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ArcReader is a free and easy-to-use application that allows users to view and print maps that are published as Published Map Files (PMF) by the ArcGIS Publisher extension to ArcGIS for Desktop. PMF files preserve a live connection to the data, so the user's data view is always dynamic. ArcReader significantly increases access to maps throughout.

ArcGI Directly create ArcGIS Instant Apps, ArcGIS Dashboards, or ArcGIS StoryMaps from the new Map Viewer. The Instant App gallery, a collection of focused apps, each with a specific purpose, is launched directly from the create app button. In the gallery, you will be guided to select the best app for your map and data The new Map Viewer is the next generation web mapping app from Esri. It includes new and updated features such as group layers, fresh smart mapping and symbology styles, enhanced capabilities for pop-ups, updates to clustering, new functionality for labels, the ability to make your map full screen or to rotate it, and much, much more

Try out the new Map Viewer. Mapping May 15, 2020. Jennifer Bell. In this blog article you will learn about updates from the May 2020 Map Viewer release and will also gain an understanding of the difference between the Classic Map Viewer and the new Map Viewer. These differences include enhanced labeling, new and organized color ramps, dot. With the April 2021 update of ArcGIS Online, the new Map Viewer is out of beta and available for general use by all customers. For the latest information and detailed instructions on using the new Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online, refer to this blog post and the new Map Viewer documentation.. You can also follow the Get started with Map Viewer lesson to give the new interface and functionality a try The April 2021 release of ArcGIS Online includes a new Map Viewer (formerly known as Map Viewer Beta).The older version of Map Viewer is now listed as Map Viewer Classic and can still be accessed in ArcGIS Online. This begs the question, which Map Viewer should I use to be successful when creating and editing map s for ArcGIS Field Maps? You'll likely end up using both, but the answer to.

This application was developed by Esri's Prototype Lab in Redlands, California using the beta release of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0. The 3d view displays approximately 1,250 satelites in low Earth orbit, medium Earth orbit (green dots) and geosynchronous orbit (red dots) In this tutorial, you used Map Viewer to create a policy map about adult obesity in the United States. You added a layer from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, styled it to show where adult obesity rates are higher and lower than the national average, and configured informative pop-ups. You then filtered the data to focus on priority counties. Disclaimers Houston Map Viewer The following is a quick reference for viewing maps in Map Viewer Classic.. 1. See map details. Details includes options to see information about the map, the map contents, and a legend.. The About button displays descriptive information about the map, such as a summary, the map owner, the last modification date, user ratings, and a link to more detailed information

Find and open a map. To find and open an existing map in Map Viewer, do the following: Open Map Viewer. On the Contents (dark) toolbar, click Save and open and click Open map . From the drop-down menu at the top of the pane that appears, choose where you want to search—for example, My Content, My Organization, or ArcGIS Online This is the current Map Viewer Roadmap. ArcGIS Survey123 ArcGIS Pro ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Enterprise Data Management Geoprocessing ArcGIS Web AppBuilder ArcGIS Collector ArcGIS CityEngine ArcGIS Spatial Analyst ArcGIS Dashboards Imagery and Remote Sensing All Products Communities. Industrie The RRC has identified the following technical issues with the Public GIS Viewer and neuDOCS. To fix these issues, we suggest you clear your cache and restart your browser. Viewing records in neuDOCS. For assistance, contact RRC's Central Records at records@rrc.texas.gov or 512-463-6800. Using survey, lease and identifying wells search The county has a wealth of map information that it wants to share with the public. Begin your search by entering an address, property identification number(PIN), or intersection. 10 digit PIN Address Intersectio ArcGIS Online offers two map viewers for viewing, using, and creating maps. The new Map Viewer (formerly known as Map Viewer Beta) or Map Viewer Classic (formerly known as Map Viewer) can be configured as the primary map viewer for your organization and for individual members.. The compatibility guide and functionality matrix below outline common workflows and tools that are available in both.

