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Sabtang, officially the Municipality of Sabtang (Ivatan: Kavahayan nu Sabtang; Tagalog: Bayan ng Sabtang), is a 6th class municipality in the province of Batanes, Philippines.According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 1,696 people. The southernmost island municipality of the Batanes island group, Sabtang comprises primarily Sabtang Island, as well as two nearby smaller and. Sabtang Island is one of many majestic islands that the Philippines is known for. Undisturbed and unspoiled, the island has lots of natural attractions guaranteed to satisfy the most sophisticated of nature lovers. It has intermittent white sand beaches with steep mountains and deep canyons with small level areas sporadically found along the. Sabtang Island is accessible by a short boat ride from two ports (mainly Ivana Port) in Basco on the island of Batan. Passenger fare costs roughly P100 per person. Travel time on the boat is about 30-45 minutes depending on the wave conditions. Boats usually leave in the morning, with last trips going back to Batan at around 3:00 pm though. Sabtang Island is the southernmost municipality of Batanes and is the smallest of the three major islands, the others being Batan and Itbayat. Bashi Eco-Tours & Adventure Batanes, Batan - Sabtang - Itbayat Mobile: +63 999 990-7547 Guide: Kuya Roge Sabtang Island. Located at the south-west region of Batanes Group of Islands, and smallest among the three major islands, Sabtang is considered to have a more ancient feel compared to Batan Island of Batanes. The island features not only the old Ivatan houses but also the preserved culture of the Ivatan people

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  1. Rebuilding a Stone House on Sabtang Island. The stone houses of Batanes are a symbol of the Ivatan's strength and resilience. Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines, lies in the path of most of the 20 or so tropical cyclones that enter the country every year. While strong winds and typhoons frequently hit the area, damaging.
  2. Sabtang Island is one of the three major islands in the province of Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines. This island is the southernmost part of the Batanes group of islands which has two more inhabited islands— the Ivuhos and Dequey, which are said to be pasture lands of cows and goats
  3. ute falowa (banca without outriggers) ride away from the port of Ivana. In 1994, Sabtang has been chosen by the Philippine Department of Tourism as one of the 12 best destinations in the country
  4. Sabtang Island Batanes is known for its heritage villages like Chavayan and Savidug. There's more that meets the eye as it also has view decks, beaches, and churches worth visiting. Chamantad Viewdeck Sabtang Island Batanes itinerary
  5. Looking for the best place to stay on the beautiful island of Sabtang in Batanes?We would definitely like to recommend Pananayan Pension House!. Pananayan Pension House is the best homestay in Sabtang island if you want a perfect view of the ocean, the lighthouse, and if you want to try camping by the shore.. The term 'Pananayan' is an Ivatan term for waiting area
  6. See the iconic sights of Batanes, from rolling hills to centuries-old stone houses, in this private full-day trip of Sabtang Island. While it is the smallest among the inhabited islands of Batanes, it is home to the well-preserved culture of the Ivatan

The tiny village of Chavayan is located on Sabtang Island, part of the Batanes region of the Philippines and permanently locked in a time long since passed. There is just one long and lonely road in and out of the village, which helps keep the village isolated 11.8 miles from Sabtang Island #7 of 26 specialty lodgings in Basco Great location, i.e., 3 minutes from the airport, AND (on foot!) 5 minutes from town proper - park, city hall, cathedral, fire station, AND best of all, (still on foot) 16 min away from the Basc

Sabtang Island, Batanes. 2,439 likes · 9 talking about this. The Official Facebook account of Municipality of Sabtang, Province of Batane Sabtang Island, Part 1: The Savidug stone houses. According to rumor (and the great thing about guesthouses is that everyone makes chika there), a famous Filipina actress who went to Batanes alone decided not to push through with her Sabtang tour because, uh, she was disappointed that no one had gone to her feeding program the previous day. In Sabtang Island, it is all about the beauty and wonder of nature. With deep canyons, steep mountains and hills, and beaches that make up its landscape, it is one travel destination where communing with nature is the one and only thing you would want to do. Reaching the island is already an adventure as [ Jul 15, 2021 - Rent from people in Sabtang Island, Philippines from $20/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. Belong anywhere with Airbnb Sabtang Island is an island municipality situated at 15 kilometers southwest of Basco, Batanes. It is accessible by a 30-40 minutes falowa (motorized banca) ride from Radiwan Port in Ivana.The people in Sabtang, popularly known as Isabtangs, speak the dialect called Ivatanen. Sabtang is also known for its old stone houses of Baranggay Chavayan and Savidug and its lighthouse that are very.

