the hindquarter for 24 hours in the refrigerator, turning a few times, and removing it an hour before cooking to warm up to room temperature before roasting. MARINADE - Use a Blender and Combine Venison refers to the meat from deer, elk or antelope and is an alternative meat source with less fat, cholesterol and calories than traditional beef, pork and lamb. Different cuts of venison depend on the butchering process and can range from ground meat, steaks or roasts that come off of the hind quarter, front shoulder or backstrap If the deer was properly field dressed and you follow the steps in this article, you'll be on your way to enjoying some of the best venison mother nature has to offer. Check out our other articles on how to quarter a deer and how to butcher a deer to help you along the way. Good luck and happy hunting! How to Skin a Deer [VIDEO

After shooting a deer, field dressing is the most important step in getting high quality meat (venison) from the animal. For the most part, all you need to field clean a deer is a sharp knife and a strong stomach. Once you've gutted the deer, drag it to your vehicle and transport it home or to a butcher to skin and quarter it If you don't have a garage, talk to friends and other hunting acquaintances to find a suitable location. Or follow the first few steps of the breaking down process to quarter the meat and age it in a spare refrigerator. The quarters from an average deer should fit in a standard fridge. Err on the side of too cold 1. Clean up the hindquarter by removing the fat and silver skin. 2. Location of the cuts of meat. Sirloin tip, Rump roast, Bottom round , Top round, Eye of round. 3. Follow the natural seams in the muscle groups using your hands and knife and start separating the top round away from the other sections. 4 Slice the hind quarter into roasts or 1/2-inch steaks. Coat the hind quarter pieces with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Marinate the meat if desired. Set the meat at room temperature for 20 minutes before cooking. Also Know, how do I cook a whole deer? Season with salt, pepper, and cloves

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The deer hind quarter is a bit more complicated to butcher than the rest of the deer. I will take you step-by-step through the process of aging, butchering and storing your venison hind quarter. Pre-Butchering Dry Aging Your Venison. Aging of venison is necessary to allow enzymes to break down the meat. Aging is only done for a certain period. Clean up the hindquarter by removing the fat and silver skin. Location of the cuts of meat. Follow the natural seams in the muscle groups using your hands and knife and start separating the top round away from the other sections. Work the bottom round away from the bone. Cut the sirloin tip off the bone Not pretty as far as a picture goes, but when you are doing this on the ground, this is the position you start the deer off in. Slide the knife under the skin, sideways, on the inside of the leg up to the hilt, then turn the knife so the cutting edge is up and cut through the skin. Word of advice: Always cut from the inside out, or you will end.

Deer hunters from across the state encourage Congressman Peterson to use this authority, and hunters across the country stand ready to help, as well. Tom Landwehr is a concerned deer hunter, lifelong conservationist, and past commissioner of the Minnesota DNR. He currently serves as the executive director of the Campaign to Save the Boundary. The hindquarters, or hams, contain many of the choicest cuts of meat on a deer, so you want to process it with as much care and attention to detail as possible to get the most out of it. In the rear quarter you'll find the sirloins and rounds, both of which are great for cooking whole or slicing..

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When processing a deer on your own, the connection you feel to each package you pull out of the freezer is unmatched. We hope you found this video on how to process and debone a deer hind-quarter helpful, and wish you the best of luck in the deer woods, and with processing your harvests in the future I cure Venison Hind Quarters, but I break each Hind Quarter down into 3 pieces for Dried Beef: Smoked Venison Dried Beef That way I don't have to worry about getting it cured to center. Years ago, before I did my own Dried Beef from our Deer, I got a bad one back from a Commercial Processor

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The purpose of hanging a dressed deer is to allow the carcass to cool and the meat to age, increasing both the tenderness and the flavor of the venison. Soon after the death, the deer will go into rigor mortis, where the muscles will contract and stiffen. This period can last from 12 to 24 hours and is the absolute worst time to butcher your deer Cover with water. Salt the entire surface inside the pan with the Lawry's - salt everything: the deer leg and the surface of the water. Season well. Then sprinkle the surface of the water & deer leg with the pepper. Add the 3 tablespoons of fat to your pan. Cover tightly with foil. Then cover with the lid I finally tried smoking venison by doing an entire hind quarter, on the bone. I had this mule deer and only about 6 weeks of layover in Reno before hitting the road full-time for over a year. I already gave away a full hind quarter to a friend in Montana and I processed out the front quarters, rib and neck meat into roasts and stew meat (I didn.