ArcGIS Web Applicatio The following is a quick reference for viewing maps in Map Viewer.. 1. See map details. Details includes options to see information about the map, the map contents, and a legend.. The About button displays descriptive information about the map, such as a summary, the map owner, the last modification date, user ratings, and a link to more detailed information NCEI's Map Viewer application allows exploration of station, satellite, and other climate and weather data via an online mapping interface

*Notice: FEMA Flood Maps are currently unavailable for printing. Make sure to turn them off before exporting a PDF. The property maps represented on this site are compiled from information maintained by your local county Assessor's office and are a best-fit visualization of how all the properties in a county relate to one another In Map Viewer, open the map containing the layer or add the layer directly. On the Contents (dark) toolbar, click Layers to open the Layers pane, and select the layer that contains the feature data you want to show in a pop-up. On the Settings (light) toolbar, click Configure pop-ups. Click Title and enter a title for the pop-up

Esri is the world leader in GIS (geographic information system) technology. This site features free GIS software, online mapping, online training, demos, data, software and service information, user scripts, and more @JosephHakam1 -- When adding a map directly to the story via the Map option you'll always get the new map viewer pop-up experience.. If you need something else, you can create an app using one of the older configurable apps that still uses the classic pop-up experience and then add that to your story Lehigh County Parcel View. ArcGIS Online Item Details. title: Lehigh County Parcel View. description: General view of parcels in Lehigh County PA. Allows search by address and the Assessment PIN number. type: Web Mapping Application Welcome. This board is a read-only reference to questions posted regarding the ArcGIS Map Viewer Beta. To post new questions, depending on which product you are using, navigate to the ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise question board. Also, now that Map Viewer is out of Beta for ArcGIS Online, you can also contact support with questions

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Please wait....loading Map Viewer. VT Center for Geographic Information Access GIS Data Viewer. 5/1/20 - Completed the installation of our Enterprise Architecture . 6/6/2019 - Added 2018 Orthoimagery to the site. Please click here for more information. 5/1/2019 - New Oblique Imagery from 2019 has been added to our site. Users now have access to 2008, 2015 and 2019 imagery Esri default vector basemaps—Choose Esri Default from the menu and check the Use Esri vector basemaps in supported ArcGIS apps box. If you choose this option, Esri vector basemaps will be used in Map Viewer, Map Viewer Classic, Scene Viewer, and ArcGIS apps. Esri default raster basemaps—Choose Esri Default from the menu and clear the Use Esri vector basemaps in supported ArcGIS apps box Map Viewer. Map Viewer is an interactive web mapping and data visualization application for creating, exploring, and saving web maps. You can use it to create and design high-quality maps to use in your applications. Web maps are stored securely in the ArcGIS Platform

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  1. A viewer developed by Esri for viewing maps on mobile devices. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. ArcReader ArcReader is a free, easy-to-use mapping application that allows users to view, explore, and print maps. Cadcorp Map Express is a free-to-use read-only desktop GIS. It can be used to read many data formats - GIS, CAD, web.
  2. The USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer allows users to explore the historical maps, save the current view as a web map, and download the maps as high-resolution georeferenced images in GeoTIFF format for use in web mapping applications and GIS. Learn more about the app in the item description on ArcGIS Online
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Department of Regional Planning 320 West Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 T: (213) 974-6411 . F: (213) 626-0434 TDD: (213) 617-229 Besides historical maps, research, and data, the land office today uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and computer-aided design (CAD) systems to compile, analyze, and distribute the most accurate information possible about the location of natural and human-made resources

The Great Exchange US History GeoInquir GIS (Geographic Information Services) 'SAN ANTONIO 311' MOBILE APP. The 'San Antonio 311' mobile app provides citizens the opportunity to submit service requests for potholes, graffiti, and more. GIS OPEN DATA. Please visit the NEW City of San Antonio GIS Open Data Site. IPV Story Map Please visit the IPV Story Map to learn more about Intimate.

