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For $3-400 you can get a working AF body, or maybe find a junk one with a decent shutter to swap out for $200. No idea how much a real repair would cost, but probably more than that. Good luck. An awful lot of electrons were terribly inconvenienced in the making of this post. f/64 and be there We are the official repair center in North America for Mamiya Legacy products which include the Mamiya 6, 6MF, 7, 7II, 645 models, the C2, C220, C3, C330, and the RB/RZ67. We regularly receive the Mamiya 6, 6 MF, 7, and 7II models for rangefinder calibrations, erratic operation due to impact, exposure damage (sand,water, humidity), and general. Feb 5, 2014. #1. Well, I've found myself with three Mamiya 645s. Two of them are going to be sold, but one of them is staying with me. Unfortunately, it's got some issues. First, it appears that the secondary shutter release near the finder screen is stuck. Second, when I spin the crank, the shutter fires sorta Mamiya-Sekor C (multi-coated) 80mm f/2.8, automatic diaphragm, with meter coupler,5811111 filter size Lens Mount Mamiya M645 bayonet mount Shutter : M645 lOOOS B,8--1/1000 sec. Moving Coil Electronic Focal-Plane Shutter, FP and X (l/60 sec.) synchronization, Shutter release lock and shutter speed dial lock provision M645 50 Mamiya M645 Pro Service Manual. Factory service manual for the Mamiya M645 Pro camera bodies. This is a free PDF Download. Download Mamiya M645 Pro Service Manual. Please support this site with a Paypal donation by clicking the button above

Camera Repair Evaluation. Every camera and lens coming into the shop gets an operation check made of all functions as part of the evaluation of its working condition. The first thing done is a physical check of the externals and the film compartment. I'm looking for evidence of impact damage, sand, moisture or other damage MAMIYA SHUTTER BASE PLATE FOR AFD 645 AND AFD II 645. 0 Review (s) Your Price: $454.00. MAMIYA C220 C330 TWIN LENS REFLEX F STOP APERTURE SET CONTROL KNOB LEVER CLIP. 0 Review (s) Your Price: $23.00. MAMIYA BATTERY COVER DOOR LID CAP FOR M7 & M7II MODEL CAMERAS Mamiya used a couple of different date code schemes on their products. Most of the lenses coming into the shop with stiff focus problems are either 645. Read More » Repair Parts I have a very large stock of parts for most Mamiya photographic products. Mamiya Super 23/Universal cameras coming into the repair shop go through several. Mamiya. Our library contains nearly eight hundred factory service manuals, repair articles, and tutorials for repairing cameras and other types of photographic equipment. This is the largest online collection of free service manuals that we know of. All of the manuals we offer now are free PDF downloads. In the future, we will also have some. Mamiya 645 Shutter Problem 3 months ago Hi guys! I just recently bought my first medium format film camera which is the Mamiya 645(the older one). The shutter was working fine for a few days but then When I tried to take a photo, the mirror and the shutter curtain got stuck. I thought it was the battery but then I already tried three new.

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The shutter problem In Mamiya 645 Pro is the same like the Mamiya 6 or 7 and it's the dirty magnet or solenoid, but it's possible to repair with the right to.. I just purchased a Mamiya 645 Pro TL on eBay and I'm having trouble with it. I bought it with the 70mm 2.8 leaf shutter lens and it has the AE prism finder 401 and the power winder. The reason for my purchase is that I wanted to replace my crappy 645E body with a better match for my 80mm 1.9 as I didn't like the screen nor the non-prism finder. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for New Mamiya 645 SUPER BODY Shutter mechanism part repair at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products mamiya 645 afd service/repair recommendations hi guys! just picked up a mamiya 645 afd. it seems to have a problem where it will take 2-3 photos and then it won't let me take another and the shutter won't press. wondering if anyone has any recommendations of where i can take it or ship it to get it looked at. thank you