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Two guys can quarter out a deer in less than 45 minutes and haul it out on the back of one guy while the other carries the gear. Some gear was left behind for the second trip. Of interest, we lightly buried the remains in a divot with leaves. It remained there for two days before the coyotes absolutely cleaned it up The Minnesota DNR has created videos on how to get deer tested for chronic wasting disease, how to quarter a deer, how to cape a trophy deer and how to remove lymph nodes. We're informing hunters about what they can do to minimize risk to our wild deer population, said Lou Cornicelli, wildlife research manager Watch on. 0:00. 0:00. 0:00 / 5:06. Live. •. Dr. Karl V. Miller and his wife Renee know their way around a whitetail about as well as any two people in North America, especially when it comes to preparing venison for the table. Karl, a professor of deer management at the University of Georgia and head of the UGA Deer Lab, has studied, hunted. Next, remove the rear quarters by working around the ball joint and pelvis with a boning knife. It's not difficult, providing you have a sharp knife and some basic knowledge of a deer's anatomy. Use the tip of the knife to cut between the ball and hip socket and the whole quarter will start to fall away from the rest of the pelvis How Long to Hang a Deer before Butchering. The proper duration of deer-hanging is determined mainly by the air temperature. The ideal temperature for this is anywhere between 32 and 45 degrees. If the temperature is higher, there is a risk that the meat will spoil. In lower temperatures, the meat might freeze

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Field dress deer as soon as possible to ensure rapid loss of body heat, prevent surface bacteria from growing, and maintain overall quality of the meat. To reduce your risk of exposure to disease, wear disposable plastic gloves while handling animals. Wash hands and arms thoroughly with soap and water before and after dressing Its contents can taint meat. 4. Position the deer. Before making your first incision, position the deer belly up with its head elevated Photo Credit: Ryan Kirby. Locate a slope and position the deer belly up with its head elevated. Spread the hind legs and have a buddy keep them apart to hold the body in place

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This DVD is 1 HOUR & 26 minutes LONG! This DVD+R Format and will play on most DVD Players! Recorded on February 20, 2006. This is an instructional video detailing the process of making Smoked, Ready-To-Eat Deer Sausage, Deer Snack Sticks and Deer Jerky. We show how to mix, stuff and smoked Deer Sausage and Deer Snack Sticks For the unique stag found in the Episode 3 mission Tall Tales, see Ghost Stag. Deer are medium sized grazers in The Long Dark. They are a valuable resource, offering the potential for substantial amounts of meat and materials for relatively little risk. 1 Overview 2 Drops 3 Behaviour 3.1 Food for wolves 4 Interaction 4.1 Herding 5 Hunting 5.1 Critical hits 5.2 Bleeding wounds 5.3 Time to bleed. #113 - How To Quarter And Pack Deer Out Of The Field When you kill a deer far from the truck it can be a daunting task to get it out. Over the last few years of public land deer hunting the South and hunting the West we have developed a quick clean system for quartering deer in the field and packing them out