Use Advanced Map Viewer 2.0. The updated viewer can be used in any browser and has more functionality. This viewer allows users to view multiple layers of geographic information to search and display along with access to advanced tools Students will learn about the key fronts of World War I and the impact of the United States' involvement GIS Map Viewer. The GLO uses an interactive GIS mapping application to provide the public with real-time information on current oil and gas leasing information on State of Texas managed lands. Launch GIS Viewer This US History GeoInquiry is designed to enhance teaching th


Three-line expandable menu icon for accessing map tools. eAssessor (Parcel Info) Select Map. eAssessor (Parcel Info) Demographics; Districts and City Limit Crime Viewer. This web map will help the user get a better idea of the crime activity in areas in Austin, in hopes that the user will be able to make a better informed decision on their desired destination. Crime Map. This application is a mobile friendly web map for crime incidents

CMV - The Configurable Map Viewer. Community supported open source mapping framework. Works with the Esri JavaScript API, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online and more. Make it your own Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 conforms to WCAG 2.0 level AA (international & United States), as part of Latitude Geographics' Geocortex Essentials technology for Esri's ArcGIS platform. OK Preparing image Map Viewers DWR's Map Viewer is a publicly available mapping tool useful for visualizing hydrographic data in Colorado. With over 100 unique datasets related to water administration, conservation and modeling, the Map Viewer platform is a comprehensive application for water related research Services Privacy Policies and Notices Accessibility Site Map Contact USGS U.S. Department of the Interior DOI Inspector General White House E-gov Open Government No. Data for more than 6000 global tropical cyclones are included in the IBTrACS database, spanning the last 150 years. For each storm, position, sustained winds, and minimum central pressure data points are collected. The Hurricane Tracker uses Adobe's Flex Viewer with ESRI's ArcGIS Server to provide interactive capability

This activity explores the network of places and routes that made up the Underground Railroad Currently, GIS is upgrading the Map Viewer to HTML 5 Specifications by ESRI. Please be patient. We'll have the new viewer up and running shortly. This Application is for general information. and research purposes. DISCLAIMER: The information provided to users is a combination of Clearfield County GIS data and online resources provided by ESRI. Riley County GIS Viewer. Layers. Basemap. Print. Measure. Search. Zoom To. Help. For the best possible print result, make sure the map is centered on the area you would like to appear in the print-out without the side panel turned on. If the result does not look correct, please close the side panel, adjust the map zoom and scale, then try. Explore the Dust Bowl region using population change, agriculture, and precipitation data

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Pinal County GIS 31 N Pinal St Building A Florence, AZ 85132 PO Box 726 Florence, AZ 85132 Phone: 520-509-3555 Fax: 520-866-6403 Email GI This site provides free access to Iowa geographic map data through online map viewers and web map services. The site was developed by the Iowa State University Geographic Information Systems Support and Research Facility in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology The new Map Viewer is built on the JavaScript 4 framework and some of the new features (like dot density maps) are specific to JavaScript 4. These features are supported by newer parts of the ArcGIS system - also built on JavaScript 4 - but not by all parts. So be mindful of where you want to use your maps

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Your browser is currently not supported. Please note that creating presentations is not supported in Internet Explorer versions 6, 7. We recommend upgrading to the. GIS Viewer. Welcome to the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments' (SCCOG) Geographic Information System (GIS). This interactive tool provides access to regional maps, geographically referenced property information, and other geographic data. For comments or questions regarding this website, please contact Liz Crutcher, GIS. GIS Day. GIS Day is a global event during which GIS (Geographic Information Systems) users work to expand the understanding of how GIS technology and geography make a difference in our lives. GIS, a computer-based tool used to map and analyze features and events, combines the power of a database with the visualization capabilities offered by maps taxmap explorer GIS map viewer project ORMAP project Map Viewer. View all the taxlots in the State of Oregon and download PDF copies of the assessors maps. view map. Grants & Funding. Learn how counties can apply for ORMAP funds.. Enter your own Map Title or leave it default (Livingston County GIS Map) Layout Options include Letter and Tabloid sizes with Landscape or Portrait Orientations available. PDF is the default format, though several image formats such as JPG and PNG are available