felixspencer2: Hello, I recently purchased a used mamiya 645 super and immediatley had a problem with a stiff winder, so i sent it for repair and whilst everything seemed fine upon attaching a back and advancing to the first frame i found that the shutter would only work when set to multi exposure and the winder will not advance the film. upon removing the back the camera and winder seem to. Mamiya 645 system With this document (and later on my homepage www.photo-phil.org) I want to give a short overview of the Mamiya 645 system. When I got my camera, lenses and stuff I went looking for information about these. But everything was scattered all over the whole internet so I will try to collect everything and put it together t The 645AFd is part of Mamiya's 645 SLR systems featuring TTL auto-focus, auto exposure, auto flash, and auto film winding. It is a full-feature camera utilizing many digital controls, an impressive LCD, focal plane with shutter speeds up to 1/4000sec and sync speeds up to 1/125sec. The Safety Retraction protects the body against accidental damage Mamiya 645 Pro Mirror Stop Repair. THIS POST OUTLINES THE PROCESS OF REPAIRING A MAMIYA 645 PRO MIRROR STOP. In April, I purchased a used Mamiya 645 Pro online. Having previously owned a Mamiya 645 1000s, and not knowing much about the 645 Pro's potential issues, I payed up without asking many questions.. I'm not that familiar with the Mamiya 645...but SOME cameras designed in days of yore have separate self-timer and non-timer or regular actuation modes; if I were not so busy drinking coffee and buzzing all over TPF, I might spend time on Butkus.org leafing through a PDF formatted instruction book for the camera, and trying to find out if the 645 is such a beast

My problem is with the second shutter curtain not closing on a Mamiya M645. The diagnose is that one of the caps (C1 or C2 according to the service manual) is leaky and needs to be replaced. I call several camera repair shops here in the East coast and the minimum cost of repair is about $200 US dollars. Keh camera, etc The Mamiya 645 camera systems are a series of medium format film and digital cameras and lenses manufactured by Mamiya and its successors. They are called 645 because they use the nominal 6 cm x 4.5 cm film size from 120 roll film.They came in three major generations: first-generation manual-focus film cameras, second-generation manual-focus film cameras, and autofocus film/digital cameras The Mamiya 645 Super (second generation M645) on the left, the Mamiya 645 1000S on the right. The Mamiya 645 Super (second generation M645) on the left, the Mamiya 645 1000S on the right. Truly, it's the grip on the M645 Super that makes it feel so much bigger and bulkier. As you can see, front-to-back, the bodies are about the same size

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MAMIYA 645 ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER PARTS GEARS, LEATHER, LEATHERETTES, MORE. $99.93. $16.20 shipping [New! By Envelove Free] MAMIYA 6 Camera replacement leather kit From JAPAN Mamiya RB67 Shutter Diaphragm Assembly Repair Part. $19.99. $5.95 shipping. Shutter Curtain for SLR Camera Replacement Repair Part. $12.99. $5.20 shipping. 11 watching Mamiya 645 1000s shutter not working with battery. Please help. Hi everyone, I've accepted my fate that I need to repair my Mamiya myself as there's no one who is willing to repair old film cameras in my city. And the rest of the repairmen in the neighbouring states have gone to their hometown so no one's in business Sometimes I experience a problem with the 645 1000s at its fastest shutter speed: Basically a darker streak running horizontally across the negative in the upper third of the picture. One example: It only happens at 1/1000s as far as I can tell, and only sometimes (maybe once out of 4 or 5). I think I might use the wrong type of battery, it is. Mamiya pioneered the 645 SLR system camera three decades ago and the Mamiya 645 AFD, with its TTL auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-flash and auto-film winding features is the latest Mamiya masterpiece and reflects its long tradition of medium format camera expertise. Combining 35mm handling ease and speed with the advantages of an almos Mamiya 645 series lenses are available in two types: designs for focal plane shutter systems, and a selection of N/L series leaf shutter lenses providing full flash synch capability to 1/500 sec. Special application lenses for PC shift, flat field macro, versatile zooms, and a set of high speed APO lenses are part of the system