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Sabtang Island is the smallest of the three inhabited islands of Batanes. Someone stated that a visit to the island is a piece-of-heaven experience. An overnight stay is also recommended to everyone for you to recapitulate the old Batanes. Travel to the island-municipality starts at Radiwan Port in Ivana where falowa, local motorized ferries. Faluwa Ride To Sabtang Island Batanes's motorized colorful viking-designed boats up there are called Faluwa. If you need to travel to Sabtang Island or Itbayat Island you need to take a faluwa from Ivana Port. We woke up so early in the morning, around 430am because we were hoping to catch a jeepney ride fro Sabtang Island Day Tour from Batan Island. See the well-preserved Ivatan culture and natural landscape with this tour of Sabtang Island! Visit traditional villages, where Ivatan homes are covered in stone walls and topped with cogon roofs. Pass by the iconic Nakabuang Arch, or better known as Mahayaw Arch, while walking along Morong Beach Sabtang Lighthouse Perched on a cliff just beside the port, Sabtang Lighthouse is the first man-made structure to greet you as you approach Sabtang island. Unlike the lighthouses of Batan Island, the tower boasts a round tower with a rubble masonry finish all the way to the gallery deck, which gives it a dominant organic appeal, and a red. Sabtang Island Tour can be done either half-day or overnight. If you choose to take the half-day tour, you need to take the boat going back to Batan Island by 1PM. However, if you want to maximize your Sabtang Island Tour, then staying overnight would be the best option as you will have more time to enjoy each spot without much limitation

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On our Sabtang Island day tour held on our 2nd in Batanes, we had our lunch at Paypanapanayan Canteen.It is a small and cozy canteen situated along Morong beach where the famed Mayahaw arch and Nakabuang Cave are located. Set on a verdant surroundings, this is a common dining place for tourists visiting the island. At Paypanapanayan Canteen guests are treated not only with great tasting sea. It took about 30 minutes to get to the port of Ivana to get to Sabtang Island.But to actually get to the island, one must ride a Faluwa, an Ivatan local boat. Some travellers mentioned Sabtang is a heavenly place but the ride to it was hell. Thank God the ride to the Island was smooth enough to doze me off to sleep

Sabtang Island, Part 3: Morong Beach, and more on the vakul. June 6, 2015. November 10, 2015. Fil. Perilous roads make for grand views. It's true for the Cordilleras; it's also true for Sabtang. Coast of Sabtang Island. The southernmost part of Sabtang that we were able to reach during our tour was Brgy. Chavayan Staying in Batanes will not be complete if you do not have an overnight stay in Sabtang Island. So Busy and I stayed in Pananayan Pension House, which is a good place to stay in Sabtang Island, Batanes. Pananayan Pension House is a simple abode that has two floors and was built on the cliff [

Sabtang is the southernmost island in the Philippine province of Batanes, which lies in the north of the country. The small island is shaped very mountainous by many eruptions. In the southwest of the island the coast is very rocky and drops steeply into the sea. The island population was 1678 at the 2000 census Sabtang Island is just one boat ride away from Basco Batanes. Before you visit, you have to keep this list of tourist spots in Sabtang Island. If you want a hassle free trip, book your tour with Amazing Batanes Tours In the second of the Batanes Islands series, DJ and Don put on their life jackets and sail over to Sabtang island. During their short trip they manage a shor.. Sabtang Lighthouse Our next stop was the lighthouse. This is the first thing that will catch your attention upon arriving in the island. Approaching Sabtang, this is situated on a hill at the eastern side of the port

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Sabtang Island is next highly inhabited island of Batanes, and is accessible by faluwa. Faluwa is a traditional boat. It that can withstand the big waves, and strong winds as it crosses from Batan to Sabtang Island Vakul-Kanayi Festival: Celebrating Ivatan Traditions. Sabtang Island is one of the 10 isles in Batanes. It is the heartland of architectural heritage of the province where villages of stone houses like Chavayan & Savidug still stand to this day. This island town is so cinematic that being here is like stepping into a period film set