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Access to Geospatial or location-based information and data is provided to the public through NYCityMap. NYCityMap is targeted towards non-mapping professionals and provides a wealth of geographic-based information from the input of a single location. In addition to indicating the specific building requested, users can select additional layers to add to the map such as schools, day care. Arkansas GIS Office Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure ² Navigation. Home; Help. Connect to ASDI ArcGIS Services; Data; Repository; News; Maps. Election Precincts; Map Viewer; Check My City; Find My Districts; 1 Meter DEM Viewer; GIS Board. Board Members; GIS Legislation; GIS Standards; Board Minutes; Programs. Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1. GIS and Mapping. The City of Boise uses a hybrid GIS (Geographic Information System) management model. The hub of the system is administered by a core GIS team in the Information Technology Department. Various departments have GIS analysts and technicians that support specialized business needs and coordinate with IT MonroeCounty.gov is the official site of Monroe County, New York providing online services and information for residents, businesses, municipalities and visitors This application uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Esri.

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Maps - GIS Home. Maps. Travel through time with our Before & After map showing Arlington County in 1900 combined with 2013 aerial photography. We've replaced the software for our interactive mapping site, ACMaps, with a new application. The new software runs in HTML5 and works on mobile and desktop devices Located in the Community and Economic Development Department, the City of Appleton's GIS team provides mapping services for all the City's departments and citizens. The GIS team collaborates with the three counties that Appleton is located in and the ten municipalities surrounding Appleton to provide our community with accurate and timely. GIS Cloud's Map Viewer is an easy way to view and access maps and data. Optimized for non-professionals, Map Viewer enables you to access shared or public maps on any device in real time. Use this app as a collaboration tool by giving different levels of access to your clients by defining permissions maps.dancgis.or GIS Map Store closed to in-person services due to COVID-19 precautions March 13, 2020. Due to COVID-19 precautions, the Clark County GIS Map Store will be closed to the public until further notice. During this time, all of the services that we provide will be available either online,.

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MaineDOT Map Viewer Displays MaineDOT GIS data in an interactive map. Intended for anyone working to advise, plan, or support the management of transportation infrastructure. Not intended for trip-planning. MaineDOT Posted Roads and Bridge GIS Viewer. Madison County GIS Viewer. An Interactive Mapping Application Parcel Viewer View the Arizona State Trust Land Parcel Viewer Printed Maps. Arizona State Land Department offers printed, paper maps which show the location of Arizona State Trust land as well as Federal Lands located in Arizona. Maps are produced from ASLD's GIS Database and are printed on a commercial grade printer Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: GIS Data Processing Steps Guide, March 2013 . CONTACTS REGARDING MAP INFORMATION. Any user who has reason to believe that these maps contain an error, or who wishes to contribute additional information, is requested to contact the Geological survey of Ireland at the following address: Geological Survey of Ireland

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Note: Depending on your organizational and user settings, you may have opened Map Viewer Classic, formerly known as Map Viewer. ArcGIS Online offers two map viewers for viewing, using, and creating maps. For more information on the map viewers available and which to use, please see this FAQ This viewer was created for Ingham County Equalization by MSU Remote Sensing & GIS Research and Outreach Services (RS&GIS). It is designed to provide access to parcel mapping and tax/assessment information for the public and county employees Simple Map Viewer is a configurable application template that provides a simple user experience for exploring any web map. - Esri/simple-map-viewer-templat The City of Columbia GIS data represented on this map or plan is the product of the compilation of data produced by others. It is provided for informational purposes only and the City of Columbia makes no representation as to its accuracy. Its use without field verification is at the sole risk of the user Edwards Aquifer Map Viewer. User Guide - This downloadable PDF document explains how to use the tools available in the viewer.; Metadata - The Edwards Aquifer maps were developed from official printed maps that contain regulatory boundaries based on geologic interpretations of the Edwards Aquifer zones—that is, the recharge, transition, and contributing within the transition zones, as. The map viewer fails to show the additional scale levels present in the custom tiling scheme, as ArcGIS Online does not detect tiling scheme changes. Solution or Workaround Save the web map, and refresh the browser to view all the scales in the web map