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If that doesn't work then the camera will require a repair. Hi I just got a Mamiya 500 dtl and the door of the shutter was working just fine one second and now it's not working. It won't open up so that the light can reach the film. Can a dark slide from a Mamiya 645 Pro roll film holder be used in a Mamiya 645 AF roll film holder. mamiya 645 afd ii rear plate: mamiya 645 afd ii rear plate contact bridge ribbon cable flex fpc: mamiya 645 af-d power supply pc board : mamiya 645 pro, pro tl, super replacement rear film back film cover: mamiya 645 super mirror shock absorber: mamiya 7 body cap cover lid: mamiya battery cover door lid cap for m7 & m7ii model cameras: mamiya. Available accessories include PE401 External Battery Case, 804821 1m Electronic Shutter Release, 804822 5m Electronic Shutter Release, Checker (Grid) Focusing Screen, and Microprism Type C Focusing Screen (for non-AF lenses), Mamiya 645 AF System Lenses, M645 system manual focus lenses (stop down metering only)

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  1. Woonsocket, Shooter: 35mm. Hi, I just received a used Mamiya 645 1000s that I bought on eBay. I'm very disappointed in the condition of this camera, but I've got two real show-stopper problems: First, the film doesn't seem to advance. The camera came with two 220 inserts and no 120 inserts, so I tried loading 120 film in the 220 insert, but the.
  2. USCamera custom light seal kit for the Mamiya M645 series of medium format SLR cameras. This includes the M645, M645J, M645 1000, and the M645 1000S. This 11-piece light seal kit is made of 2 kits. First is the back cover kit includes 1 upper channel seal, 1 lower channel seal, and the left/right channel seals on the back cover
  3. Precision Camera Works has over 40 years' experience repairing professional medium and large format cameras, lenses and tripod gear. PCW is the official repair source for all Mamiya legacy cameras and lenses in North America and the factory authorized service center for Arca Swiss and Linhof. We also specialize in Noblex and Widelux service
  4. The Mamiya 645 Pro TL is at the heart of the 645 Pro series. Its ergonomic, compact, rugged and modular design make them the choice of professionals who want to step up to medium format. Featuring fast and convenient 35mm-like handling, the 645 Pro TL yields a negative 2.7 times larger than 35mm. Its multi-format capabilities include.
  5. iphone jack (located just inside the hand grip) and the motor port of the camera, i
  6. Mamiya M645 Service Manual. Digital presentation of a genuine Mamiya M645/M645 1000s service manual, parts list and exploded views. The service manual also includes disassembly, reassembly, adjustments, special tools, troubleshooting and more. Download available immediately after payment is accepted. 2 download limit for the file (s) purchased.

The manual focus Mamiya 645 was offered in several variants dating back to 1975 for the original M645 version to 2006 for the Pro-TL and E variants. several APO options, and leaf shutter. 645 Pro with a metering prism and power winder. The M645 Super, 645 Pro, 645 Pro TL and 645E are medium-format SLR cameras made in Japan by Mamiya from the mid-1980's. They make fifteen 6×4.5 cm images on a 120 roll film. Unlike Mamiya's 6×7 SLR cameras, they do not have bellows, but rely on helical focusing in the lenses

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mamiya Parts Catalog & Service Repair Manual for Seiko Shutters #1 #0 1ES 871... at the best online prices at eBay Mamiya 645 Super battery - 1x 4LR44 6V battery. Mamiya 645 Super without battery - Yes it will work at 1/60 mechanical shutter speed only. Mamiya 645 flash sync speed is 1/60 (though some lenses have leaf shutters so they can sync to 1/500) To remove the Mamiya 645 film back the dark slide needs inserting As usual, I was in search of a quick buy. We'd be spending the weekend exploring Midcoast Maine, and earlier in the week I'd come down with some sort of fever to which the only cure seemed the purchase of a medium format camera. Lo and behold, I located a Mamiya 645 1000S in Bristol, Rhode Island for a steal. I made my way to the seller on Saturday and, to my delight, found a near-mint.