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  1. Day 3 was a trip to Sabtang Island, the smallest island of Batanes. Inclusions of our tour were the following: Brgy. Savidug, Lime Beach, Tiñan Viewpoint, Brgy. Chavayan, Sabtang Weaver's Association, Ahaw Arc, and Nakabuang Beach. Note that this was originally a day tour, but my friend and I opted to spend the night in Sabtang to make the.
  2. Sabtang Island Tour: 8 Hours Batan South Tour: 4-5 Hours *All rates in Philippine Peso (Php) *For the tour itineraries, please follow this link: Tour Itineraries. Request for Quotation or Reservation? Please fill out the form below. Budget Package * Full Name * Your Email * Contact Number * No
  3. Sabtang Island is in Province of Batanes. Use our Philippines trip planning website to arrange the details of your trip to Sabtang Island and other destinations
  4. Sabtang Island Tour. Batan Port. You need to wake up as early as 5:00am to be able to reach at the San Vicente Port by 6:30am and the boat leaves by 7:30am. It has only one trip a day going to Sabtang Island from Batan Island
  5. s ·. The Roadless Traveled ️. Sabtang, Batanes. Travel tips : Sabtang island is the southernmost island of Batanes, most tourist visit this island only for a day but if you have days to spare in the island even for a day or 2 for you to explore more of it's places. ctto: Maj Flores. #pinasmuna #wowdaan . 9696
  6. Sabtang Island Tour Package Our Sabtang Island Tour is part of the Tour Package at Bernardo's Hotel, we paid P7200 per person for our 3 Days Batanes Tour, it is a private tour with a driver, tour guide, entrance fees, boat ride, and food
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SABTANG ISLAND ATTRACTIONS. Sabtang is a separate island. Getting there from Batan requires you to take a 30-minute Faluwa (their traditional boat) ride via Ivana Port, which is about 16 km south of Basco. Why include Sabtang in your Batanes itinerary? Your Batanes vacation would not be complete without experiencing Sabtang Sabtang's Century-old Well The most interesting site in the small complex is the century-old well located at its center. This well has served many people of the island for more than a century (i.e., during the Spanish occupation and many years after that) though it is now non-functional BATANES, Philippines - Gathering hundreds of excited Ivatans and tourists, the small island of Sabtang became the heart of fun in the entire Batanes isles as it celebrated the first Vakul-Kanayi.

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  1. BOOK NOW, XPERIENCE LATER on Must-Try Items!Book now until June 30, 2020 / Valid until July 15, 2021Be transported back in time as you take in the otherworldly beauty of Sabtang Island. Located in the southernmost part of Batanes and the smallest of the three major islands in the province, you'll see nothing but endless grasslands, towering limestone cliffs, and crystal clear blue waters.
  2. You've probably heard of Sabtang Island for its heritage villages, although tourists usually skip this one. You'll literally go through turbulent waters from the West Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean. It's not really scary if you go during summer. The boat fare from Ivana Port to Sabtang is PHP 200 per person for round trip
  3. Sabtang Island is the third largest island in Batanes inhabited by the local Ivatans. With a total of 6 barangays, its population only plays around 1,621 as of 2015 making it a zero-crime community. WHAT TO SEE IN SABTANG ISLAND. Sabtang Island Tour is usually conducted either on the 2nd day of your Batanes trip or on the third
  4. Batanes Island Philippines: Guide to Batan, Sabtang & Itbayat (Tourism Video)Fall in love with the northernmost islands of the Philippines not only for its b..

The following 23 files are in this category, out of 23 total. Batanes Protected Landscapes and Seascapes Sabtang Island Cove.jpg. Chamantad Tiñan Viewing Point, Sabtang Island, Batanes.jpg. Chamantad viewpoint.jpg. Chamantad-Tiñan Viewing Point, Sabtang Island,. Sabtang is an island about 5km from Batan island and the transportation is by faluwa (boat) from Ivana port to Sabtang. Travel time by boat is about 30 minutes. Fare is ₱100 per way (as of 2019). The boats leave Ivana before 7 AM. On the return trip, they leave Sabtang around 1 PM and reach Ivana by 2 PM