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A large backpack is very handy for packing out quarters on bigger game and the rack and cape. Dad killed a deer many years ago at the bottom of a small mountain. Back then I had a backcountry backpack in the truck. We boned out the deer, wrapped it in plastic and I carried it out to the road near the mountain top Watch: Quartering an Elk Using the Gutless Method. Field dressing a deer or an elk can seem like a big chore, and it certainly is. But Randy Newberg's expert take on quartering in the field can. The deer processing method described here is basically one of boning. First 7 minutes is breaking down the hind quarter. A deer, elk or antelope hindquarter or shoulder cooked whole on the bone is a glorious sight. Chef's advice on how to butcher a deer hind quarter Deer ticks want warm-blooded creatures. Deer host them & when the ticks mature, the bugs bite humans. Deer ticks are carriers of Lyme disease that affects humans. It is a lifetime, chronic infection. Lyme disease has no cure, you just have to control the symptoms. Deer ticks also are carriers of other diseases that affect humans The risk is low when you quarter and go — that's the mindset the DNR wants to create, said Erik Hildebrand, CWD project leader. Bluffland Whitetails Association has provided a quartering station hunters can use in Preston, Minn., to help hunters comply with the export restrictions that are in place within the CWD management zone, deer.


Field dress, skin and quarter venison as quickly as possible, then store meat on fresh, clean ice for several days if possible. Allowing a cleaned animal to hang in a cooler for several days in 35 to 40 degree temperatures is good for aging and tenderizing venison, too Remove the hindquarter from the smoker and wrap it tightly in foil after about two hours on the smoker. Pour a little apple juice in the bottom of the foil before wrapping and it will steam the meat while blocking the smoke. There are no ideal cooking times for cooking hindquarters because they vary so much in size Once reaching the mid-point of the hams, make a 45-degree slice toward the bottom of the quarter. SHARE. One of the neat perks of this job is in getting the opportunity to hunt deer in different parts of the country and learn how folks do stuff. It seems as if no two deer camps are exactly alike and if you go to enough of them, you'll pick up.

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The deer processing method described here is basically one of boning. If you do not especially like your venison now, try this boning method and you might be pleasantly surprised to find how boning enhances the eating qualities of venison, especially the round in the hind quarters. Boning a deer is neither impossible nor particularly difficult The next step in processing your deer is to debone the deer. Deboning a deer involves removing the muscles off of the deer. Deer bones and fat can have a rancid flavor to them, so the best way to process a deer is to completely remove the muscles off of the deer carcass, and then trim those muscles of any remaining fat and silver skin Now you can just hit play on your phone and quarter your deer as you watch. With financial support from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's, and backed by the video production expertise of Mossy Oak, QDMA wrote a 17-video series covering the full range of deer-hunting knowledge, from scouting to skinning, from biology to backstraps 4. Process your deer. Some processors may not accept deer from hunters. Contact the processor you plan to use before your hunt to ensure your field-dressed deer will be accepted. Every deer - even those destined for a processor - must be field dressed (link is external). Want to butcher elsewhere? Simply quarter your deer (link is external)

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Deer Carcass If you are the happy recipient of a hind quarter of a deer, you are in for a nice treat from some delicious cuts of meat. Venison is leaner than beef and can have a gamier taste since it is not grain-fed Description: A sparsely haired sac, found on all four hooves of a deer and secreting a dingy yellowish fluid to the ground. Function: The interdigital gland is a deer's calling card. Odor is left in the deer's track, allowing other deer to know an animal was in the area, whether it was a buck or doe, and, if a buck, how big or dominant it is

Skin and dress the pig like just like you would a deer, then start cutting. This is a quick, minimal approach, so keep it as clean as possible. Just push back on the front quarter and cut. Prepare Now to Ensure a Victorious Whitetail Season This Fall. Winke shot this buck on Oct. 18, 2016, during the second quarter of the season. The buck was coming to a picked cornfield, probably motivated by a combination of feeding and doe scouting. Success on most any level requires you to stay one step ahead of the action Videos about how to get deer tested for chronic wasting disease, how to quarter a deer, how to cape a trophy deer and how to remove lymph nodes from MAKE AN INCISION. Check behind the hind legs. Locate where the skin forms a V and latch on to it. This can be above the buck's (male deer) testicle. If your deer is female, find it below the milk sac. Make a shallow cut approximately 1 inch through the skin. If your animal is male, slash and remove the genitalia