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The focal-plane shutter delivers shutter speeds from 1⁄4000 sec to 60 minutes and the body offers shutter speed bracketing. Flash sync is up to 1⁄125 sec but with leaf shutters you can hang it out until 1⁄1600 sec. The 645DF uses TTL metering (average, spot, and auto), has a programmable AEL button, and exposure compensation control from. p.1 #7 · p.1 #7 · Mamiya 645 pro vs Bronica ETRSi ? As far build quality and materials, the Bronica's certainly feel more solid than the Mamiya's, which do seem to be a bit plastic/ cheaper feeling. Surprisingly though, the Mamiya's generally hold up well. The common problem area with the Bronica's is the leaf shutter in the lenses 13.1 More Details: Leaf Credo and Mamiya 645 Series Cameras 118 for what is arguably the widest array of focal plane and leaf shutter lenses on the market. Mamiya Leaf is committed to providing the best unauthorized attempt to repair the camera terminates the warranty I have used Mamiya cameras for several years, the 645 Super and Pro. Overall I like Mamiya, the quality of the lens optices is excellant. I have found the quality of the 645E to be not as good as I expected. The first wedding I used the 645E on I experienced a mechanical problem in that about mid-roll the rewind knob would quit working - Shutter and aperture blades cleaned and oil free. - Shutter unit CLA'd. - Includes Hood and caps. 2 x Mamiya 645 Film Back - Excellent condition. - Fully CLA'd - New light seals - 120 Film Cartridge. Mamiya 645 Super Electric Trigger Grip/Winder - Excellent condition. Flash sync cord. Lens contact cable. Body, film back and viewfinder manuals

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Us 9.99 mamiya rb67 pro s and rz67 service / repair manual / guide camera service. Mamiya rb67 shutter repair manual seiko 1 653e, original. This manual covers the servicing of the camera body and accessories directly related to the camera body ie finders, focusing screens and backs . Mamiya rb67 pro s by fenring 1: Leaf shutter >1/125 2: Focal plane shutter < 1/25 C-18 Shutter in M & X [Sh] This function can be used, when using M & X mode and the leaf shutter lens is attached but you would like to use the focal plane shutter or vice versa. 0: Mixed. Default (Focal Plane shutter operation at < 1S) 1: Leaf shutter 2: Focal plane shutter C-19 AF Priority. I have had a chance to shoot about 10 rolls of film on a Mamiya 645 1000s that I acquired a month or so ago. I've noticed, on rare occasions, artifacts appearing on my images. Of the 10 rolls, I've seen similar issues on 9 images, on different rolls and different frame #s I use the bellows mount for a Mamiya ZD (same lens mount as 645 AFD) on my Ultima so I can get tilt and shift if I need it. I should think that an adapter for RZ lenses to fit the 645 AFDS is possible since the mirror box of an RB/RZ67 is deeper than a 645 AFD, and if designed well, maintain infinity focus connection problem lens - Mamiya 645AFD. I recently purchased a Mamiya 645AFD from eBay with two Mamiya 645 lenses (AF 80mm f2.8 (serial number AC1182) and AF 45mm f/2.8 (serial number TB1122)). After a bit of testing I'm facing a problem quite consistently with the 45mm lens. When I connect it to the body it makes a strange noise from the motor

Mamiya M645/RZ Cable Release 1m. 1 offer from $85.00. JJC Mechanical Shutter Release Cable with Bulb-Lock for Fuji Fujifilm X-T3 X-T4 X-T30 X-PRO3 X100V X-T2 X-T20 X-PRO2 X100F X-T10 X100T X-E3,Sony DSC-RX1R II RX10 IV III,Lecia M10 M9,Nikon Df F3 & More. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 228. $10.99 Mamiya manufactured an identical remote control system for the Mamiya 645 AF, but the plug from the receiver that goes on the camera is different (round on the Mamiya 645 AF, rectangular on the RZ). The 645 AF version is not compatible with the RZ. In case of purchase: take care! Many sellers confuse the two I did not bother to have a go at fixing it myself, but if you can, you will have yourself a very cheap Mamiya 645. Has a stuck shutter, or a film advance problem The Phase One DF is the only modern Mamiya/Phase system which can sync with flash at high shutter speeds (beyond 1/125th). It is however the fastest studio flash sync available from anyone in any form - 1/1600th when used with a P40+ or P65+