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  1. The Sabtang Church is wonderfully preserved as well except for a few cement alterations to the convento which I hope the priest would revert back to its original state. Before heading back to Batan Island, we visited Nakabuang Beach, famous for its natural rock arch formation. We didn't have time to swim though
  2. Explore Batanes through south, north and Sabtang Island in 3 Days. Get to see the beautiful lighthouses of batanes and know some history and facts when you visit it's tourist spots. Your day will definitely be a busy but a fun day! Inclusions: Lunch, Lunch, Complimentary Round-trip Basco Airport Transfers (within Basco Area Only), Land.
  3. Mahayaw Arch is located on Sabtang Island, 31.4 kilometres Southwest from Basco Airport. Opening Days and Hours. Day tours to Sabtang Island start as early as 6:00. Entry Fee and Booking. The local Tourism Office charges an Environmental Fee of PHP 200 (USD 4). How to Get There. From Manila, fly to Basco, Batanes via Philippine Airlines or SkyJet
  4. BISUMI Tour and Services is a local travel and tour company that specializes in eco-adventure tours and operates within Batanes Philippines. It aims to promote the local nature tourism attractions within the three big islands of the province namely Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat Islands including first-hand experience of the rich Ivatan traditions, culture and hospitality
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  1. Sabtang is one of the 3 largest islands in the Batanes group of Islands. The views here of the coastline, the cliff roads and the preserved Ivatan villages are just as spectacular as Batan's. Upon the recommendation of Fundacion Pacita, I pre-arranged for a full-day Sabtang Island tour with Mr. Romy Cielo, who incidentally was once a 3-term.
  2. g destination. The call time was 6am
  3. Sabtang Island is the southernmost municipality of Batanes and is the smallest of the three major islands, the others being Batan and Itbayat. Read more: Sabtang Island, Batanes: Exploring the Best Heritage Island in the Philippines! (Photo Essay) ITBAYAT ISLAND TOUR
  4. ent structure when approaching the Sabtang port. I have long wanted to visit the place but it's barricaded inside a private property
  5. The background is Sabtang Island. Mount Iraya Batanes. This is a view from Rakuh a Payaman, Uyugan, Batanes. At the background is Mt. Iraya. Sabtang Batanes. Sabtang Batanes at Morong Beach. Accommodations in Batanes. View All. Featured For Rent . Novita House, Vacation House In Basco
  6. Paano pumunta sa Sabtang Island: Simula sa Manila, lumipad to Basco. Sa airport ng Basco, sumakay ng tricycle going to Ivana Port Php 440.00 roundtrip, para sa 2 katao, sumakay sa ferry boat Faluwa going to Sabtang, Php 70.00 per head sa pantalan, may mga tricycle tours Php 800.00 para sa 2 katao. Tara na sa Batanes, biyahe na

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SABTANG LIGHTHOUSE STAY. Our stay in Sabtang is my favorite part of our tour. Our overnight stay here is not included in the package so we paid P500 each to Nanay Ading. It has two comfort rooms, two beds, a videoke machine for singers wannabe out there hahaha, television (with cable, aha!), refrigerator and my favorite part, it has the BEST view of Sabtang Island!!! The. MANILA, Philippines — A 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck off Sabtang Island, Batanes on Thursday morning, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. There were n Sabtang Island is a beautiful place to visit. Sabtang is actually a municipality province in the region of Batanes in Philippines. According to the census I the year 2010, the place had a population of about fifteen hundred people. There is a group of island named the Batanes island group; it is composed of mainly the Sabtang Island that is the. One can take the Sabtang Island Tour which requires you to go on a 30 minute gut-wrenching ride in a Fallowa (a type of boat indigenous to Batanes which has no outriggers) from Batan Island across a rough sea with big waves. It is where you will find barangays with traditional stone houses (Bgy

Sabtang Island was a quiet place. When we arrived at the village of Savidug, we found some locals building a thatch roof by the roadside. The narrow road, with Ivatan stone houses on both sides, looked deserted A day on Sabtang Island in Batanes. Well preserved stone houses along Chavayan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All photos by Owen Ballesteros. That wasn't so scary, I thought as I stepped off the big and wide faluwa and into the port of Sabtang, in Batanes province. It was a bright, sunny day, but even then, I regarded the 30-minute boat ride. Sabtang, Batanes, Philippines. Sabtang has a total of 6 barangays. Registered Voters of Sabtang as of (2010) = 1,016. Sabtang is in the LONE Voting Congressional District of Batanes. Population of Sabtang (as of Aug 1, 2007) = 1,465. Land Area of Sabtang (as of 2007, in hectares) = 4,070 Sabtang Island Suhot Cave Valugan Bay. Where do you want to go? Events and Festivals. Recently Added Attractions. Baker's Hill. Baker's Hill is a famous hang out place in Palawan, known for their freshly baked goodies like hopia, munchies and crinkles. It is located on top of a.. Sabtang is one of the inhabited islands in Batanes and depending on the strength of the waves, it is an exciting 30 to 1 hour boat ride from Ivana in Batan Island. TRIVIA : I may have been raised in Batanes but I have never — I repeat — never had the chance to visit Sabtang nor Itbayat

Solo Biking in Sabtang, Batanes. September 6, 2014 Outside Slacker 3 comments. The pebble beach in Chavayan village in Sabtang Island, Batanes. Sometimes you just have to do things on your own—like biking in a strange beautiful island for instance. Last April, I went to Batanes for a week's worth of biking Sabtang Island Tour Source: Kim David / shutterstock Sabtang Island Tour. You and your group will jump in a local boat called a Faluwa on your way to Sabtan Island. From the water you'll be capturing jaw-dropping views of the islands where you can see the topography of rolling hills against steep cliffs

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On Sabtang island, you can find idiangs - pre-colonial settlements of the ancient Ivatans. We went to Chavayan, a small village where time seems to stand still. We stopped at a small hut, where a lady invited us to taste tubha tea. She told us it was the secret to health and long life, and insisted we sit down while she prepared a cup The Sabtang Island tour that everyone knows is like a front, the flashy part of Sabtang. But the villages and scenery at the back of the island definitely had the aura of being untouched. You could feel the raw culture. BRGY. NAKANMUAN & SUMNANGA. VUHUS ISLAND VIEW FROM SABTANG. SUNSET AT ZIPLINE ARE

Itinerary This is a typical itinerary for this product Pass By: Sabtang Beach, Luzon Philippines The southernmost island Batanes, Philippines — Sabtang Island, Batanes is a place of natural beauty. Its rustic appeal is what attracts travelers to enjoy what it has to offer. Here are ten things that you can do and see when you are on the island. Bicycle in Sabtang Island Visit Savidug Village. The village is where you can see the three different Ivatan houses

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Sabtang Island. Peter Bellwood and Eusebio Dizon . This chapter is focused on the site complex near Savidug village, roughly half way down the . eastern coast of Sabtang Island, facing across a sea passage to the southwestern coastline of Batan. The Sabtang site complex includes an impressive . ijang. of sheer volcanic rock, which we surveyed Island Water has the MSCs Island Biri, Island Calaguas, Island Calayan, Island Dalupiri, Island Balabac and the small Island Sabtang which looks like a modernized motor banca. All of these are from Jianlong Shipbuilding of China. These MSCs have tried many routes in the country but not all have running routes yet

Pulo ang Sabtang Island sa Pilipinas. Nahimutang ni sa lalawigan sa Province of Batanes ug rehiyon sa Lupot sa Cagayan, sa amihanang bahin sa nasod, 600 km sa amihanan sa Dakbayan sa Manila ang ulohan sa nasod. Naglangkob kin og 35 ka kilometro kwadrado. Ang yuta sa Sabtang Island kay medyo bungtoron. Ang labing taas nga punto sa pulo mao ang 333 metros ibabaw sa dagat nga lebel. Naglukop ni. Sabtang is an island municipality situated at 15 kilometers southwest of Basco. People are called Isabtangs and they speak the dialect Ivatanen. from Ironwulf: Sabtang is also known for their native headgear popularly known as vacul. This is worn by women farmers to protect them from the sun or rain when they are in their farm works This is a typical itinerary for this product Pass By: Sabtang Beach The southernmost island municipality of the Batanes island group, Sabtang comprises primarily Sabtang Island, as well as two nearby smaller and uninhabited islands: Ivuhos and Dequey. 5AM: Wake Up Call 5:30-6:00AM: Pick Up time from the Lodge 6:00-6:30AM: Travel to Ivana Port 6:30-7:00AM: 30 mins Sabtang Island 6:00 AM - Travel to San Vicente Port / Radiwan Port in Ivana 6:30 AM - 30 minutes Faluwa Ride to Sabtang Island 7:00 AM - Sabtang Port 7:30 AM - Start of Tour Registration at Sabtang Tourism Information Center San Vicente Ferrer Church Town Tour Malakdang Lighthouse Brgy. Savidug Stone Houses Sto. Thomas Chape