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In the end, the Mamiya 645 Pro really had all of the features I was looking for. Therefore, I decided the Mamiya 645 was going to be my first medium format camera, but I still had more to decide. I originally wanted the Mamiya 645 Super because it was fully modular and could still be used after the battery died with the speed of 1/60th of a second Gear - The high tech Contax 645 shutter. The Contax's delicate shutter achieves something truly remarkable: a top shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second. Only the Contax 645 and Mamiya 645 AF and later AFD series ever achieved that. In comparison, the Pentax can only achieve 1/1000. To be fair, 1/1000 is fine for most uses The Mamiya Press is a medium format rangefinder camera system designed to accept interchangeable backs and lenses.Mamiya made a number of variants to the basic body design, including one model, the 600SE, that was licensed to be marketed under the Polaroid name. The camera body itself is a simple affair, with a single-window combined range- and view-finder that couples to the lens for focusing Like the M Leicas and unlike a number of other medium-format rangefinders, the RF645's rangefinder focusing patch has crisply defined edges. Nice and clean. The flash sync socket is tucked under the lens in a handy but out-of-the-way position. The shutter release features a standard cable-release socket. Thank you, Bronica

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168098 180/4.5 mamiya-sekor c for rb67, with rear cap, shutter does not fire consistently, glass has light haze, sold as-is for parts or repair only, looks ex $70.00 180658 210/4 mamiya-sekor c for 645, built-in hood, with both caps, glass has light dust and debris,. shutters. Furthermore, consumption remains constant regardless of the shutter speed being used. In addition to accuracy, long battery life is assured with this shutter. 4. Large, Bright Viewfinder It is easy to catch the action while looking through the large, bright viewfinder. Because of the Mamiya M645's automati Mamiya 645 AFDn Replacement Bottom Cover Housing Repair Part 05010-41941. C $38.93. Mamiya RB67 Shutter Diaphragm Assembly Repair Part. C $25.94. MAMAIYARB67 SD KL 180mm 4.5 LEN,S REPAIR PART. C $44.77. C $38.93 shipping. Mamiya RZ FILM BACKS TESTING/CALCULATING TOOL (to repair RZ film holders/backs

Written by John Adams III. While this review will focus on the Mamiya RZ67, my first foray into medium format film photography was with a Mamiya M645J I picked up from a local camera store in Atlanta.. Drunk on the excitement of finally graduating from 35mm, I walked into the camera store with three fairly new prime lenses from my digital set up, and traded them in for the 645J, which looked. The Mamiya Leaf Sekor AF 55mm F2.8 LS D ($4,690) is a moderate wide-angle lens for use with Mamiya Leaf and Phase One medium format camera systems. When paired with a back with a full-frame 645. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mamiya Parts Catalog & Service Repair Manual for Seiko Shutters #1 #0 1ES 871... at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products The M645 is a great camera but do not ignore the Pentax 645 or the Mamiya C220/330 TLRs. The C220/330 have the additional advantage of a 6x6 neg and a leaf shutter for flash sync at all speeds. The Mamiya RZ67 is a professional medium format single-lens reflex system camera manufactured by Mamiya.There are three successive models: the RZ67 Professional (first model released in 1982), RZ67 Professional II (released in 1993) and RZ67 Professional IID (released in 2004)

Mamiya 645 210mm F4 C Manual Focus Telephoto Prime Lens Used Condition: POOR $ 39.99; Add to cart Goerz Optical 150mm Artar 6 Inch F9 APO 4×5 Large Format Synchro Compur Lens Used Condition: EX $ 379.99; Add to cart AS-IS Hasselblad C 250mm F5.6 Manual Focus Telephoto Lens Shutter Issues Used Condition: AS-IS $ 119.9 The Camera Doctor can repair various cameras and lenses from Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rolleiflex, Pentax, and more. *Pending parts availability. Shutter Repair. There are many types of Large Format Shutters and sizes. We can repair, clean, and bring these shutter back to life!. Mamiya 645 Pro-TL (or any of the Mamiya Pros) Why we love it: Affordable medium format film camera (body and lens together can be purchased for as little as $550) AFD series has autofocus and depending on the condition starts at $1500; Ability to have multiple backs to easily switch out shooting two different film stocks during a sessio

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Review: Mamiya Press Super 23 Medium Format Film Camera. One camera series that you just don't hear much about, or see very often in North America is the Mamiya Press. Like the Mamiya RB67, the Mamiya Press cameras are big, funky, strange-looking, quirky, and a lot of fun to shoot. They also provide some really nice images Press the shutter release button. That's it. A red indicator will fall into view, it's a double exposure warning. Action the lever to unlock before film advance and it will disappear. To close the camera, press the hinges of the struts as usual, it will fold easily. The Mamiya Six is a very nice and sturdy camera, easy to use Mamiya 645 PRO-TL Front Threaded Cable Release Adapter. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 2 offers from $52.01. 39 Center Lock Shutter Cable Release for Mamiya 7 7II 67 6x7 II RB67 RZ67 The Mamiya / Phase One camera is an open platform, the interface is non-proprietary, and any film or digital product from other manufacturers can be attached without license fees. The Phase One 645 (and its twin the new Mamiya 645 AFDIII) are based on the previous Mamiya AFDII

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  1. g at beginners in the field of medium format (MF), and it is quite frankly among the best image quality / price ratio you can get. The problem is that it's very old, and finding one that is not worn out with a working meter is hard
  2. The Mamiya 645 Super was a major upgrade released in 1985, with great looks and a modular design allowing film-backs to be swapped mid-roll. (2015-06-23) Mamiya 645 1000S vintage system: I bought the basic outfit on eBay for $467, on June 23, 2015
  3. Mamiya 645AFd Camera Review. This is going to be a short review because while the Mamiya 645AFd is a very nice camera and capable of producing professional-quality images, it is not a viable competitor against the similarly priced Contax 645. If you have an extensive Mamiya 645 manual focus lens system you might be interested in the thoroughly.
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  1. However, the Mamiya lens is designed for the 645 film frame size, which is around 56mm x 45mm. Doing the same calculation for the 45mm lens on a Mamiya 645 camera, we get. 45mm divided by 56mm (the longer side of the 645 frame) x 36mm (still comparing to full-frame) = 28.9mm - which is why they use that figure in the Mamiya literature
  2. The Mamiya M645 is the first series of 4.5×6 SLRs made by Mamiya. The finder and screens are interchangeable, but there is no magazine back, only preloadable film inserts. All the M645 models share the same accessories (finders, screens, lenses, grips and inserts). The lenses and inserts can also be attached on the later Mamiya 645 models
  3. Mamiya camera instruction manuals, Mamiya 2 1/4 camera instruction manual. -- ORPHAN CAMERAS.COM --. The M. Butkus library of camera instruction manuals. Where FILM camera instruction manuals have been found for FREE since 1997. (donations accepted with a smile) BACK TO MAIN CAMERA MANUAL PAGE. updated - 2021
  4. The ZM does allow 645 series lenses to be used on ZE and ZE-2 cameras utilizing their 645 adapter ZE. I have however installed the Mamiya ZE P adapter to an Auto Mamiya-Sekor 1:1.8 f=55mm M42 mount lens with it's f-stop aperture switch set in manual mode on the Mamiya ZM in auto shutter mode with good operational results
  5. #8447 - Mamiya 120/220 Roll Film Power Drive & Control Pack for RB67 Repair Manual. Repair information, exploded views, illustrated and numbered parts list. 34 pages, $15.00 #8448 - Mamiya M645, M645 1000S Camera Service & Repair Manual, Parts Catalog, Exploded Views. Covers repair of camera body, shutter and film advance mechanisms
  6. Mamiya Sekor C 70mm f/2.8 Leaf Shutter Lens for Mamiya 645. 150.00. Here we have a very nice Mamiya Sekor C 70mm F/2.8 leaf shutter lens for Mamiya 645 medium format cameras. It comes with both front and rear lens caps. The lens is fully functional and ready to shoot. The glass is clean and clear and free of fungus, haze, scratches, and damage
  7. The Mamiya 6 system, introduced in May 1989, is a 6×6 cm (2¼ square) rangefinder camera taking 120 and 220 film with three interchangeable lenses of 50mm, 75mm and 150mm. The Mamiya 6 does the same thing as a Hasselblad system with 50, 80 and 150 lenses, just that this Mamiya weighs much less, is much easier and faster to use and makes.