(Sabtang Island). Another church modeled after the one in Basco. Following an unfortunate incident in 1790, when Spanish emissaries sent to procure goods from the parish were killed by some natives, the people of Sabtang were forcibly resettled across the channel to Ivana and not allowed to return until 1844 when the foundations of the present church were laid Sabtang Island Tour: 5:00 AM • Wake up and Early breakfast: 6:00 AM • Travel to San Vicente Port • San Vicenter Ferer Church • Savidug Community• Savidug Idjang (Fortress) • Vernacular Houses & Limestone production • Tinyan Viewing of Pacific Ocean (You're My Boss Movie Scene) • Chavayan Community Vernacular Houses: 12:00 PM. Visit Sabtang Island. Morong Beach, Batanes. Should you not miss out on visiting one of the inhabited islands in Batanes, apart from Basco. Sabtang is a small island that is just 30 minutes away from Batan Island. The island may be small, but it has a lot to offer. It has such fantastic views more than you have imagined DAY 2 SABTANG ISLAND TOUR. 4:30 am - wake -up call. 5:00 am - Breakfast. 5:30 am - ride to Ivana port (45 minutes to catch the 6:00 ferry crossing to Sabtang) 6:00 - 7:00 am Cross to Sabtang in Banca) Arrive in Sabtang Port. Visit the church in Sabtang (San Vicente Ferrer

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Sabtang Island Stone Houses [6295 Properties] (July 2021) on OnePropertee.co Our MV Island Sabtang is the smallest yet convenient vessel plying the route of Cavite City to Escolta, Manila and vice versa. It is built to give comfort and less hassle travel, avoiding the usual traffic that our Cavitenos are experiencing now. It has comfortable reclining chairs and wide leg room plus the on-board entertainment through an.

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English: SABTANG ISLAND, BATANES. Petsa: 30 Hunyu 2020: Pikuanan: Own work: Maki-akda: Kirkamon: Pamamie lisensia. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license We got up early to get to the boat at the Ridawan Port of Ivana.This is the jumpoff point to Sabtang Island (the 3rd largest island in the province) - I liked the sites here better than Batan Island. You take the same boat going back (P150 per roundtrip transfer per person) so don't be late as the tides are no longer that friendly around late afternoon or there will be no more boat to take you Ang Sabtang, opisyal na Municipality of Sabtang (Ivatan: Kavahayan nu Sabtang), ay isang bayan sa lalawigan ng Batanes, sa Lambak ng Cagayan (Rehiyong II) ng Pilipinas.Ayon sa senso ng 2020, may populasyon itong 1,696 katao. Ang Sabtang ay ang pinakatimog na bayang pulo sa kapuluang Batanes, at malaking bahagi nito ay binubuo ng Pulo ng Sabtang (Sabtang Island), gayon din ang dalawang kalapit.

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Once at the port, take a passenger boat (faluwa) to Sabtang Port (P100/way). Travel time is about 45 minutes. Note: The boat leaves for Sabtang Island some time between 6 AM and 7 AM and returns to Ivana Port between 1 PM and 2 PM. Once you get to Sabtang Port, go to the tourism office and pay the environmental fee of P200 5-day Batanes Itinerary - Sabtang Island. by Patty Villegas - Wednesday, January 02, 2019. After two exhilarating days in Batanes, the day has arrived for us to visit the southernmost island municipality of the Batanes island group - the Sabtang Island. We had to wake up extra early on this day to catch our 7 am boat ride Batanes: Sabtang Island Surprises. It was five in the morning and the fowls were doing their morning throat exercises. After fifteen minutes of frostiness on Basco streets, we heard the sound of happiness. Our jeepney Sabtang (Sabtang Island)- Chamantad-Tinyan View Point and Cove, Sabtang Villages, Chavayan Chapel, Chavayan Village, Savidug Village, Atanacio Dapilan House, Duvek Bay, Morong Beach and Ahaw Natural Arch, Sabtang Lighthouse, San Vicente Ferrer Church, ruins of old Sabtang Church's convent, 1887 deep well, and Spanish lighthous Batan Islands, chain of 14 islands in the Philippines, about 190 miles (310 km) north of Luzon in the Luzon Strait. The Bashi (north) and Balintang (south) channels separate the group from Taiwan and the Babuyan Islands. Volcanic in origin, the islands are rugged and rocky, but relatively flat an Sabtang Island is also the take off point for Ivuhos Island from Barangay Nakanmuan. Itbayat Island is located north of Batan Island. Itbayat is shaped like a giant bowl. The island is surrounded by massive boulders and cliffs rising from 20 to 70 feet (6.1-21.3 metres) above sea level and has no shoreline. It has a dirt airstrip for light.