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  1. The 500 TL had a top shutter speed of 1/500, and the 1000 TL had a top speed of 1/1,000. The 1000 TL also added a self timer. 1968. Mamiya turned the world on its side when they added a switchable spot-meter to the 1000 TL and 500 TL, now called the 1000 DTL and the 500 DTL. The D in DTL stands for Dual Metering
  2. The Mamiya 6 is very similar in terms of it being a medium format, leaf-shutter camera, with a few differences worthy of mention 1) It's 6x6 instead of 6x7 and 2) it doesn't have as wide angle options as the Mamiya 7, and 3) it has the ability to retract the lenses into the body
  3. Mamiya had several models of the 645 and this is the last and most advanced one before they went to auto-focus. Even though it is a manual focus camera, it uses rather advanced electronics. It is very compact for a medium format camera and with the grip and AE-Prism finder it handles like a 35mm SLR. This camera was first released in 1997
  4. Standard Lenses: Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS Multi-Coated 50mm f/1.4 and Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS Multi-Coated 50mm f/1.7; Lens Mount: Mamiya Bayonet (three-flange, 49mm diameter) Mount. Shutter: Electronically controlled rubberized silk focal plane shutter with range of 1/1000 - 1 sec.. B (bnlv)
  5. The Pro Mamiya 645 Large Format 4x5 Adapter from Fotodiox allows you to attach your Mamiya 645 back onto many types of 4x5 cameras.Once your back is attached to the adapter and mounted onto the camera, the back slides to the right exposing the split-image focusing screen
  6. leaf shutter lenses. You can also use your Mamiya 645 AF/AFD or Hasselblad V lenses for an even broader choice. Being the benchmark for reliability and image quality, the P 65+ digital back ensures that you amaze your clients at every capture. The P 65+ offers the worlds first full frame 645 sensor, delivering astounding 60.5 megapixel captures an
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  1. 5 Frames with a Mamiya Sekor 45mm f/2.8 N & Mamiya 645 1000S - By Aivaras - 35mmc November 21, 2018 at 3:01 pm [] I dipped my toe into medium format photography, my first camera was Mamiya 645 1000S, equipped with 80mm 1.9 standard lens. After understanding how captivating is this world of slow, methodical and rich [
  2. Mamiya RZ67 Pro Shutter Release. The shutter release button is located at the front of the camera for easy access with your right hand. It can be rotated to a lock position (red dot) to prevent accidental exposure. Rotate to orange dot position to use mechanical 1/400th of a second shutter speed if you've run out of batteries (which may not.
  3. Home / Mamiya / Mamiya 645 / Mamiya 645 55mm f2.8 N/L A Leaf Shutter Lens Mamiya 645 55mm f2.8 N/L A Leaf Shutter Len
  4. DURPX28LB. Product Review. for Duracell 6V Lithium Replacement Battery for Mamiya M645 Film Camera. Great for video cameras, photo cameras, electronics, bark collars and more. Provides reliable, long-lasting power for your specialty devices. Duralock Technology -- lasts 10 years in storage. Brand: Duracell
  5. Mamiya rb67 pro s manual pdf Mamiya rb67 instruction manual Make sure your download is delivered smoothly and hassle free. is the mamiya rb67 fully modular? mamiya rb67 pro s medium format slr film camera body usa owner/ seller. this was a feature on the original, but a majority of them did not include the printing. l - only lenses will only fit on the sd. mamiya rb67 guide 4. view and.
  6. Mamiya continued as a specialized medium format camera maker, with the M645 Super 4.5×6 SLR from 1985, new versions of the RB67, RZ67 and Mamiya C, the new Mamiya 6 6×6 format rangefinder from 1989 and its successor the Mamiya 7 6×7 rangefinder from 1995. In 1993, the company name was changed to Mamiya-OP K.K. (マミヤ・オーピー㈱)
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